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Is it possible to rid yourself of all of your yeast infection
symptoms in hours and get rid of your yeast infection forever… in 7 days?
YES it is. Please continue reading to discover how!
There are no gimmicks. No fads or hand-me down remedies. My cure doesn’t involve over-the-counter or prescription drugs, herbalist remedies, creams, ointments, douches, or diets. This is the real deal. Well, it’s actually a carefully tested and proven set of techniques and solutions that will get rid of your yeast infection for good. What’s neat is that the remedies are personalized to your particular situation.
Breaking the Ice
My name is Rebecca Chambers. I’ve been a gynecologist for 8 years now. Since I was 16, I’ve suffered from recurring yeast infections. They were extremely painful and debilitating. I missed exams, pageants, and even almost missed my prom because of the deadly parasite that I called “nemesis.” My own mother thought it was due to my poor hygiene. Nothing could be further from the truth. I showered twice a day, and always wore clean clothes and under garments. I always made sure to wipe down there and ate mostly fruits and vegetables. I even worked out every day by playing on my school’s volleyball team. It didn’t make any sense. Was I just different? Was I cursed to live out my life in near-constant agony? I tried all sorts of over-the-counter medications and went to the ob/gyn at least a dozen times.
Doctors put me on Diflucan, Nystatin, Terbinafine, and Gynazole. Gynazole almost caused me to bleed to death. The only drug that worked (albeit, temporarily) was Nystatin. The side effects weren’t too bad. Just some mild cramping and gas. However, as soon as I stopped taking it the symptoms returned. These drugs are what I like to call “band-aid” remedies. That is, they cover up, or mask the symptoms or problem without actually eliminating the source of the infection. If you can identify the source, you can destroy it, thereby ending your war against yeast infections forever. Anyway, I decided to try other less conventional remedies such as detox diets, vitamin therapy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, magnetic therapy, and the Wai diet. Nothing worked. Well, I lost some weight, which was great, but my yeast infection was as strong as ever!
I couldn’t take it anymore. Eventually, I snapped. I was not going to let this demon drag me into the fiery pits of hell. I was going to slay the beast, hell or high water. I ended up going to med school and becoming a gynecologist. I wanted to learn every intricacy and nuance of the female anatomy. What made it tick. After 17 years of suffering from yeast infections I finally found the solution to my woes. Once I implemented it my yeast infection disappeared. And I waited. And waited. It’s been a full year now, and I haven’t had a single yeast infection! Do you want to achieve similar results and live a life free of yeast infections forever? I’m living proof that it can be done. It took me 17 years to find my solution…and thousands of hours of research and trial-and-error experimentation on my own body (some of which nearly killed me) but I succeeded. The nefarious beast had been slain, and I reveled in my victory!
Facts & Myths
Before we go any further I thought it would be relevant to discuss some of the facts and myths surrounding yeast infections. First, most treatments available for yeast infections are wholly ineffective in treating yeast infections. Think about it. If the drugs that the pharmaceutical companies advertised actually worked then they would go out of business. They need you to keep coming back like hungry dogs as soon as they come up with the “next big thing.” Kick that Canesten to the curb! Burn those Monistat capsules while you’re at it! One of the most common “solutions” I hear being thrown around the scientific community is Boric Acid. For the love of God, please avoid this deadly additive. Boric Acid has actually killed women who used it in an attempt to cure their yeast infection!
Next, 75% of women will experience a yeast infection at one point of their lives. That’s nearly 2.5 billion women! In addition, 90% of all human beings currently have Candida Albicans in their body. Candida Albicans is a diploid fungus that causes oral and genital infections in humans. It is essentially a form of yeast. On its own, it is relatively harmless. However, environmental and genetic factors can trigger a mutation that allows Candida Albicans to become a far deadlier infection that can destroy your immune system. In this deadly form, it becomes a mold that breaks down protein synthesis and uses your body’s nutrients to grow and spread. Moreover, Candida yeast produces more than 75 poisonous substances, such as ethanol and canditoxin, which can cause paralysis and blindness. In addition, Candida Albicans can actually spread to your lungs, vagina, brain, heart, lymphatic system and eventually kill you.
Disturbingly, over 50% of people do nothing about their infection! The remaining 50% of people simply take OTC meds and antibiotics which is the worst thing you can do. Antibiotics can kill bacteria, yes, but they also kill healthy bacteria. Not to mention Candida Albicans can develop a resistance to antibiotics and mutate into an even deadlier strain because of it! Drugs actually attack the yeast that has grown inside your body. This is not beneficial because Candida Albicans is a naturally occurring yeast that is found in everyone. The only way to get rid of it for good is to neutralize the environment that encourages its growth, not by killing the actual yeast! Sadly, there is no single medical test available for diagnosing chronic yeast infections. A definitive diagnosis is impossible because any part of your body can be affected by Candida Albicans, both internally and externally. Another disturbing fact is that men can get Candida Albicans, without any symptoms whatsoever, and pass it on to their partner!
Yeast Infection Symptoms
If you are afflicted with any of the following symptoms you may have a yeast infection.

A fish-like odor.

A white, milky discharge of fluid.

Abdominal cramps.



Blurred vision.

Brain fog.

Burning urination.


Difficulty breathing.




Frequent urination.




Increased cravings for simple carbs.

Joint pain.

Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Memory lapses.

Mood swings.

Mouth sores and/or spots.

Muscle aches.

Pain during intercourse.

Premature aging.




You may have all or just a few of the aforementioned symptoms. Certain symptoms will subside while others will flare up depending on several environmental factors; including your diet, stress levels, and physical fitness.
The Spit Test
There is a sure-fire way that I have discovered that will not only inform you as to whether or not you have a yeast infection but also as to how severe your infection is. Take a glass and fill it with either reverse osmosis water or mineral water. Then, spit some of your saliva into the full glass. Wait an hour and then look at the pattern that the saliva has formed by looking into the water through the translucent glass. If the saliva is resting on the surface, or has completely dissolved, then you probably don’t have a yeast infection. If you notice any “stringy” or tendril-like extensions on the saliva then you have a mild yeast infection. If the saliva has sunk to the bottom of the glass, or if the water has become “cloudy” in appearance, then you have a severe yeast infection. The faster the process occurs (from spit to sink) the worse your yeast infection is.
Does the Following Apply to You?
Do you want to know if you actually have a yeast infection? Do you want to know why you have a yeast infection? How about what causes yeast infections to begin with? Would you like to know the exact tried-and-true techniques to not only treat your yeast infection symptoms in hours but also permanently cure yourself within a week? Do you want to go back to the glory days where you were healthy, happy, and vibrant? All of those questions will be answered in Cure Your Yeast Infection Away.
The Solution!
Cure Your Yeast Infection Away employs all-natural, simple, and effective techniques that will completely rid your body of Candida Albicans (and any other infections you might be afflicted with) within a week, guaranteed. Whether you’re a woman, man, young, old, pregnant, or suffer from cancer, Aids, or any other immunodeficiency disease, my remedies will safely, cheaply, and reliably, cure your yeast infection in record time. In fact, I am so confident that Cure Your Yeast Infection Away will get rid of your yeast infection for good that I am attaching a 60-Day money back guarantee certificate with every copy!
Thus, if you feel that you haven’t gotten better within 60 days then just issue a complaint and you will get your money back, with no questions asked! There is one thing I must mention though. You may actually feel a little worse as soon as you employ my techniques. Why? Well, your body is reacting to the yeast and bacteria that are being killed off by your antibodies. This is known as the “Herx Reaction.” When these nasty fungi and bacterium die off, they emit toxins that take time for your body to process and excrete. In a few days, your body will expel all the toxins and wastes and then work on repairing the damage that has been dealt to your system. During those first few days, however, you might actually feel worse as my remedies and your T-cells (fighter cells) are battling it out with the potent Candida Albicans infection.

Success Stories
I want to thank everyone who took the time to write in. I hope that you will also write in to share your success story with the thousands of other people who have found permanent relief from their yeast infections thanks to Cure Your Yeast Infection Away. If you wish to be included, please provide me with your first name, country of residence, and a picture (if possible) so I can add you to my hall of fame. Thank you.

Dear Dr. Chambers,

I want to thank you for saving my life. For 5 years I had to deal with my entire vaginal region being covered with burning sores and blisters. I was prescribed all sorts of topical creams and ointments but nothing worked. I also had very painful cramps and heavy bleeding. I eventually summoned up the courage to have a colonoscopy and it turned out I had serious intestinal inflammation. I had a nasty yeast infection that was slowing eating away at my insides. I was put on all sorts of “solutions”; including acidophilus, Mesosilver Anti fungal, hydrocortisone, and hydrogen peroxide. I spent thousands of dollars on all sorts of medications but they just left me bloody and raw. Eventually, I just stopped going to the doctor because the drugs were wearing me down. Out of desperation I started navigating the web and stumbled across your website. I was skeptical, but your 60-day money back guarantee set me at ease. Oh God, how I wish I had found your book sooner. Within hours I had complete relief. After about 6 days my symptoms had completely vanished. I haven’t had a yeast infection since and it’s all thanks to your brilliant and empowering book. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Margaret S.
Seattle, WA

Dear Dr. Chambers,

Thank you for curing my infant. My 10 month old daughter, Jasmine, has had recurring yeast infections for the last 2 months. Her constant crying and pain devastated my husband and me. We didn’t want to see our precious child in pain. We kept switching diaper brands and tried all sorts of powders and ointments but they only seemed to irritate her tush further. After reading your book, we implemented your techniques and they worked almost instantly! We finally have relief and our daughter is back to her boisterous, curious self. Thank you.

Thankfully Yours,
Jennifer B.
Montpellier, VT

Dear Dr. Chambers,

I felt compelled to write to you to thank you for writing Cure Your Yeast Infection Away. I’m actually a man who has dealt with recurring penile yeast infections for the last 10 years. It completely destroyed my sex life and left me depressed and suicidal. I felt like half a man. I didn’t know who to turn to and all my friends told me to “stop being a p*ussy” and to “grow some “b*alls.” Desperate and alone, I turned to you as a last resort. After using your techniques my Balantitis completely disappeared in 48 hours. I am no longer impotent and I feel like a completely new man. After years of using creams, pumps, Viagra, and Cranberry capsules, I am finally free of this crutch. Anyone suffering from yeast infections, or other chronic infections really needs to read your book. You have a loyal supporter for life.

Best Regards,
Peter C.
Albany, NY

Dear Dr. Chambers,

My name is Melissa and I have been suffering from vaginal and oral yeast infections for the last 10 years. I hadn’t been in a relationship for over 5 years. I purchased your book 2 months ago and it completely cured me of my yeast infections and thrush. It felt like a miracle and even my Ob/Gyn was stunned! Last month, my computer completely crashed and I lost your book and all of the bonuses. I was devastated. I want to thank you for sending me another copy of Cure Your Yeast Infection Away as well as the gift basket for free. You truly are a kind-hearted and generous kindred spirit.

Warmest Regards,
Mellissa C.
Ontario, Canada

Dear Dr. Chambers,

I tried every single medical treatment on the market to try to get rid of my nagging yeast infections. After reading Cure Your Yeast Infections Away I felt relieved within hours. I am 47 years old and I’ve been suffering from chronic yeast infections for the last 30 years. As a teenager, I was very depressed and was a social outcast. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I started cutting myself and tried to take my own life at the age of 21. I survived, and I underwent intensive psychotherapy to get me out of my rut. I recovered mentally, but I was still bearing the pain of 24/7 yeast infection hell. My own GP told me that it was because I was sexually active! I was a virgin, for crying out loud! I felt like no one understood my situation.

Then I heard about Boric Acid. I was actually willing to try anything at this point. I found your website while performing research and fortunately learned that Boric Acid can actually kill you. If it wasn’t for you I would’ve taken it and probably have died. After using your remedies I felt relief within 5 hours. It’s been 8 weeks now, and I have no yeast infection symptoms. I was stunned. I was so used to being sick all the time. For the first time in decades I felt normal. It was a strange and exhilarating feeling but also scary. I was worried that it was all false hope and that it would come back with a vengeance. Please pray for me that I never have to have another yeast infection ever again. So far so good, and I thank you Dr. Chambers.

Humbly Yours,
Martha S.
London, UK
More than Meets the Eye
In addition to full-fledged yeast infection prevention and treatment remedies I’ve also decided to add prevention and treatment solutions to many other nasty infections to help your body fight the good fight. In Cure Your Yeast Infection Away you will also learn how to rid yourself of the following infections forever:

Skin Infections.

Diaper Rash.

Penile Infections.

Oral Infections (Thrush).

Pregnancy Based Infections.

Internalized infections.

Cuticle Infections.

Free Medical Power Resources!
In addition to the best-selling and critically acclaimed Cure Your Yeast Infection Away you will receive the following power resources absolutely free!

Receive “Lessons from the Miracle Doctors” absolutely free! This is a must-read for anyone who wants to take full control of their health and well-being. Written by health and wellness expert Jon Barron, this 177 page book addresses every single ailment and malady known to Man in concise, simple English. Mental, physical, and spiritual concerns are discussed in startling clarity and detail. Every person on the face of the earth should read this book and discover its profound greatness. Knowledge is power, and this book delivers it in spades ($59.95 value).
Receive the “Power of Frustration…” absolutely free! Written by mental health expert Catherine Pratt, this book is an absolute delight to read. It addresses all of the ennui and stress that people have to deal with in the protean chaos that is 21st century suburbia. It’s intense, comical, and profound all in one. A hodgepodge of awesomeness, in other words. After reading this book you will look at life in a completely new and exciting way. Allow this book’s teachings to empower you and elevate you to euphoric planes of existence you didn’t know existed. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Remember that ($29.95 value).
Receive 20, scientifically accredited articles on various relevant and exciting topics pertaining to Women’s Health free ($49.95 value). Articles cover subjects including:

How to live to be 100.

Overcoming fear of failure.

Eight ways to get slim fast.

Allergies and how they affect the body.

Urinary tract infections.

Women and heart disease.


Breast Cancer.

Ovarian Cancer.


10 ways to improve your sex life.

How to have an intense orgasm.

7 ways to boost your self-esteem.

How to get pregnant.

Dealing with menopause.

Healthy eating.

How to sleep better.

How to deal with stress.

Love and relationships.

Tips on how to survive a divorce.

Receive 20 videos that discuss many mental and physical problems that women deal with and how to overcome them free ($99.95 value). Videos discuss topics including:

Calorie burning exercises.

Cardiovascular disease.

Coping with menopause.

Eating healthy on a budget.

Fast weight loss tips.

Home remedies for yeast infections.

How to cure your UTI.

How to deal with stress.

How to get pregnant.

How to increase your self-esteem.

How to live to 100.

How to lose weight.

How to perform a self-breast examination

How to sleep better.

How to survive a divorce.

How to treat Candida Albicans naturally.

Love advice.

Orgasm guide for women.

Vaginal fibroid surgery.

Yeast infections defined.

The Final Chapter
To sum up what you’ll be getting from this incredible package of power resources you’ll receive:
24/7 customer support from yours truly. I have 8 years of experience as a gynecologist. I also want to improve my skills and knowledge as a doctor and provide the most compassionate and reliable health care available. You can contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about Cure Your Yeast Infection Away or any other health issues you may have. All of my contact details will be provided in your exclusive V.I.P. Member’s Area. I will usually get back to you within 24 hours, as I receive hundreds of emails daily.
There are no shipping and handling charges to worry about. You will get instant access to everything mentioned in 2 minutes, not days or months. Simply hit the icon below and you will be redirected to your very own Member’s Area where you will receive instant access to all of the power resources and more!
A 50% discount
off the retail price of
Cure Your Yeast Infection Away!
*To celebrate the book’s one year anniversary, I am offering it at half price
for the next 24 hours!
Receive your very own copy and all of the power resources mentioned above (total value = $300.00) for [only $39.97 today!](join.asp)

My 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee if you feel that Cure Your Yeast Infection Away doesn’t live up to its name in any way, shape, or form!

Say Goodbye to Yeast Infections Forever Here!
This is it. You can either be miserable and sick the rest of
your life or transform your life forever, ridding yourself
of nasty infectious diseases and ailments with the
empowering Cure Your Yeast Infection Away!
All Documents are in PDF format
and can be downloaded instantly
after payment!
You'll receive your order instantly even if it's 3am!

Thank you for visiting my web site.


I look forward to helping you on the road to your better health.


To Your Good Health and the Life you deserve!


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