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ATTENTION! Here’s Help To Cope With Your Pregnancy and Delivery…

“Worried About Your Unborn Baby’s Health? Discover Little Known Pregnancy Tips And Delivery Advice – And Feel Safe That You’re Giving Your New Unborn Baby The Best Care Possible!”

If you are worried about how to find the right pregnancy tips, and pregnancy advice and baby care information you have come to the right place.


From the heart of Lena Einstain,

Dear Future Loving Mother,

This is a true story of how your life with your new baby can be…

Dawn’s early light filters through the curtains of your baby’s room, while you sit in the rocker and watch your baby sleep in your loving arms. Your plump baby’s hand reaches out to you. You catch hold of the tiny hand, and watch as a flicker of a smile crosses your baby’s lips — revealing two tiny dimples.

Your baby is nestled cozily under your chin, the fine baby hair tickling your nose. And as morning breaks, your baby yawns and you breathe in your baby’s sweet scent — you feel strangely content.

You look down at your baby’s face. You heart expands with joy as — you experience a Mother’s deepest love, for her child. Your new baby’s happy smile fills you with longed for maternal feelings of deepest love and tender warmth.

This is how it feels to have your new healthy baby in your arms…

When Your Baby is Born, You Love Your New Son or Daughter With All Your Heart…

But, before you can hold your baby in your loving arms…

You need to know and follow the right pregnancy tips… because —


I am here to offer you the pregnancy advice you are looking for.

There are many questions newly expectant Mothers, just like you, want to know the right pregnancy advice and answers to their childbirth questions. You, as an expectant Mother, are concerned and want to take the very best care of your unborn child. You know that means finding and following the right pregnancy advice so you know you are taking the best care of yourself you can.

Getting the right pregnancy advice from a trusted source, will go a long way to helping you feel you are taking the best care of your unborn baby. It is difficult to find right advice online that you can trust.

I’m here to give you the best advice for your pregnancy and will show you many other sources for pregnancy books, pregnancy guides and baby tips too.

Having a baby is a life-changing challenge for women who are on their way to becoming – loving Mothers. And with those thoughts in mind, I am here to help you answer those questions about your pregnancy that you have. No question is too silly, so please don’t worry about that.

I will do my best to help you remove your fears about your pregnancy, as well as planning for your baby, before, during and after delivery.

I will do all I can to help you feel more confident and secure while caring your unborn child. You will discover all you need to know for proper self care too. I will include many healthy pregnancy tips and baby care tips so you can rest easy knowing you are best Mother you can be.

Discover how you can enjoy each day of pregnancy and how to look forward to the safe and healthy delivery of your baby.

What I can do for you is:
I will help you to understand why your emotions are all topsy-turvy – and why you feel the way you do – you know it’s hormones but you probably don’t know how to cope with your pregnant mood swings. I can help you to reduce and even eliminate your pre-natal pain and frustrations about what you doctor isn’t telling you I will help you to understand all the steps to carrying and safely delivering your new baby So, YOU can feel safe and happy during your delivery — that I promise.

“Dear Lena, I’m 32 years old and will be a first time mom in 3 months time! Some people may think that with my age, I know something about being pregnant; as well as how to take care of my soon to be born child. But frankly, even with my age and numerous nieces, nephews and godchildren, I don’t know a lot about pregnancy, much more on how to seriously take care of my kid. So I can never be grateful enough when a friend, and a mother of three, recommended your “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” to me. I seriously learned a lot from it! With the help of my wonderful doctor, awesome husband and family, I now have your guidebook that is an ultimate help for not only first time moms like me but like my friend who still needs continues learning even with 3 gorgeous kids under her belt! I’m so lucky to have this handbook by my side!

Thanks a lot Lena!”

Jessa Francis (Maryland, USA)

“Hi Lena! Your “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” has helped me a lot during my pregnancy. It’s one of the tangible things that I was able to draw comfort and peace from. Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby so much that my heart can burst into two, but during the pregnancy, I didn’t know at first how to deal with my moodiness and depression. I cry when I’m happy and I CRY when I’m sad, annoyed or bored. I cry so much I thought that no happy tears would be left for me when I finally see my child. So thank goodness when I came across your handbook. I realized that I’m not only being “crazy” when pregnant. With your easy to understand words I was able to deal with my uncontrollable hormones. So thank you from me, my poor hubby and wonderful son, Jacob!”

Naomi Rievera (Fortaleza, Brazil)

“I want to thank you a lot for this wonderful handbook, Lena. If not for “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” I’d be walking in the dark with this pregnancy. The handbook has been my companion for most part of my term since my husband is in the military. It helped me primarily with my decision to breastfeed my child. For the longest time, this has been my primary concern. Since I’m also working, I can’t give my child 24 hours of everyday even if I want to, so the breastfeeding issue is a big deal for me. Upon reading your handbook, I realized that to not breastfeed my child can probably the worst decision that I’ll ever make as a mother. So thank you for pointing me in the right direction of breastfeeding and for really preparing me for the birth of my child.”

Antonia Salvetore (West Virginia, USA)

“I’m always a nervous wreck! My loved ones even say that my tendency to be nervous all the time is already some sort of novelty. I get nervous even doing the basic things and so imagine how nervous I was when I realized that I’m with child. My nerves are all over but boy, the happiness my husband and I felt was beyond. When the nerves went away and  I’m faced with the reality that I’m pregnant, I started getting nervous questioning how I can give my yet to be born child the best care possible inside my womb and how I can help him/her grow up after birth. Lena, I can say thank you to you over and over again because with your “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” I was able to soothe my nerves because I’ve already learned a lot and I’m continually learning more. The best part of the book for me is when you tackled how to prevent  and what to anticipate when your child gets sick.

Thank you so much and God speed!”

Marissa Perri (Arizona, USA)

“Hello Lena! This is just a note to tell you how much I’m grateful to you for writing your handbook “Childbirth Preparation Handbook”. The handbook had tremendously helped me during my pregnancy. And even after I gave birth, I still consult the book for tips and advices on how to take care of my child better. It’s a wonderful, wonderful help for expecting mothers, for first time moms and even for mothers who already have growing children. It’s somehow a classic book where every time you open it, you learn something  new  and you can apply it to you personally, or to your child or you recommended it to your friends who are already mothers too. It’s a never ending process that is just logical and easy to understand and apply.  From the bottom of my heart, Lena, thank you so much.”

Tricia Thompson (Franklin, Idaho)

“I’m an exercise junkie. Even after getting married I exercise a lot. Having a husband that’s also a gym buff doesn’t hurt as well. After a year of getting married, I became pregnant. My husband and I, our family and friends too, can’t contain our joy. Having a baby is something that we planned early on in our marriage because we want to have at least three kids so getting started early is more than okay. The only problem I got when I was pregnant was minimizing and filtering what kind of exercise I need to do during the pregnancy. Of course, I didn’t want to hurt my kid with my usual routines but I also didn’t want to totally erase exercise during my term because even the doctor said exercising is good. Good thing I was able to get a copy of “Childbirth Preparation Handbook”; not only did I learned how to exercise properly but I also learned the types of exercise that can help me have a painless childbirth.”

Aizelle Mitchell (Colorado, USA)

“Hey Lena! I purchased this book during my third month of pregnancy. I’m not a first time mom but my first born is already 13 years old and I know that even though the basics in being pregnant is the same, there are so many things new today that can quite intimidate soon to be moms again like me. With the help of “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” I can now focus on things like how the baby develops inside my womb and how to fully take care of it during the pregnancy. Because during my first time I was so overwhelmed that I just took days at they came without really learning something from the process. But with the help of the book, I was able to explore and enjoy more the pregnancy and the preparation of my 2nd child.

Thank you Lena and good luck to your feature endeavors.”

Mary Rose Palmer (Texas, USA)

My goal is to help you understand your pregnant body and how it changes during your pregnancy and after delivery. I will answer the questions and give you answers on how to take the best care of yourself you can – but also why you would do something. That is one thing most doctors don’t take the time to tell you.

So you can enjoy the time from carrying your baby in your loving womb to the day of your baby’s delivery – with a feeling of peace, serenity, and love. You will find your fears will be virtually eliminated once you know how the baby grows, and what steps you need to take to deliver a healthy, vibrant child.

For some women, your new baby may be a surprise you were not expecting. If that is the case, then please know I will help you to leave your fears at rest and with my pregnancy advice…

You will feel more in control of your health, your body and the growing life inside you.

As a new Mother, you will feel increased stress, emotional changes and may even feel despondent at times — these are some of the problems I will help you with. Some women experience shock when they are faced with the sobering news of — “You’re pregnant!” For other women, it is a life’s dream come true!

With my loving guidance, you can calm your fears and will know what to do and when to do it. This in itself will help you to feel more in control of your pregnancy and the birth. Then you will be able to ‘savor the delicious secret of a new life growing within you, nurtured by your womb’.

You will feel safe — because you are doing everything you can to naturally care for your unborn child.

I am here to help you…

Understand the changes your body undergoes with your growing baby — and to understand the natural needs of your baby.

Your daily life and the demands from your life, job and activities are all competing with your growing child for your body’s resources.

While pregnant you may feel sapped of energy. But with proper care, your body will easily cope with being pregnant because it is a normal and natural function. What I have to share with you will help you become a happier expectant Mother – a woman who enjoys having a baby.

I will talk with you, just like your kind Mother or Grandmother would to answer all your questions about the stages of your baby’s growth and how to prepare for the delivery and the time after. I will give you the benefit of my many years of childbearing experience and medical training.

You will be able to understand and not fear the stages of change in your body due to the fetus’s growth. With my pregnancy advice you can be better prepared for any problems or concerns with your own pre-natal care.

And with proper Pre-Natal Care…
Your fears will be eased and most concerns erased…

When you visit your doctor’s office and have an ultrasound, you will be able to see the beating heart of the fetus and be filled with happiness and not overcome with fear (of what could be wrong with your baby) Instead when you have taken proper care of yourself during pregnancy you will feel contented feelings of hope and love. Your fears and concerns will fade away…

Many young Mothers fear they may be carrying a baby with a deformity that is life threatening or even a Down’s syndrome baby, especially if the baby is conceived at an older age. I am here to help you understand the proper care you need to take care of yourself to ensure you deliver a healthy baby even at an more mature age.

And Then…
After 9 Months of Waiting – Your Healthy Baby Is Born!

“Dear Lena, I absolutely love shopping! It’s something that relaxes me and never fails to cheer me up. I work hard so that I can be able to shop for the things that I need and like. When I married, my husband and I thought of the things that we could buy before having a child. It’s a good thing that during the preparation of getting pregnant, my sister-in-law gave me “Childbirth Preparation Handbook”. I was pleasantly surprised that not only it gives tips and discusses things about pregnancy but it also give details on what to properly buy for kids during and after pregnancy. There’s even a list of car seats for pregnant mothers and kids!
Thank you so much for this remarkable book Lena! And best wishes!”

Nadine Fields (Bristol, United Kingdom)

“As a first time mom, I can never forget how joyous and nervous I am every day of my pregnancy. It’s something that will be forever etched in my mind. I can be thankful enough for my husband, best friend, family and friends who helped me all throughout the pregnancy. But special thanks will be given to you Lena, for your amazing book “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” that opened my eyes to many aspects of pregnancy and after birth. It’s really marvelous to know that there’s a handbook that can explain the what and whatnots of pregnancy and really being prepared to be a mom. I love it so much that I gave my pregnant friends a copy of this book.
Cheers Lena! Thanks a bunch!”

Aprilyn McCoy (Turku, Finland)

“I want to send my love and thanks to you Lena for the “Childbirth Preparation Handbook.” It’s so amazing that I cannot believe I haven’t heard of it if not for my pregnant friend. I highly recommend it to my other pregnant loved ones because: One, it truly explains how breastfeeding really helps the kid and how you can prepare for it even if you’ll be a working mom; Two, it provides information on how you can anticipate hence prevent depression after being pregnant. There’s a ton of information that you really can learn from this handbook. My love for my child is overwhelming and I know there’s a tendency for me to be a spoiler but also with the help of the handbook, I learn how to love responsibly. That I can prepare myself on how to balance motherhood with my other roles in life.”

Justine Stanley (New Hampshire, USA)

“I have a very low tolerance when it comes to pain. This is the primary reason why there’s always a fear in me to get pregnant. However, the desire to have my own family and my natural love for children is more overpowering than my fear of pain. And so when I got pregnant, I didn’t only seek the advice of my doctor and loved ones, but I searched for tools that will help and educate me to deliver my child the best way possible with minimal pain. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” that allows me to really decide if my will and more importantly my body can take natural birth. I also made it a point to learn more about C-section.
I’m almost on my 9th month and am hoping for the best! Thank you Lena for your handbook. It’s simply the best.”

Roxanne Phillips (Glasgow, United Kingdom)

“Dear Lena, I bought your “Childbirth Preparedness Handbook” 3 months ago. It’s one of the first tools that I’ve purchased when my husband and I learned that we’re going to be a family soon. I learned about your book from my sister and during (and even after) her pregnancy she gushed about it that I know that I have to have a copy when it’s my turn! And my sister is just correct to gush about it. I did after the first few pages. The handbook is a gem because it’s very informative and easy to understand. As a first time mom, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself more because hormones alone can give you a lot of pressure. With the handbook I’m able to slowly but clearly educate myself from the pros and cons of natural and C-section birth to what to shop for your kid.

I’m so excited and I can’t wait to hold my kid in my arms. And I know how because the handbook gave me a lot of “practice”.”

Gracie Davidson (Georgetown, Pennsylvania)

I will help you with the answers to your questions so you will be calm and feel in control during through the delivery too.

When you new baby is safely delivered, this new life has become a new part of your family — a loving part of you. You are finally together at last – filled with love. You thrill to the feelings as you sing a lullaby (it might be a little off-key) but your baby will love your singing anyway!

One Day Your Baby Will Be In Your Arms…

…and you will feel truly blessed to have this special little baby in your life. Your baby is a bright, well-adjusted, healthy, energetic, and independent child.

You will feel assured in your status as a ‘Loving Mother’ — because you took the best care of yourself you could while your baby was growing inside you.

As an expectant Mother you owe it to your unborn child to take the best care of yourself you can. I want you to understand that you determine if you know the right thing to do and so prevent a weak or unhealthy baby to be born.

I’m here to help you do just that. If you have a difficult delivery or do not take the best care of your body as you can – problems with your baby’s health can and do happen.

All parents wish and dream for a healthy baby.

But if a health disaster strikes… and your baby has problems during delivery or has to be born early due to a health related problem…

You do not want to be blaming yourself later for being chronically stressed and ignorant about the health of your body and how to take the best care of it — later asking yourself…

“Would My Baby’s Health Problems Have Happened –
If I Would Only Have Taken Better Care Of Myself?”

Would my baby’s health be better?

You do not want terrible thoughts echoing through your mind – “Did I cause it?”

And: “What could I have done different?”

After your baby is born it is too late to have wished to have known better or taken better care of yourself.

“As a new mother YOU are responsible for your future baby’s health!”

Like all parents expecting a baby – you know your baby will have special needs. So you do your best to eat healthier, exercise and try to reduce your stress. But will that be enough? There are many questions you may have about past habits and illnesses which could have harmed your baby when it was conceived.

As a expectant Mother, I will help you to know the right things to do to ensure the best health of your growing child. Once you have the right pregnancy advice and know how to care for yourself and your growing child, you will be able to put your fears aside and you can …

Look Forward to The Delivery Filled With Hope

I have had many questions about prenatal care, delivery concerns, and caring for developing babies… many of which are the same questions you are seeking the answers to right now.

So to help you find the answers… so you can discover how to care for yourself and your new baby without fear. I’ve recorded what you need to know about your pregnancy and how to take the best care of yourself and the baby you can. I have included tips on how to buy baby items and even a hospital checklist of all the items needed for the hospital on delivery day!

Plus, I’ve recorded all the hopes, fears and experiences of many new Mothers and compiled them for you, into an instantly downloadable book.

You won’t waste a second finding the answers you seek, and you’ll not have to walk through the difficult journey alone. You’ll discover how to cope with your own fears and experiences from someone who’s been there and is extending an arm of friendship to help and guide you along…

Introducing: “Childbirth Preparation Handbook”


[Order now](http://childbirthpreparationhandbook.com/uppage1) and you’ll find the answers to your questions in seconds.

(Available in convenient PDF format so you can download and read it on any computer)

A Wealth of Childbirth Preparation Knowledge at Your Fingertips…

As you flip open your copy of “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” you’ll discover:

Answers to how to your pregnant lifestyle and self-care questions:

How you can best prepare for motherhood in a physical, mental and emotional way that helps you easily cope with the changes of your body How to look good while you are pregnant – it is possible! What you can do to minimize the effect on your life while caring for child and still have a life. How to exercise – do’s and don’ts and why some exercises are harmful to your unborn child – this is vital to your baby’s health How exercising the right way can help your body have less pain during delivery – and a simple way to strength your muscles Exercise alternatives for crunches and other stressful exercises because these CAN harm your baby! What happens to your baby – from 2nd to 3rd trimester and what happens to your baby to not to worry about – and when you should contact your doctor – what are the warning signs for a problem and what to do How you can best take care of yourself from the week 28, 3rd trimester to delivery What tests your doctor will do and why and what do they mean

How a doctor can tell whether or not a child who is in the womb is normal or whether or not it has a hereditary disease What causes Restless Legs Syndrome or (RLS) – what it is and how to help reduce it

What are the vitamins and minerals you need to take for your growing baby and why What to do about hemorrhoids and how to alleviate them

How to use pillows and a pregnancy belt to reduce stress on your joints

What to do about the ‘pregnancy blues’…

Answers to how to your pre-natal health medical care questions:
How to best deal with the moodiness and depression that can come with being pregnant Find out how your baby grows – when are the eyelids and other finger nails grown Understand what Braxton Hicks Contractions are and why they help your body prepare for delivery How old does your unborn baby have to be to be in the ‘safe zone’ for delivery – and why this is critical if you need to have a ‘c –section’ What to do for water retention and swelling of your hands and feet Effective ways to prevent heart burn and indigestion in the last month of pregnancy

Wondering What to do about buying baby items’?

Answers to how to buy your baby items questions:

Why you should NOT buy the first baby crib you like How to decide if the baby should sleep in your bedroom or not and why What is important for crib safety and if you should invest in a baby monitor or not How to buy the best car seat and how to use it properly Cloth versus disposable diapers – which is best? What you need to do and how to feed the baby to prevent your baby getting sick

What to do when it’s time to Go to the Hospital’…

Hospital Packing Checklist – so you don’t forget anything!

Answers to your delivery questions:

What are the signs you are going to deliver in a few days? Does your water have to break before contractions start? How far apart do the contractions need to be before you go to the hospital? Childbirth positions – on your back, sitting, lying on your side, or hands and knees, which is the right one for you? Natural childbirth? Get the facts! Thinking of having your baby at home? What you need to know… Child birthing Tools – When a doctor needs to use them Breathing patterns to help delivery and to ease pain Natural pain relief with Reflexology and Shiatsu Massage Why you may want to use Epi-No childbirth trainer to help ease your delivery by strengthening your pelvic muscles and tone and how it works How your partner can help you with delivery C-Sections: Why this is a decision which can determine future pregnancies and when a doctor would do it or not and why C-Section Risks that can prevent you from having another baby through natural birth methods Why having an epidural can ease your pain but harm your baby How to avoid episiotomy and lacerations naturally – this is critical to your recovery after the birth! When you can leave the hospital – what determines when you are released and why What is cord blood and why you may want to save it and why you need to make this decision before your baby is born

“I fear the unknown. I guess a lot of people do. That’s why every time I have a task or I’m the situation where I’m unfamiliar of, I try to educate myself so as to prepare my body and mind with the choices that I need to choose. Because you always choice something every second of everyday. When I learned that I’m pregnant, I was firstly in shock because the pregnancy is out of wedlock. And then I just fell in love with my unborn baby. Of course, it matters that I’m now yet married when pregnancy happened but it doesn’t really matter that much compared to the life that is growing in my womb. And because it’s an unknown and unconventional territory, having the “Childbirth Preparedness Handbook” is such a big, BIG help to me. So thank you Lena for this handbook. I do appreciate it a lot.”
Jennarose Steele (Ashland, Massachusetts)

“I’m not ashamed to say that my husband and I still engage in lovemaking even when I’m already pregnant with our firstborn. This is my testimony because a lot of pregnant woman are so afraid to be intimate with their husbands during pregnancy. I was one of them too until I read the “Childbirth Preparedness Handbook”. I was so amazed with the vast information that the handbook explored. And everything is really helpful and informative. My partner and I read the book together so we educated ourselves together and it was really a bonding like no other. So I really urge pregnant women out there to read this handbook because you’ll not only be prepared but be a pregnant expert.
Thank you Lena. Thank you for this wonderful book that makes me a competent pregnant woman and a sexier partner too.”

Carla Valdez (Seville, Spain)

“Dear Lena, I sincerely believe that your book, “Childbirth Preparedness Handbook” is a must read for all pregnant women out there. In fact, I would even suggest it to a woman who’s trying, thinking or contemplating to get pregnant in the near future. Pregnancy is a very beautiful phase in a woman’s life that only women can really understand, go through and appreciate. The handbook allows me to share this pregnancy phase with my husband easily and without really complicating anything, because hey a pregnant woman is full of mood swings. The book is just divine for me and for the dad of my baby because it helps both of us grow and prepare what to expect during and after birth.

Your book is helping a lot! Good job!”

Annette Goodman (Manchester, Kentucky)

Answers to your breast feeding and baby care questions:

What are the benefits to breastfeeding and why If you are having problems breastfeeding – what to do! Why breastfeeding may help prevent your child developing allergies How often should you breastfeed your baby? What is the best breastfeeding pump and why New law provides time to allow you time to breast pump while at work Best treatment for cracked nipples and for mastitis What to do if you can’t breastfeed your child Best diet for breastfeeding and what foods and drinks to stay away from What causes a baby to colic? And how to prevent it. Can your baby drink cow’s milk? Your baby’s first year, a checklist of what your pediatrician would check for normal growth and activity Common baby sicknesses and simple treatments Uncommon baby illnesses – and what to watch out for Baby Yoga Exercises – how to do!

Answers to your sexual partner and after delivery related questions:

Hormone problems during pregnancy Best positions for intercourse during pregnancy How to help your partner with assisting you in caring for your new baby Exercise after child birth – how to lose the baby bulge! Nutrition after child birth with Sample Diets

Your baby will be healthy. You will feel confident going into the delivery room because you know what will happen and you are prepared for it.

During delivery you will feel an end to a most-rewarding journey your baby… soon you will be sharing your baby’s pleasures and triumphs as they grow.

Plus you’ll discover five simple and practical yet highly effective yoga exercises that are highly advantageous to the development of your Baby’s motor skills .

Being a mother has a remarkable learning curve, since there are always things to learn and discover and I’ll help you every step of the way!

How to get the total support you need after giving birth to your new baby!

As you can see “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” is an exhaustive care manual that will assist you to give the best possible care to your baby.

And you might expect this level of expert advise to be expensive…

However, I’m happy to tell you that “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” is not expensive. You certainly won’t have to pay the rates of $100 or more per hour most doctors would charge for a consult…

In fact you won’t even have to pay $97 to own a copy of “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” – although I’m sure you’ll agree the level of expertise and advice is worth at least that much.

Fact is, “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” is new to the market and… As part of a special launch I’m not going to charge you the $67 my accountants recommended I charge.

If you’re quick you can get it for much less than that

When you order today you can download your copy of “Childbirth Preparation Handbook” immediately for the low price of… Only $37

That’s a saving of $30 off the regular price and I’m sure you’ll agree what a generous saving that is.

Why not order your copy right now and take advantage of this wonderful bargain?

You only need to invest $37 and will be benefiting from the comprehensive level of expert advice in seconds.


Plus when you order today you will receive 9 unique bonuses worth over $351.00 as my thank you for having faith in my advice.

Bonus # 1:

[](http://childbirthpreparationhandbook.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/BabyCare200.jpg)Tender 12 Months (Value $19.95 – downloadable book)

Your little bundle of joy can be susceptible to a number of children’s disorders. But, with the Book “How To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Health”, you can actually relax. This 64-page Book presents tips on how to keep your baby healthy and happy. It teaches you how to identify signs and symptoms of various childhood ailments and to treat them.
What you’ll discover is 5 ways to get your baby to sleep. Why you would want to let your baby take a nap in a brightly lit room rather than in a darkened room. How to help your baby sleep in unfamiliar environments like sleeping away from home. The Ferber Method of baby care. Common illnesses of children including: chicken pox, ear infections, fevers, urinary tract infections and common cold symptoms and the best baby care tips for each.

Plus nursery set up tips – on how to set up the nursery with Feng Shui!

Bonus # 2:


Baby Shower Guide (Value $17.00 – downloadable book)
A baby shower is an exciting occasion for an expecting Mom; but like any other event, it requires a lot of planning and organization. The 117-page Book, “How To Have A Rousingly Successful Baby Shower,” offers useful tips on how to plan, organize, and arrange your baby shower. Find great ideas for baby shower games to delight your friends with new baby shower games. How to make homemade baby shower party favors. Tips for low cost or budget baby show supplies and decorations. Themes and ideas to use for a unique baby shower idea. Baby shower food lists and checklists for baby shower supplies.

Bonus # 3:

[](http://childbirthpreparationhandbook.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Total-Toddler-Care1.jpg)Total Toddler Care (Value $19.95 – downloadable book)
Your new baby needs the very best care. Included in the Book “Total Toddler Care”, you will find tips to take care of your baby from feeding to bath.  Plus simple remedies to help treat colic and diaper rash. Find out what are the best products to use on your baby for their bath. Read about baby tips on how to choose the right baby formula. Find out how to wean your baby with the least amount of stress. Discover how to avoid baby colic problems and how to cope with baby colic if it happens. Little known ways to get rid of a pacifier and why babies cry and how to stop crying problems.

Bonus # 4:


Baby Sleeping (Value $14.00 – downloadable book)
Trying to get your baby to sleep may be a problem for you when you are tired and need some rest. So I have included this Book “Baby Sleeping”, to help you with baby care tips on getting your baby to sleep and why some babies will not fall asleep when you want them to. Find out what the best organic baby linens and how to prevent baby allergies from developing.

Discover a little known controlled crying technique to help your baby sleep better and to ways to keep your baby on a more consistent sleep schedule.  Find out more about SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the latest research on the possible causes and how to help prevent it from happening to your new baby.

Bonus # 5:

[](http://childbirthpreparationhandbook.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Baby-Weaning-1.jpg)Baby Weaning (Value $19.95 – downloadable book)
One of the problems  is knowing when the right time is to wean your baby. With the Book “Baby Weaning Tips”, you can actually relax. This 24-page Book presents tips on how to know when is the right time to wean your baby and how to make weaning easier and less stressful for Mom and for baby.  Find out more about tips to make weaning your baby simpler and easier for you to do and reasons why most of the normally suggested advice can do more harm than good to your baby.

How you can use little known tricks to allow your baby to wean itself naturally. Advice on breastfeeding and weaning and how to incorporate more cuddle time when weaning to reduce stress when weaning your baby off from breast milk. How to move your baby from breast to cup.

Bonus # 6:

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