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A straight talking guide for guys to better sex


Get girls instantly…and all that crap

I hate bulltwang.  So here is the short story – The Master’s Guide to Excellent Sex is a COMPLETE guide for guys on how to get the girls they want and have great sex.  Amongst a myriad of things you will learn the following:
A key strategy that will help you approach and successfully seduce any woman (The Outside In Strategy) How to identify the right girl for you, and approach her online using the 3C approach and a concept known as the “Veriself” Facts and myths about good sex An introduction to the female body (with CLEAR indicators) The basic techniques that will allow you to have better sex The key to unlocking explosive passion from your partner Tricks for multiple orgasms Positions for maximum pleasure
However, I know you are here, not because you lack technical knowledge on sex, but because you HATE rejection.  We all do.  So, to ensure that you have success with my book, I will give you a way to overcome rejection as an additional “Thank You” gift when you purchase my book.

So, for the one time special offer of only $39.97 you will receive:
The Master’s Guide to Excellent Sex: How to get the girl of your dreams and keep her happy (Value $39.97) The Master’s Guide to Telling Stories: How to tell stories and overcome rejection (Value $29.97) <— FREE GIFT!
This offer is limited, so click the Buy Now button and receive a total value of $69.94 for ONLY $39.97

For those of you who actually read long sales letters – here it is:

I wrote this book about getting girls and having great sex and stuff.  Before I tell you more about it, let me first get this off my chest – I am so f’ing tired of clicking on ads that promise me:
Get girls instantly Girls will flirt shamelessly with you The bitches that ignored you will suddenly adore you when you press a super secret mental button You will be a sex magnet that attract 10′s from all corners of the club and leave all the jocks with warm beers and a sexless future You will grow a mighty penis that you could break bricks with and still pleasure the stripper you instantly picked up at the bar for hours on end without tiring after which you will ejaculate tremendously for minutes on end having the most earth shattering orgasm learned by studying the sexual prowess of Himalayan bush pigs
What a crock of poo.  I am not saying that these guys sell bad info – all of their stuff probably teach guys valuable things, but let’s face it – in order to get the girl, you need to go out and get the girl.  Even if you screw it up along the way you actually have to get up off your ass and go to some place where women congregate and actually talk to one before you even stand a chance of getting anywhere.

But you won’t, because it sucks.  You know it, I know it.  It sucks because as much as we would like to logically believe we can easily do it (because if a bush pig can, so can I right?) we simply lack even that slight self confidence to stand up, walk over and introduce ourselves.nn

Why? Because rejection sucks.

Rejection sucks so bad, we would rather go hungry than try.  We would rather not try and never know whether the girl over there has the basic decency to say “hi” when you go over there and talk to her.  Hell, we would rather reverse engineer Unix than get…wait, bad example, Linus Torvalds actually married a karate champion.  Yeah, that’s right, the founder of Linux got off his chair in Finland and courted a chick that could probably kick his ass with one hand whilst arranging flowers with the other.

But I digress.  We all hate rejection.  And because we hate it, no book that teaches you pick-up skills, sexual prowess or penis enlargement techniques will ever make you a better man.

After all, you didn’t get to this page because you want sex.  Well, OK it is true that we all want sex and yes, that is why you clicked on the link that brought you to this page.  But your motivation differs from your need.  Allow me a philosophical moment before getting to the real stuff: Do you want great sex? Yes.  Why?  Because real men have great sex and THAT is what all those pick-up/sex/penis enlargement ebooks sell – not great sex, not women flirting, not 30 minute pig-like orgasms.  They are selling you the promise of being a better man.

Now, before I even think of telling you about this book I wrote about getting girls and having great sex, I cannot fathom another male failing to become a man because he doesn’t want to take that first step.  And because I want to make sure that you get value from the book I wrote about getting girls and having great sex you will be buying from me, I will give you a not-so-secret method to overcome and even eliminate rejection entirely.

So, I will give you a free copy of “The Master’s Guide to Telling Stories: How to Tell Stories and Overcome Rejection” as a GIFT when you buy my book!  You will get an astounding $29.97 worth of information on overcoming rejection for free!

Ok the book.  I have news for you: your life SUCKS.

It is true. Your life sucks.  Chances are that you are reading this because your sex life isn’t up to scratch.  That is IF you have a sex life beyond Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters to start off with.  Here is a little test to see if I am right – in your mind just tick the sentences that apply to you:
You spend an inordinate amount of time on doing things alone You are truly impressive in your own right, but you are rarely understood or recognized for that fact (much less admired) You prefer theory to practice Consequently you probably spend some time getting off on porn, because in theory you can get it on with the hottest chicks on the web…but not in practice You don’t have many friends When you are around your friends you sometimes talk about getting with really hot girls and may even go into great detail what you would do to them if you ever got the chance Then somebody says “never gonna happen dude” and it dawns upon you that no matter what you wear and how cool you hope you are, you probably aren’t cool enough to get any tonight The same happens when you talk about getting rich When you do get the opportunity to have sex, it is probably not with the girl you wanted in the first place Also, the sex isn’t particularly good because “things down there” are quite complicated in real life Sometimes you even wonder what the big deal is about sex – your experience of it wasn’t particularly awesome so far and the girl didn’t moan and scream your name like in the movies…so what is the point?
I can go on.  Fact remains, even if one of the points above is true, then your life sucks.  How do I know this?  Because all of it applied to me.  I had a couple of girlfriends and things were OK.  In between girlfriends I would be on my own little planet, plotting away at clever things nobody understood and feeling just a little superior because I am the only guy that got it.  But I would sometimes not touch a girl for YEARS at a time.  Before my breakthrough (and trust me, it requires a tremendous breakthrough to get out of this kind of life) I would typically go three of four years before I gathered enough courage to get close to a girl.

And then it hit me – my life sucked.  I was poor, my work was unappreciated, I desperately needed meaningful physical and emotional contact with a girl and I needed to do so in a way that made me happy.  I was tired of compromising on what I wanted in life and decided to take action.

I tackled the changes in my life in that same order – I changed my approach to work and money, and started making a lot more money.  I broke free from the belief that my ideas and interests MUST boggle the minds of people and learned how to tell stories that could help them understand. After growing into a new man with a mission to live a great life, I got the girl of my dreams (I know it is a cliche, but she is a beautiful photographic model with real intelligence) – and because of my new approach to life I am keeping her completely happy.

But what if I never changed my life?  Let me make it more personal – what if YOU never change your life?  Time flies – you may be in your late teens or early to middle 20′s now, but before you know it you are hitting you 30′s…then the truly desperate times happen:
You may or may not have a good job, but it probably won’t be what you love doing You still have the same friends, but getting together for a LAN isn’t the same as it used to be You have grown a dreadful concoction around your chin and upper lip that resembles the pelt of a sewer rat with dandruff issues…because SOMEBODY said it would look cool to have a beard You feel the impending doom that already befell your one buddy – he got married to the first girl he had sex with and she is making his life hell You stopped talking about making big money someday because “some day” has come and gone You are defeated, growing older and sometimes question the point of it all – will anybody ever just accept you? Sex still sucks…if you can get it.
It is a dark and lonely future my friend.  And it is a very real possibility.  In fact, it might even be that you are reading this knowing that this has already happened to you.

You see then why I say that your life sucks?  Really sucks?

Here is the thing – not your age, nor your wealth, nor your looks, nor your abilities truly count.  You can be the scrawniest, ugliest SOB that lives off coupons and still get the girl of your dreams.  It doesn’t matter where you are at now – if you act on the choice to change your life right now, then there is nothing that can stop you.  Except you.

I mastered that very choice – the choice to break out of an old habit and do life better.  I know I have because I have the proof.  I am happy, I do what I love and I love my perfect woman.  It wasn’t easy for me, but I did it and you can too.  You too can enjoy your life, get money for it and have the best sex ever with the girl of your dreams.

So this is what I did for you – instead of letting you reinvent the wheel, I decided to give you the wheels you need in my book called The Master’s Guide to Excellent Sex: How to get the girl of your dreams and keep her happy.

I developed a brand new set of methods and models that will help you understand women, approach them successfully and once in the bedroom have great sex with them.  I repeat, the Outside In strategy is a brand new concept that I developed over years and it really works!

This offer is limited, click the Buy Now button and receive a total value of $69.94 for ONLY $39.97 -remember, you are getting an additional book for free!

Here is a look at the content:

Introduction: The thing with sex is

This section introduces the book and gives you an idea of what to expect.

Chapter 1: Speaking the language

Chapter 1 helps you understand how language is the starting point for excellent sex.? It talks about the “secret language” that every woman has developed since childhood and explores what it means for your sex life.

Chapter 2: The “Outside In” strategy

The proven strategy that will allow you to initiate sex with a woman. It forms the foundation for the rest of the book by explaining the four key barriers that every man must cross before a woman allows him to have sex with her.

Chapter 3: “Outside in”, Online

This chapter covers picking up girls online via dating sites.  You can also pick up girls on Facebook or any other social networking site where a profile is available.  The chapter introduces the concept of the “veriself” and the 3C method to develop a pick up strategy via the web.

This offer is limited, click the Buy Now button and receive a total value of $69.94 for ONLY $39.97 -remember, you are getting an additional book for free!

Chapter 4: It starts between the ears

Building on the first chapters, Chapter 4 gives you deep insight into the origin of sex, namely the brain.? It explores how you can use your mind to ensure that your woman will have the best sex ever.

Chapter 5: It goes to the body

Chapter 5 provides a lot of in-depth detail on the female body, including the anatomy (with all the good bits properly explained), the erogenous zones and in depth explanations on how to use your hands and tongue to greatest effect.

Chapter 6: Contraceptives

This chapter covers the most familiar contraceptives used today. The information here can help you decide which contraceptive suits your needs the best.

This offer is limited, click the Buy Now button and receive a total value of $69.94 for ONLY $39.97 -remember, you are getting an additional book for free!

Chapter 7: Things to remember

This chapter outlines issues of hygiene and other practicalities that prepare a man for sex and ensures that he is always prepared for it.

Chapter 8: 5 Myths that’ll ruin your sex life

This chapter explores 5 myths that is sure to ruin your sex life. It provides you with some insight as to what the truth behind each myth is.

Chapter 9: The process

Chapter 9 provides a detailed explanation of the seven key phases of sex. It provides a detailed description of the phase and tells you what to expect during each one.

This offer is limited, click the Buy Now button and receive a total value of $69.94 for ONLY $39.97 -remember, you are getting an additional book for free!

Chapter 10: 5 tips and tricks

This chapter gives you 5 tricks to enhance your sex life, including tips on how to last longer and how to use pillows for the best sex ever.

Chapter 11: 5 Simple positions for maximum pleasure

Chapter 11 provides illustrations and descriptions of 5 simple positions that you may try. Each position is rated according to difficulty, area stimulated, degree of pleasure and its contribution to your stamina amongst others.

This offer is limited, click the Buy Now button and receive a total value of $69.94 for ONLY $39.97 -remember, you are getting an additional book for free!

Praise for the book

“I can’t begin to tell you how much your book meant to me. Not only did it take the uncertainty out of the big event, it well and truly turned me into an exceptional lover. It sounds over the top  seeing it in black and white, but that is the reality of it. Confidence is 80% of the game, or so I’m told, and after reading The Master’s Guide to Excellent Sex I have all the confidence I need. I know what to do, where and how. I even recommended it to a friend, a very experienced friend, and even he was amazed at the effect the info has had on him. Your  instructions were easy to follow, and a lot of fun to try out. I would urge anyone who wants to know more, or become a better lover to buy this book.

Thanks Again.


“As a natural healer. I am always interested in a lifestyle that is as natural as it can be. In some cultures sex is seen as something unnatural therefore I really appreciated your book as it shows how to experience sex as something as natural as eating and drinking. What really struck me was your holistic approach showing that sex should never be seen as something two bodies do but as a wonderful communication between two persons including their emotional, social and even spiritual life.

Thank you very much for an inspiring and practical book that would really help many people.

Dr Philip Potter (DTh)

Natural Healer; Specialist Councilor; Lifestyle Mentor; Theologian.”

This offer is limited, click the Buy Now button and receive a total value of $69.94 for ONLY $39.97 -remember, you are getting an additional book for free!


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