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May 13 11

[How to Get Big JV’s to Promote You and Your Product](http://21stcenturynetworkmarketers.com/how-to-get-big-jvs-promote)

by womanmarketers

Welcome again to our 21st Century Network Marketing Home.  We are so excited to share with you this valuable information on 7 Hints to Attracting Big Joint Venture Partners.

Attracting Big JV partners is one of the most exciting, easiest and fastest ways to promote yourself and your valuable products. 

Hint #1 – Big JV partners will not promote everyone and every product they are selective and approached often.  Do not approach a Big JV partner if you are not absolutely sure your product is valuable, worth their time and will not tarnish their reputation!

Hint #2 – Connect and build a rapport with them before you ask them to promote your product.  Speak with them about positive feedback from their programs, content, blog, etc.  Engage them about themselves, their recent launches, products and insights.  Don’t be afraid to ask them what has been working for them and what hasn’t been working for them. 

Hint # 3 – Be Genuine, Honest, and Excited!

Hint # 4 – If possible offer them advice, or share something profound, yet appropriate.

Hint # 5 –  Never force yourself on a Big JV partner and never promise what you can’t deliver.

Hint # 6 – If they don’t become a JV partner from your first encounter trade contact information specifically phone numbers and email addresses for future connections, but Do Not Hound Them!

Hint # 7 – Don’t let yourself be intimated, control your thoughts, emotions and fears.  Remind yourself that most Big Leaders and Big JV partners like to socialize, connect, help others and are often intuitive to joining prosperous joint ventures.

Bonus Hint # 8
Let the whole process be Natural and Have Fun – especially if you are stepping out of your Comfort Zone!
Challenging Question: 
How will it feel one day to be the Big Joint Venture Partner that someone else is figuring out how to approach?  What will I look like, feel like and sound like?  How can I Be my Best Self throughout the whole Journey?

Invaluable Distinction:  The Truth is the Big JV partner is just like me, except for the fact that he is ahead of me on the Journey of Success, Financial Freedom, and maybe Fulfillment!  I have nothing to fear!

Have an Awesome and Productive Day!
Dr. Mary O


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May 10 11

[How to Attract Joint Venture Partners](http://21stcenturynetworkmarketers.com/how-to-attract-joint-venture-partners)

by womanmarketers

Good Morning and welcome to another important Blog post. What are Joint Venture Partners also often called JV partners and why do you need to know?

Joint Venture partners are like minded business builders who are interested in promoting your launch and product to their existing prospects and clients in exchange for building their list and receiving commissions. JV partners can help you multiply the effectiveness of your launch.

One way to find JV partners is to go to Google and enter a keyword like “internet marketing” and take notice of 20 names from the paid advertisers section and 20 names from the unpaid advertisers section. Visit each of these sites and see if they are collecting names and addresses. If so, join their list and see what they are publishing and posting.

Identify the best matches for you and your product and make a list of your potential new JV partners. Contact them preferably by phone or then email, connect with them, build rapport, compliment them, and then offer them what is in the Joint Venture Opportunity for them. Be clear, specific and direct about what you are offering them and what they can Gain! Be clear about their opportunity to build their list and earn a commission. If this is one of your first launches and you are still branding yourself, offer them a 50% commission. Explain to them that you will create a swipe file and all they will need to do is copy, paste and send.

Be clear with yourself, yes you do all the work and they benefit half, until you have branded yourself. Inquire whether or not they have a valuable bonus incentive that they are willing to offer for free. You create the bonus sales page, not them. Explain to them how little they will need to do and be clear about how much you will do.

Identify the best matches for you and your product and make a list of your potential new JV partners. Contact them preferably by phone or then email
Ask them to make a commitment to your designated launch and launch date. Good launches are a 30 day process!

Thank you new JV partner and let them know when you will be in contact with them next.

Inquire if they have anyone else who would be a good match for you and your product and may want to benefit from your next launch.

Most important, remember to be genuine, honest and excited. This is your 1st launch and your 1st set of JV partners.

Challenging Question: How can I approach the whole concept of JV partners, so I make it a Win – Win – Win for my JV partners, myself and our existing customers and potential prospects? How can I give even more value than I was originally planning on?

Invaluable Distinction: It is always a great idea to have self awareness and examine, if I am in it just for me and if my head and my heart are in the right place and the same place. There is a huge difference between selfishness and self care! Selfishness is when you care Only about yourself and self care is when you care Enough about yourself and others to make sure that your own needs are met, which enables you to help and love others more!

Have an Awesome and Productive Day!

Dr. Mary O


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May 3 11

[Who is Dr. Mary O and Why does she Love Mondays](http://21stcenturynetworkmarketers.com/who-is-dr-mary-o-and-why-does-she-love-mondays)

by womanmarketers

Hey there, I am Dr. Mary O, a Licensed and Certified Social Worker and a Certified Professional Coach.  For the past 25 years I have worked as a therapist and a coach helping hundreds and thousands of people change their lives for the better by creating necessary and massive change in their lives.  I am a big believer in resolving core issues as quickly as possible.  One of my favorite mottos is, “Waste not, want not especially time!"

" For the past 18 months I have immersed myself in understanding everything I need to know in order to help myself and others learn how to become both a successful internet and network marketer. I have spent thousands of dollars on seminars, educational content, coaching and various programs. I am very excited to be at the point of helping YOU, myself and others by creating necessary, meaningful and massive change in your business, sense of self and if you permit your personal life as well."

I Love Mondays
"why would an incredibly established Licensed and Certified therapist and coach be studying and learning about internet and network marketing?  Because I love Mondays."   
My educational background is strong, as I have several degrees including a PhD in Social Work, which is really all about, helping, and communicating.  In addition, I have a Coaching degree as well I have worked as a Life Coach for the past 6 years.  I am also proud to share that I have had the unique privilege and experience of working for Anthony Robbins as one of his results oriented coaches and received the most amazing training, techniques and experiences while being

employed by his company. 

I have studied, learned and applied his outstanding content, knowledge and systems for the past 9 years.  I highly recommend all his programs and can honestly share with you that by attending several of his seminars and applying his concepts and strategies I have doubled my income and become an incredibly effective and results oriented therapist and coach even in today’s rough economy.

I have made arrangements for you to connect with Chris Hendrickson at Robbins Research for a 21st Century Network Marketers discount – connect with him at [ChrisH@TonyRobbins.com](mailto:ChrisH@TonyRobbins.com) ask for the 21st Century Network Marketers Special!

So why would an incredibly established Licensed and Certified therapist and coach be studying and learning about internet and network marketing?  Because I love Mondays.  This past week I made a huge decision as my own boss who is incharge of my own private practice and coaching company.  For now on from this Monday forth, I will no longer start seeing clients at 8am in the morning.  I will be making an executive decision to dedicate Monday Mornings to my Blogging time which I have been to busy seeing clients!  I Love Blogging!  I Love Blogging about free information and content that can help others make meaningful and massive change in their lives and their business.  So from this day forth I will spend each Monday morning do what I Love – Blogging!!!!!!! 

I am so excited about helping others on their journey toward Success, Financial Freedom and Fulfillment.  I am willing able and ready to Be My Best, Live My Best and Share My Best.

Why else would an already successful entrepreneur start another business venture while in the prime of their career – because I am a Big Believer in Time Freedom.  Most of my life I have worked hard not smart. It is Time to work Smarter not Harder!

Challenging Question:  What is driven you the most to become a successful internet or network marketer?  What are your unique skills, strengths and talents that you are ready to make a difference with?  Are you clear on what you want, why you want what you want and how you will get there?

Invaluable Distinction:  Life is too short and meaningful to not Be Your Best, Live Your Best and Share Your Best.  If not today, when – if not You – who?  Only you are responsible for whether or not you Become Your Best.

Have an Awesome and Productive Day!
Dr. Mary O


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Feb 28 11

[Welcome to 21st Century Network Marketers](http://21stcenturynetworkmarketers.com/welcome-to-21st-century-network-marketers)

by womanmarketers

Hello and welcome to our 1st blog release!  As stated in our introductory video as 21st Century Network Marketing Leaders we believe Success in Network Marketing and Internet Marketing is really all about Your Journey of Being Your Best, Living Your Best and Sharing Your Best!

Being Your Best- is about discovering and knowing that you are enough, valued, uniquely gifted and able to make a difference in others lives by offering something of value to others who are interested!  Being your Best is about having the right Emotional Map and clarity so you can see yourself and others more clearly.  Very often becoming Your Best involves a process of working through your limiting and disempowering beliefs and inner conflicts!  This process begins by learning how to control your thoughts, beliefs and decesions!

Self Awareness Challenge- What would it take for you to commit to Being Your Best each and every day?  Which weakenesses and beliefs would you need to change?

Invaluable Distinction – Being Your Best has nothing to do with being better than others!

Living Your Best - is all about being so excited about who you are and what you have that you can’t wait to share it with others, not so much for self-gain, but because it is so good you just don’t know how to contain it!  Living Your Best usually has more to do with helping, giving, sharing your progress, success and abundance than showing off or bragging.  When we Live Our Best we naturally attract others!  Everyone’s Living their Best usually has different attributes, choices and venues.  In order to Live your Best you must know what in your life needs to change!

Self Awareness Challenge – In order to Live Your Best Life possible what would you life look like, sound like and feel like?  How would you have to be different or better?

Invaluable Distinction – Living Your Best isn’t always about Having it All!

Sharing You Best - is your opportunity to tell your story and teach others what you know and what you have learned along the way!  The purposive driven meaningful goal for many Leaders who are Being Their Best, Living Their Best and Sharing Their Best is to help others Be Their Best!

Self Awareness Challenge- Identify 2 or 3 areas in your life that you are holding back from sharing and take notice of why you are holding back.  What are you kidding yourself about or trying to avoid?  Are there any limiting beliefs or fears that are holding you back?

Invaluable Distinction – In Sharing Our Best we experience more receiving than giving!

Have An Awesome Action Results Oriented Day

Dr. Mary Oz


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Jan 16 11


by joenaftal


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