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7 Ways The CBDeluxe Affiliate System
(Silver Edition) Makes You More Money
1. The Best Earning Products
The CBDeluxe Affiliate System offers your customers over 5,000 downloadable products at their fingertips. Your CBDeluxe Mall is loaded with the Internet's hottest selling products. Commission generally range from 25% to 75% (with most products at around 50%) and Clickbank pays you by check twice a month. And EVERY Link From Your CBDeluxe Marketplace is Yours!

2. Top 12 Earning Products on your Homepage
When a visitor lands on at your CBDeluxe Mall, we force them to see the Top Earning Products. The other popular Clickbank Malls simply show categories for browsing or outdated products. We ensure that your site always provides the visitors with the best earning products all the time. Our system knows which products are the best earning products. It's as simple as that. Your visitors see the best earning products.

3. Results with Top Earning Products First
When you do a search or browse a category at Amazon.com, your are shown the most popular results first. It's pretty obvious that customers are more likely to buy popular products than obscure products. The CBDeluxe Affiliate System does the same thing. If your visitor browses one of our 105 categories, or searches for anything at CBDeluxe, we show the most popular products first. These products are more likely to make you money. We don't understand why the other malls show results for products that earn less!

4. Daily Product Updates
Only CBDeluxe provides Daily Product Updates! On November 1st, I visited the other two popular Clickbank Malls. I searched for the best earning Clickbank Product "Affiliate Project X" - You are going to fall of your chair when you read this: Neither of the other 2 popular Clickbank Malls listed "Affiliate Project X"! How can you expect to make money when the Number One Earning Product at Clickbank is not available to your visitors?

5. Residual Affiliate Programs
I'll be the first to admit that Clickbank is not perfect! While they have the best collection of Affiliate Products, they don't have any Residual Affiliate Products. There are no programs in Clickbank that will pay you month after month. The CBDeluxe Affiliate System fixes that! We have included more than 10 of the best Affiliate Products on the Internet. Many of these Products continue to pay you month after month after month! Imagine that - A single referal to one of these products and you'll could paid again and again and again! We've included the signup links to ensure you qualify for these Residual Affiliate Products.

6. Weekly Newsletter Built In
Your visitors can signup for the CBDeluxe weekly newsletter and The CBDeluxe Affiliate System will automatically email them the Top 12 Products and the Top 5 Movers & Shakers! Better yet - You don't need to write anything. We write the content for your weekly newsletters. And every link in the CBDeluxe newsletter has your Affiliate ID - You'll earn the revenue. No other Clickbank Mall sends their newsletter subscribers the best earning products and the top Movers & Shakers every week!

7. No Website Required
You will be up and running in under 3 minutes! With The CBDeluxe Affiliate System, your Mall will be hosted on our Servers. A reliable webhost can cost up to $25.00/month. A reliable dedicated server can cost up to $400.00/month. This is taken care of. Our web servers are optimized to work with the CBDeluxe Mall - We don't allow regular hosting packages on these servers. Your server won't be slowed down by other customers script or bulk email. Your server is used exclusively for The CBDeluxe Affiliate System.

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