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[Make Money with Domains](http://www.dotcomprofitvault.com)

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The Domain Name www.cellphones.com was Recently Sold for $4.2 million
- the Original Owner Paid Just $90 for the Name!

Discover How to Tap into the Lucrative World of Domain Flipping & Start Earning $1,000... $5,000... Even $10,000 or More a Month All By Completing Just 4 Easy Steps!

Domain Names Are the "Real Estate" of the 21st Century...

People Are Getting Rich Flipping Domain Names –
Here's How You Can Start Getting Your Share of These MASSIVE Profits...

"DotComProfitVault REALLY works! In my first week I registered 5 names for a total of $50 and sold 3 the following week for a total of $750! My other 2 names are making $2 a day from ads while waiting for offers! It's Amazing! Easiest money making tactics I've tried!."

"Thanks to DCPV, I've quit my job and earning a fulltime income working just 2 hours a day! I know many would kill to have the lifestyle I am living now!"

"Hey Guys, Just want to say thank you for creating DCPV system to help us make money online. I had a slow start, I'm now making enough to cut back hours on my day job and enjoy more time with my family."

"I subscribed to your service while a little skeptical but now that I've made $950 selling just 2 domains, I'm a true believer!"

"I want to thank you for creating a great system. Last week I didn't know how to register a domain, now I've sold 1 and making money from others. Truly amazing!"

Dear friend,

Real estate has long been the investment vehicle of choice for people looking to get rich. In fact, many people say real estate has created more millionaires than any other type of investment strategy.

But here's the thing – we live in the 21st Century now, a time of technological advancement. The real estate market is extremely volatile while the Internet market continues to grow and grow and grow.

For example:
According to Internet World Stats, nearly 2 billion people now use the Internet! And according to the US Census Bureau, online retails sales now surpass $129,000,000,000 a year – that's $129 billion dollars!
"Would you like to work just an hour or two a day? Would you like to be your own boss?

If so, I urge you to keep reading as I'm about to show you how to put our DotCom flipping to fill your bank account with cold hard cash!

Why Domain Names are Such BIG Business...

There's a dirty little secret of the Internet that not too many people know and this is it – there are an awful lot of people out there who don't use search engines like Google or Yahoo to find something online. Instead they simply type www.whatever they are looking for dot com.. into their web browser's address field and hit enter.

It's true. you probably have done this before. This type of web traffic is called "type-in traffic" or "direct navigation traffic" and it is can be very profitable.

Here's an example from CNN Money – In May 2002, a man named Rick Schwartz bought candy.com for $108,000. Rick placed at that domain name a page filled with candy-related ads and then just sat back and watched the profits roll in. He collected an average of $300 or more a day in profits. According to CNN Money, the site paid for itself in just a year and a half. Then in june 2009 sold the domain for a whopping $5 MILLION DOLLARS!.

And That Dirty Little Secret I Just Revealed is Not the Only Reason Domain Names Are BIG Business.

The right domain name can also instantly give a business credibility and can improve its search engine rankings.

There's just no way around it – domain names are very, very valuable … and businesses are willing to pay, and pay very well for the right one.

So how do you take advantage of this fact? Well, keep reading and you'll find out exactly how!

The Answer is Our Powerful Domaining System

An Automated System Anyone Can Use to Profit from Buying and Selling Domain Names…
Even a Complete Internet Newbie!

Here's how domains work. If you ever tried to register for a domain before, you probably find that almost any domain you would want to register is gone, your only alternative is to make up some extremely long and hard to remember names, like johnsmithsbestwidgetstore.com.

Now here is the secret!

Every single day, ten's of thousands of domains expire and get dropped and become available for registration again. This could be due to simply because the owner forgot to pay their renewal fee, their business went under, or as simple as they are not longer interested in the name. Can you imagine, as a domainer, having to sit at your desk day after day looking through that massive list of domains to find a valuable name? It's quite literally like finding a needle in a haystack.

That's where DotComProfitVault comes in. As a member, you get all the exclusive tools you need to start making money buying and selling domain names.

You'll get expert guides that explain in simple easy to understand terms, about domain research, drop catching services and domain selling!

You'll also get access to the automated Expiring Domains List that instantly shows you valuable domains that have expired and will become available to register.

But wait, that's not all this amazing automated system does.

The BIGGEST secret to success with our system is our DOT COM profit list. It is a list compiled by our system which  sorts through the domain list and finds .com domains that have other extensions  with websites on them, or is registered by someone else.

Why is that important? Because it can be a tremendous source of profits for you.

Let me explain:

If you have been online for any amount of time, you are probably familiar with the fact that there are literally millions of websites in existence.

You probably have also noticed that the majority of websites out there all have .com domains.

.com is by far the most popular and easy-to-remember domain. In fact, Internet experts say having .com in your domain name is worth 10 times more than having the .net counterpart.

But when you are surfing the web you will still see a lot of websites using a .net, .org, .info or any of the other lesser-known extensions.

Why do you think these sites are using those extensions rather than the popular .com?

Well, 99% of the time it's because someone else has already beat them to the .com version.

Think about this. Imagine you saw an ad for a product from a company call "Best Widget". You are interested in the product so you decide to look at their website. Without knowing their website address, would you  first try by typing into your browser www.bestwidget.com or www.bestwidget.net ? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Now, just imagine if their website IS on a .net domain, they've worked hard at  promoting it for years and  is quite popular. Just like yourself, many people who want to visit their  website would mistakenly type bestwidget  DOT COM, never dot NET. Can you see that just by owning the .com version of a .net website, you automatically gain instant, free traffic from these type-ins? Remember how Rick made $300 a day with candy.com ?

So ask yourself this question – if you were the owner of one of these sites with .net extension, what would you be willing to pay to get the .com version of your domain?

I've already said that experts evaluate a .com domain to be worth 10 times more than .net … so how much would you be willing to pay?

Now how much do you think business owners, desperately want to see their websites succeed, would be willing to pay you if you had the .com of their website?

Do you think they might be willing to pay $100 … maybe $200 … maybe even $1000 or more?

Often the case is YES … most definitely yes!

Let's do some math.

For example, this week I might buy 10 domains at $10 each, a $100 investment, If I sold even just ONE, only ONE domain for a modest $300 (average sales price). That's my investment back in my pocket, with $200 profit! with 9 more potential sales! Even if I sell each of those domains at a dirt cheap $100 (yes, that is dirt cheap if you have a website stuck on a .net domain). That's another $900 profit in my pocket!

Can you name any other opportunities in the world that can make that kind of profit? The amazing part is that the above figures are VERY real. Those are at the low-end sales figure.

Make Money with Domain Flipping in 3 Simple Steps!

Here's how the DotComProfitVault works (it couldn't be any easier):

Step 1

Log into your Private Members area and look through our "DOT COM Profit List" This is the list of domains with sites on .net extensions. Find domains that you would like to acquire and add it to Shortlist. Our "Domain Research" guide will show you exactly  how to find good domains

Step 2

Once the domains are in your shortlist, take a second look and delete any domains you think would not be an easy sell. Now with this shortlist, decide which domains you would like to invest in. Our "Catching Domains" guide will walk you through how to acquire these domains for as low as $10 each.

Step 3

Once you have successfully acquired a domain, it's time to prepare to sell it. Find the contact details of the .net or .org owner of the domain and offer the domain to them (hint. You can also offer it to their competitor).  Most of the time, you will sell it for 10x your investment. If you can't find a buyer, there's no need to despair. You have a full 12 months to sell the domain. In the meantime, you can still make money with that domain. Our "Making money with domains" guide will show you how you can make back your investment + profit with each domain that you register.

Will I Really be Able to Sell as Many Domains as I want for
Hundreds (or Even Thousands) of Dollars Each?

We don't see any reason why not … just look at a few of the recent domain sales our "newbie" members have made:

So What Are You Waiting For?

Isn't It Time for You to Write Your Own
Domain Flipping Success Story?

Join DotComProfitVault Today! & Save Money By Taking Advantage of a Special Promotional Offer!

How much would you expect to pay for access to these powerful tools and expert information that quite literally could change your life by allowing you to explode your investment earnings and gain the financial security you've always dreamed about?

Certainly, even hundreds of dollars a month would not be unreasonable to many considering the money you stand to make flipping domain names!

But relax you won't have to pay near that much to join DotComProfitVault.

Remember: the domain flipping tools, tips and advice contained in this membership site should allow you to earn more than a hundred times the small price you will be paying – and that's not even mentioning all the money you will save by avoiding the costly mistakes beginning domain flippers usually make!

Joining DotComProfitVault is Your Chance to Completely Bypass Domain Flipping's Frustrating, & Not to Mention Expensive, Trial & Error Stage & Put Yourself Directly on the Fast Track to Success!

for a low price of just $47 per month for instant access!
In addition to the automated tools that will allow you to find profitable domain names to buy and sell in a mere matter of minutes, DotComProfitVault also contains guides that are filled with practical tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes beginning domain flippers often make – saving you valuable time and money and allowing you to discover the absolute surest path to Internet riches.

In fact, by joining DotComProfitVault. you will discover exactly how to achieve – and surpass – your Internet earnings goal.

Here's the Bottom Line on This Incredible Resource:

Why make yourself go through all the expensive trial and error that other beginning domain flippers go through?

When you could save yourself a lot of hard work as well as valuable time and money by joining DotComProfitVault?

Remember, with domain flipping you work only the hours you want to work and with DotComProfitVault our automated tools and expert instruction make that work so easy a fourth-grader could do it.

Beginner "domainers" are looking through lists of litterally 100,000s of domains. Our bots does all the hard work for you, weeding out junk domains and letting you choose from all the most valuable names! You could be a full time domain flipper by putting in just 1 hour a day! That's all you need! You could be working at the beach on your laptop, or even your Ipad. No need for expensive computer setups, all you need is an internet enabled device to browse through the list.

You'll have lots of time to spend with your friends and family or to pursue a hobby, or perhaps go on your long overdue vacation – and you'll be able to truly make money while you sleep.

Imagine waking up each day with offers to buy your domains waiting for you in your inbox!

Well, that's the opportunity you have in front of you. And maybe best of all, with domain flipping there aren't any risks or a high investment required. You can buy domain names with pocket change and then flip them for 1000X or more their original value – we'll show you how!

There's never been a better time to get involved in domain flipping. The Internet is growing, domain names are becoming more and more valuable and now there is DotComProfitVault which contains everything you need to make money as a domain flipper … even if you have absolutely no domain buying experience to speak of!

So why work at a lousy job the rest of your life only to make someone else rich if you don't have to?

Why struggle with making ends meet when there's a better way?

When there is a tested, proven system like the one at DotComProfitVault available to you?

Think about this:

If you could do something that let you stay home and work your own hours, less hours in fact, and make MORE money, wouldn't it make sense to jump on that opportunity?

Why be bossed around by a group of tightwad managers when you can be the boss?

Why fret, and stress out about your job and its responsibilities when you can be captain of your own ship in something a lot more solvent - your own Internet business?

Listen, the Internet is only getting BIGGER. More people are going online everyday and more people are choosing to buy products online than ever before.

The PEW Internet and American Life Project reports that on an average day about 72 million people in the United States alone go online … and that number is only going to increase in the future.

Here's another number that's going to increase in the future – the number of online users who do their shopping on the Internet.

It's common sense. Why fight traffic to the store, deal with limited inventory and bad customer service, when you can pull up your favorite website, find the product you want and just buy it?

That's why the Internet is the '21st Century Gold Rush' and those people who grab a piece of the action now -- could be poised to be the next "big name" online company of tomorrow.

So don't delay …join DotComProfitVault today &
receive your complete blueprint for domain flipping success!

With Domain Flipping:
You can get started with less than a $10 investment! We list thousands (out of 100s of thousands) of valuable .com domain names everyday! Find those expiring domain names with a few simple mouse clicks! You can earn money practically on autopilot – working just an hour or less a day! If a domain doesn't sell right away you can still make money with it while you wait for it to sell, our guides show you how! Plus, succeeding at domain flipping has never been easier thanks to powerful and easy to use system.
Join Today and You'll:
Gain access to automated tools that making finding expiring domains a walk in the park!
Plus you'll learn:
How to enjoy consistent earnings using easy-to-follow domain flipping strategies and techniques How to spot the very best domain names long before others Exit rules that will help you squeeze the maximum cash profit from every domain name you buy How to put it all into practice with zero risk How to manage your emotions and become a highly efficient, highly profitable domain flipping machine What every domain flipper must know to be successful and maximize their profits! Complete blueprints for how to make money buying domain names! Step-by-step easy-to-understand methods for buying domain names that will allow you to make money without risking any losses

So What ARE You Waiting For?

Join Now for Just $47 per month!
But don't delay!

I must warn you that we can't keep membership in our system at this low price for long. It is far too valuable.

To take advantage of this tremendous offer while it lasts!

You'll gain immediate access to all our valuable tools and information.

Plus, With Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee, You've Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

Simply click on the Sign Up Now button below before we raise our price (to our standard $97 per month). Do it now and you'll lock in this unheard of low monthly rate for the life of your membership. That's right, we'll promise to never raise your low monthly fee.

Yes! I want to join DotComProfitVault now and instantly receive unlimited access to all the tools and expert guides and learn how to start profiting from domain flipping.

I understand that signing up for this offer is absolutely risk-free. If after 60 days and I'm not completely satisfied with my purchase and have not made any money by implementing any of the powerful money-making tactics found in DotComProfitVault, I can request a full refund without giving any reasons.

I'm ready to begin flipping domains for massive profit!...

I authorize clickbank, on behalf of DotComProfitVault, LLC to charge my credit card the amount of $47 per month until I request cancellation of my membership.

"I join just last week and I am absolutely blown away by the system's ease of use and easy to understand guides. I can tell you this is undoubtedly the easiest and most straight forward method to making money online. I already made over $500 in sales from just 2 domains. I can see myself quitting my full time job in a month! Thank's for making all this possible" Justin P. Austin, TX


Chris Edwards

P.S. This is your chance to get at one easy-to-use website everything you need to make piles and piles of cold hard cash 24 hours a day on the Internet – yes, join now and you can even earn tons of money while you sleep! [Click Here to Join Today! for only $47 per month](join.php)

P.P.S. Remember our special promotional offer won't last long. Join DotComProfitVault for just $47 before it is too late!

P.P.P.S. Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If dotcomprofitvault.com isn't everything you were expecting, simply notify us within 60 days and we will refund your money immediately.

Still questioning whether this website is right for you? Email me at [info@dotcomprofitvault.com](mailto:info@dotcomprofitvault.com) to discuss how we can benefit you in particular.
"ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. dotcomprofitvault.com is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any dotcomprofitvault.com product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements made by dotcomprofitvault.com in the materials on this Web page."
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