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"I Wept Repeatedly In My Bedroom As I Felt The Deep Agonising Pain Of Failing To Make Money Online Once Again.....


I Secretly Evesdropped, Listened In On, And Got Advice From A TOP Money Making Expert Thats Making Money Like Crazy On The Internet And Without Lifting A Single Finger "

Once Your Armed As A Newbie with My Secret Interview Toolkit, You'll be able to Trigger A Synergistic Chain Of Events With Machine like Repeatability, Resulting In Huge Cash Windfalls As Fast As Humanly Possible.... And Without Any limit!

From :Mark Healy

Dear Frustrated Newbie,

My name is mark and in the next few minutes i am going to show you a little known secret used myself and by my frustrated newbie clients to take you from scratch to banking thousands of dollars every week on autopilot even if you have no experince or never made any money online before.

In fact you won't find this information being taught by anyone else.Very few Internet marketing gurus know about this and google dont want you to find out about it.Yet Its  LEGAL WAY TO:
Clear all your outstanding debts and never worry about paying your bills again stress free and no hassles You Can work from home a few hours a day No Boss, No Commuting You Can Tell your Boss To shove it Will Save you 10 Months Of Wasted Time in trying to find what works Yoy can work around family and friends commitments Unlimited Income potential

You Well firstly let me point out from the start that i have NEVER written a letter like thisw before so you will have to excuse with me if it doesnot sound that great.I am writing this down as if i was chatting to you face to face i prefer it that way and i presume you would too.

So right lets get started.As i have said before my name is mark and i have an interesting story to share from my life on how i got involved with this and what i can do for you.
You see  for the past year i have been trying to find a way to make money online and failed consistently everytime.I literally used to weep in my bedroom consumed in the horrible ghastly pain of not making a single penny.It was so hard that i remember thinking that maybe it was not meant to be for me.

I was claiming unemployment benefit at that time and was desperate to find a solution, a way out to make some money so i could have a better life for me and my family.Maybe you have been there too?I know how you feel i really do.

I know What It Feels like To Struggle Day After Day For A LONG TIME Thinking You Will Never Make Money.

I was looking for a way to make money online and got scammed so many times i felt like giving up.But one day out of the blue i came across a guy that claimed to be making six figures online, had alot of proof and seemed very genuine.

I will be honest i really was sceptical but i thought what do i have to lose anyway and i had a very good feeling on it.So i decided to personally speak one to one with this guru and see if he was the real deal.I set up a one time interview with him and he literally spilled everything he knew, every system and tactic for making money online.I grilled him for more information tooth and nail and he did not disappoint.
Within a week i started using the information he taught me from the interview and started seing results making $75 and then by 4 weeks i made $750. I was stunned i could not believe it.The results since then have hit the roof.This guy was the real deal.
With his teachings I started analysing what he was doing and came across something even more powerfull..........

I Am Going To Introduce You To Something That Is NEVER BEEN Talked About.Thats Because NO ONE Knows About it.

I Dont Give A Heck, Ill Tell You

So Listen Very Closely......

Look it takes a complete understanding of the internet marketing world and how average people are able to rake huge amounts of cash from the internet without working at all.

In fact you could be ANYBODY and still get paid like a top surgeon.

You could even take a month off on a beach whenever you want and still bank like your a rockstar.

It all comes down to my discovery of affiliate marketing and its automation.This simple yet highly potent method can literally catapult your success online in not years, not months and not even weeks BUT DAYS.

Everyone From Microsoft to YouTube Do It, Now You Can PROFIT EVERYDAY from What They Do Using The Power Of Affiliate Marketing.

With affiliate marketing you have...

NO products to ship!
NO major overhead expenses!
NO employees!
NO headaches!
NO fancy website needed!
NO People to talk to!

NO inventory to keep!
NO copy writing expense!
NO customer service!
NO product development cost!
NO bugging your friends and family!
NO worries!

And most importantly you won't have to spend time creating products, or struggling to write your own sales letter.

Because of this, and the fact that you get paid such high commissions, it makes affiliate marketing...

an absolute easy, and lazy way for newbies to make more money than top surgeons without all the hard work, and without all the expensive start-up costs.

This WebSite Was Never Supposed To Exist!

This website wasn’t going to be created. I honestly never had the desire to share internet marketing information i learned on the interview as it was so powerfull.

That was up until a couple of weeks ago.

You see...

It seemed like every week a new internet marketing course was coming out promising to show people how to make tons of money.

I started purchasing some of these courses and checking them out myself because I was curious to see if these guys were doing anything I didn’t know about.

What I discovered made me disgusted...

All these courses that promised people so much were nothing but a bunch of crap!

I couldn't believe it...

These courses were full of nothing more than a bunch of theory, nonsense, and hype.

And I know because most of the stuff these courses taught has been the same BS that has been floating around the internet since I started nearly 1 year ago.

I knew all this stuff didn’t work because I've tried it myself, and I did nothing but loose money.

Because of all the crap that is being sold to people everyday I knew that I needed to give quality highly valuable information and teach people THE REAL WAY to make money promoting other peoples products  and much more.

For The First Time Ever, I’m Revealing…

 How You Can Start From Scratch Making Unlimited Amounts Of Untapped Cash On Complete Autopilot, Quickly, Easily and With Barely Any Effort and     Finally Live Your Dream Life .......

Imagine waking up every morning to a beautifull unspoilt white sandy beach where you can sit and relax in the sun knowing you are banking thousands of dollars on autopilot and having the time of your life with your loved ones.

You see I have been making money promoting other peoples products for over 6 months now, and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

From my experience, I have found exactly what works, and what doesn't. And in my “Explosive Income Training Module ,” I’m going to reveal all of the jealously guarded never revealed before affiliate marketing and money making secrets, that I know.

Gurus Who Are Successfull In Making Money Online Are Not Always Easy To Find.They are Hidden Beneath The Internet Depths

Well, as you probably know, it’s not always easy to FIND gurus who are successful at making money online. In fact they are the rare exceptions , a unique class of individuals who once you find them you tend to try and make friends with.

The problem i found was they usually have better things to do… like enjoying family time or taking vacations in tropical destinations.Why ? They make so much money they dont have to work hardly at all.They are free to do whatever they like when they like.

I mean, if you were making millions of dollars online, would you be trying to find all the millions of guys out there that weren’t successful online and teach them how to improve?

No way.

You’d be out enjoying yourself with your family and friends and having the time of your life!

So how can a regular person find and learn from these “masters”?

And what should we ask them once we do meet them?

How You Can Get Inside The Minds Of Masters- And Learn From Them Directly in Minutes Which Would Otherwise Have Taken You Years To Learn Without Them

What if I told you that I knew a way for you to learn from SEVERAL different guys who were successfull at making huge amounts of money online.

And what if I told you that I would be there to PERSONALLY interview them and get them to share their TOP SECRETS with us?

And what if I even told you that we could RECORD the interviews that I do with them so you could listen to and review them over and over at your own leisure?

Well, as it turns out, I’ve made several arrangements with gurus so you can do just that.

Announcing My Explosive Income Training Module: Now You As A Newbie Can Wake Up To Money In Your Inbox Every Single Day On Complete Autopilot.

It’s taken me literally SEVERAL LONG MONTHS to make friends with a group of gurus who are arguably the BEST in the world when it comes to Making Money Online.

I’ve personally learned so much from these gurus, and I wanted to figure out how to bring their secrets to others and share this information with others so you too can get success online, as i know the deep pain i went through to make money online and i tell you it was really hard.I speant so many wated hours up all night every day trying to make it work and i failed miserably for a LONG TIME.So in order to genuniely help you I have started INTERVIEWING these guys individually, and getting them to share how they do it… in their own words.No Fluff, no Non sense, just straight to the point strategies that work.


I wanted to know everything.

I wanted to know what they do, the strategies they did, the mindsets and what they say AND DO  SETP BY STEP.

And most importantly, I want to know HOW THESE GUYS THINK AND ACT.


I’ve busted out so many interviews with amazing men and women in the internet marketing and making money online world, that there’s far too much to list here - but let me start off with a stunning interview i did with ROB CORNISH just recently.

Rob Cornish is a well known expert and SEO specialist and a former stock market fund manager in London Who within 6 months from scratch was raking in thousands of pounds a week online while other gurus were struggling.He Has helped thousands of people start and grow a successful online business from scratch and his teachings are unique and powerfull.

Here's Just a few of The Secret Strategies for Newbies Rob Cornish Shared.You're About to Discover.......

The Secret list building strategy that increases subscribers by over 560%.You won't want to miss this.

FInd out what customers really want (but never tell you) More specifically, this explains what makes most newbies fail to make money online... and why...

 A secret new technique (unknown even to the TOP Marketers) that is " guaranteed to make you money faster than you thought possible and gets your customers loving you ".

How to use underground SEO Strategies that so few people have ever heard about.No one will be able to compete with you.

 How to eliminate those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success and have new empowering mindsets full of rock solid inner confidence to make money online

Foolproof traffic secrets - That will allow you to generate massive traffic in minimum time, and make an avalanche of paychecks while your at it! - 99% effective, but so new you may not heard of it yet!

How to profit handsomely from products you don't even own!

 The "down and dirty " on what it takes to create your fiirst information product from scratch in under 2 hours and have sales rolling in the following day

The One critical factor to consider in making money online.(Get this wrong and you can kiss your dreams goodbye)

 The most powerful method of finding amazing affiliate products that your customers will keep buying from over and over and over again!

How to easily create 'Joint ventures’ for instant free traffic and money!

 A quick and easy system to generate money RIGHT NOW ...and whenever you need it for life!

The amazing "affliate marketing" secrets that SKYROCKET YOUR INCOME ... plus allows you to make money EASILY... allowing you to spend time doing the things you love! You'll have to "experience" this kind of success to even believe it's possible!

Astonishing "list relashionship builder methods" that will get your cutsomers and subscribers begging you to create more products for them and getting them into your continuity program a no brainer.

And much, much, more

  Learning From Other Successfull Gurus Is The               Number One Critical Factor To CATAPULT                                     Your Success Online

 I always advise newbies and my clients who want to learn how to be successful online that always to MODEL OTHER GURUS who are already getting results with makiing money online, and learn from them DIRECTLY.

This is how I personally learned , and I think it’s a CRITICAL part of learning how to get more success online

Why is it so important to learn from other gurus? Why can’t you just read a book and “get it”?

Well, you see....

Reading a book is a LOT better than nothing at all. You can get a good understanding of principles, concepts, and even some techniques by reading a book. In fact, books are probably the best education value in the world.

In fact,in the most famous success book of all time “Think And Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill devotes an entire chapter to A key principle he called the “Mastermind” principle.

In sumary, if you surround yourself with a group of successful people, and learn from them directly, you will tend to improve and reach success much faster than if you try to do it all “on your own”.

On the other hand, if you surround yourself with POSITIVE, SUCCESSFUL people, you’ll begin to think, talk, and act more and more like them WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING THAT IT'S HAPPENING.

By modelling other successfull people we can short cut your learning curve and tap into what actually works from the beginning instead of trying to spend long painsakingly years to try and figure out what works.

The fact is - If you're serious about becoming successful online, and maximizing your profits the quick and easy way. Then the "The Explosive Income Training Module" is something you simply CANNOT afford to miss.

       Why You SHOULDN'T Listen To Me .......

You shouldn't listen to me because just 6 months ago i was living in a one bedroom appartment, angry and frustrated and wept that i could not make money online .I was living in a stinky appartment and my life was going nowhere.But funny how in a short space of time how things have changed.

My Explosive income Training module is not for everybody. If your the type of person that will buy something, and not do anything with the information, than this will not work for you.

There are no magic pills... You must get off your butt and follow simple instructions.

This training is not for someone that is dirt broke and looking around the internet for some magic solution that will put food on their table.

My advice to people like this is to get a second job, and then get this system once their in a more stable situation.

Making money on the Internet is easy, but you will need to put some time and effort into it. You will also need to spend some money on things like advertising, and getting a auto responder account, and other small costs like these.

If you do not have a few bucks to invest than you'll need to get a second job.


Quit spending money on the things you don't need and you'll have money to invest in your future.

Doing this allowed me to make money on the Internet. When you think about it, small sacrifices can allow you to live a life that most people only dream of.


Drop Me Off Anywhere In The World From Scratch And I Can Still Make Serious Money Within 6 hours Using This Remarkable Training Module, Even If I Have Zero Money In My Bank Account.

The Bottom Line Is... Anyone  (Yes, Even You!) Can Make an Absolute Fortune In Affiliate Marketing and from anywhere in the world.All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and your good to go.Its thats quick.Just imagine being able to work on a beach while your sipping your favourite drink.

Even If You Don't Know Anything About Affiliate Marketing, and even if you have tried making money in the past, yet, never succeeded this will still work.

Making money on the Internet is not something only lucky people get to do. If you can follow simple instructions, than you will be able to succeed. It's just like following a cookbook recipe.

I’ll show you exactly what I do, how to do it, and when to do it. All you have to do is plug into my knowledge and strategies and you'll be on your way to generating cash like clockwork.

I’ll Even Put My Money Where My Mouth is...

This is Your Iron Clad, No-Hassle, Risk Free,
10-Times-Your-Money Guarantee...

Here's how your guarantee works...

You have a full 8 Weeks to examine everything, and use what you wish. If within 8 Weeks, you're not absolutely thrilled with this system for any reason...

or... if you're somehow not convinced you can make at least 10 times your entire investment from the Affiliate marketing and money making secrets you've learned from your training module

...then all you have to do is shoot me an email. I'll immediately refund every penny you paid, no questions asked and you get to keep all the bonuses just as my way of saying thanks for putting your trust in me.

 How's that for taking ALL the risk out of this offer, and putting my money where my mouth is?

In other words, this entire program is guaranteed to cost you nothing. Your absolute worst case scenario is, you get to listen to the ENTIRE AUDIO TRAINING MODULE for FREE!

"You'll make at least 10 TIMES your investment from My Audio Training Module... or I'll refund you every penny!"

Why am I doing this? The answer is simple. I know for a fact how powerful these affiliate marketing money making secrets are and how only one of my methods can make any newbie get results FAST.I have loads of methods which will EXPLODE your income in just weeks.

If I was even the slightest bit worried about giving full refunds to a bunch of people, I couldn't even think about making such a bold guarantee.

But, since I've offered these crazy guarantees for years, and haven't had enough refunds to matter... I am perfectly comfortable making you this offer. I want to make sure you don't have any excuse for passing up on this one-time-only deal.

[ ](#order)

To Give you as much value as possible i have decided to go over the top and announce your....

Early Bird Bonuses

If you're reading this far, it tells me that you are truly interested and committed in filling your mail box with pay checks, and telling your boss that it's time for him to take a hike.

So I decided... Why not give you a few Bonuses to take you over the top.

Are you ready to start receiving more cash than you'll ever know what to do with, so fast that some people may accuse you of breaking the law? (not because you are, but because making money isn't suppose to be this easy).

Your Bonus #1

"Your Cash Without Spending Cash Report!" In this shocking new report  by world famous internet millionaire charles ryder as he blows the lid off that saying "It takes money to make money"

Your going to discover his Top Secret Strategies that will allow you to generate wheel barrels full of cash, without spending a dime, or even a nickel of your own money.

This report is so astonishing that it could make a homeless bum go from nobody, to living the life of the rich and famous, in just a few short months. (These are the same secrets I discovered that allowed me to quit my job literally overnight.)

These are the secrets charles used To Leverage His entire internet Business.

I was planning on selling this report for $97 alone, But I want you to know the secret of getting rid of your job like me, so I decided to throw it in for FREE, just for you.

  Your $97 Exclusive Special Bonus # 2   

"Your Instant Work From Home Income System Report!" I have decided to give away one of my prized possessions with the Instant Work From Home SYSTEM.This devastating simple system can  generate MONEY CONSISTENTLY EVERYTIME every week for years to  come.Its that  Awesome.I was scared about releasing this to the general public as i know who powerfull it is in serious Sales and leads.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

7 Reasons Why You Need To Buy This Training Module!

# Reason 1. You daydream everyday that one day you will tell your boss to   shove it.

# Reason 2. You dont have enough money to enjoy the finer things in life

# Reason 3.  You have tried other products in the past and you were left frustrated that it did not deliver and all you are now ready for a proven and tested system that guides you by the hand step by step to make you money.

# Reason 4.You are sick of spending all your life working for other people and you want to break free and set your own rules by when you work.

# Reason 5.You need some extra cash to pay your bills and help your family and clear your debts

# Reason 6.You want financial freedom and spend most of your time with your kids and loved ones

# Reason 7.You would like a business online that delivers a lifestyle of flexibility and huge money potential so you can earn as much money as you want so you are set up for life with zero money worries and life of financial abundance like the other millionnaires.

  Here Is What You Are Getting

#1. Your Entire "Explosive Income Audio Training Module" With Me and Expert Rob Cornish

#2. "Your Get Cash Without Spending Report"

#3. Your Behind Closed Doors "Work From Home Income Report"

#4. Your 24/7 Support and Guidance


Your "Explosive Income Training Module" Saves You 10 Months Of Wasted Agonising Time, Cherish Your Time You Can Now Spend With Your Family And Friends.

Ok Mark I Want To Do This.Tell me What do I Do Next....

Your Well its pretty straight forward really, thats the way i like to do things and im sure you like to do the same, No Upfront fees and No hassles.Dont worry i am NOT going to ask for anything like $197.I wanted to keep it really simple and low cost and deliver very high value for you so you can go away immeditely and implement the training.Sound fair?

There is nothing more staisgying for me than to change someone life and that why i have decided to get this into as many newbies hands as possible so you can start changing your life and living your dream.So the cost will be less that you pay for a meal out at any restaurant or spend in a day on cigarettes or alchohol.

You will get the entire 50 minute Audio plus the 2 bonuses

ALL for JUST $15


    Your NO Risk, No Brainer
    No Questions, No Quibbles  
     100% Money Back Guarantee

                          Tick Tock, Tick Tock .........
         Your time is running out to get on board for this as I have already sold out on my first 5,127 copies due to the Extremely Low price and Immense VALUE offered with this audio training and the bonuses. I have decided to keep the website up for only until the 30th May 2011 , then i will take this product off the market and the audio training will be gone forever. You have withing 48 hours from now to get your copy im afraid get the Bonuses with this audio training as i will be withdrawing all the bonuses in 48 hours, so if you want the bonuses you have to act FAST.  

[ ][ YES! I Want To Get Filthy Rich From The Internet today.][]
[ ][ ][ ][ ][][]
[ ] []

I'd be crazy to pass on this insane deal to learn affiliate marketing and making money online from scratch quickly and easily!

I understand that I'll receive instant access to the "Explosive Income Training Module with Me and Rob Cornish" immediate audio download worth a total of $97 for less than half price at just $49

But wait... Because this Audio Training just launched I decided to give you a Whopping $34 Early Bird discount on the already insanely low discounted price...

You're getting it for less than half the price that everybody else is going to pay.

[ ] [ ]
[ ]
[When you order right now, I'm going to give you an amazing Early Bird Special Price of Only $15.]
[ ]
[This means you're getting Explosive Income Training Module for the incredible discounted price of over 85% OFF. This is simply Unheard of!]
[ ]
[ ]
[You're getting The "Get Cash Without Spending Cash" report, and "instant Work from H"ome income report" ]
[ ]
[On that basis, I don't want to miss out on all of these amazing early bird specials and discounts, so here's my investment. Get me started now!]







["So dont delay.ORDER NOW to take advantage of this speacial price offer.Just Click BELOW.]
[ ]

[ ][][ ]
[                                              ]
[ ]
[ ][Click Here To Download Everything For Just A One-Time Investment Of $197 $97 $15 Now! ](http://3.html0174.pay.clickbank.net)



Yours Sincerely

[Mark Healy]

[][][][][][][][ ]
[P.S. Remember you only get the "Get Cash Without Spending Cash" report and the "Work from home system"  for FREE when you order Explosive Income Training Module " Today. ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[P.P.S. If you want to start selling affiliate products and take a quantum leap to success, you need to try out my "Explosive Income training module'' now! You'll be taught the exact same strategies I use to make a very, very, comfortable living on the Internet. And if you can follow the simple instructions, you simply cannot fail!]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ P.P.P.S. Remember that you're protected by my 100% 8-Weeks, 10 X Your Money Iron-clad Guarantee. I really want you to break free from the chains holding your everyday life. Therefore, I'm making sure there's absolutely ZERO-RISK, when you invest in this system!Finally let me remind you that you only have 48 hours to respond before i will l close the bonuses down and maybe the offer too.So you really need to reply to me now if you want to learn how to make serious money online and start making profits within days]

[ ]
[                                                                   ONLY $15]
[ ]
[Click Here to Order now!](http://3.html0174.pay.clickbank.net)
[][ ]
[ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ]

[ ] [ ]
[ ]
[ ]


Contact and Support Go to [Realinformationpublishing@gmail.com ](http://internetsupportsite.com/)


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