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What's Your Business Really Worth?


Don’t waste thousands of dollars on a business valuation.

Our Do-It-Yourself Business Value Kit helps you figure out what your business is really worth in today’s market.

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Many small business owners have the skills to conduct a quick and easy market valuation all by themselves. Our Do-It-Yourself Kit can help. Our information packed DIY Kit shows you how to conduct a Market Value Analysis of a small business with annual revenues less than $1 Million.

Our mission is simple…

We provide no-nonsense, cost-effective tools to help small business owners figure out what their businesses are really worth.

These days there are scammers everywhere.  I’ve heard horror stories from clients that have paid for valuations that weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. Some paid over $30,000 for “valuations” from slick-talking guys that made big promises at fancy seminars.  Others paid $2,500 or more for “appraisals” that looked like form letters.  The common theme among most valuations conducted for small businesses is that they cost a bunch of money and take a bunch of time.

The reality is that most complex valuation methods are usually overkill when figuring out what the market will pay for your small business.

I knew there had to be a better way…

I’ve worked with dozens of business owners just like you over the past few years to help bring their businesses to market. I used this experience to create an informative guidebook that will help you figure out realistic range of value for your business.  Granted, your DIY analysis will not hold up in court and will not be 100 pages long.  In fact, we can’t even call it a “valuation.”

But, it will give you and idea of the price, terms and time to sell that you’d see if you brought your business to market today.

So what are you waiting for?

The Do-It-Yourself Business Value Guidebook

[](http://2.bmvalue.pay.clickbank.net/) Full, unlocked copy of the 56-page DIY Business Value Guidebook in PDF format. What’s your business really worth? This is one of the most important questions of the whole process. You’ve heard rumors and stories about this, but do you know what buyers are really willing to pay for a small business like yours? You’ll have a much easier time selling your business if you know how much to ask for it, how business sales are financed, and proven strategies you can use to get the best price for your business.

Table of Contents:

What is your business really worth? Page 1 Overview of Small Business Value Methods. Page 5 Which approach should you use? Page7 Asset Based Value Page 7 What are Tangible Assets Page 8 What are Intangible Assets Page 9 Multiple of Earnings Value Page 11 What are Earnings? Page 12 What you Need to Prepare a Value Analysis Page 15 Recasting Financials Page 16 What is a Multiplier Page 18 Benefits of Seller Financing Page 23 Basic Terms of Seller Financing Page 24

Protecting Yourself when offering Seller Financing Page27 Step by Step instructions Page 30 Asset Value Worksheet Template Page 32 SDE Worksheet Template Page 33 Sample Multiples by Industry Page 34 Value Scenario Worksheet Template. 35 Value Scenario Worksheet Instructions. 36 Case Study Page 37 Asset Value Worksheet Sample Page 37 Value Scenario Worksheet Sample Page 38 SDE Worksheet Sample Page 39

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Seller’s Discretionary Earnings Worksheet & Calculator


The Sellers Discretionary Earnings calculator helps you uncover hidden earnings in your business and show buyers how much money your business really generates.

If you want to get a reasonable price and have buyers take you seriously when selling your small business, you will need written proof of your business performance. The realities of small business earnings are nothing like what you learned in business school. This is accounting in its most basic form. What you need to remember is that small business owners prepare their books and tax returns to show the lowest reasonable net income in order to minimize taxes. The small business owner takes advantage of all sorts of write-offs that make the business appear less profitable than it actually is, so he can keep more of his hard-earned money every year.
Delivered in .xlsx and PDF format.

Asset List Worksheet & Value Calculator

[](http://2.bmvalue.pay.clickbank.net/)The Asset List and Value calculator helps you itemize and organize the assets included in your business sale.

An asset based value involves listing all of your assets, deciding on their fair market value, and adding them together to get a total value. Even if you don’t intend to use an asset based value to determine an asking price, it’s a good idea to do this analysis.  One, it will give you an idea of the low end value of your business.  Two, buyers will want to know exactly what they’re getting, and you’ll want to have a list to show them.
Delivered in .xlsx and PDF format.

Value Scenario Calculator and Template in .xlsx format.


The Value Scenario Calculator helps you determine a realistic price and terms for selling your business.

Finding the right combination of price and terms involves lots of cumbersome calculations.  Our Value Scenario Calculator saves you tons of time when putting together different scenarios.
Delivered in .xlsx and PDF format.

100% Money Back Guarantee.


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Recent Feedback

All of the unique features and all the benefits sounded too good to ignore. I really only bought the kit hoping that it could do just half of what it claimed it would! To my complete surprise and utter delight, the DIY Business Value Kit surpassed my expectation by a mile! It is everything it says and so much more! I highly recommend it.
Ben Staunton

I had been looking for something like this for quite some time. It was really by accident that I discovered the DIY Business Value Kit. After several quick emails back and forth, it was clear to me that these guys really knew what they were talking about and more importantly, they were genuinely interested in helping me. That kind of service is rare these days. So a big THANK YOU from me to you!
Chelsea Etheridge

To be honest, I was very skeptical about this. How could a product like this help me in valuating how much my business is worth? Could it really? All I can say now is, I'm so glad I didn't talk myself out of giving this a try. The Business Value Kit lived up to its promises. In fact, it completely over-delivered every step of the way! You just can't find a product like this anymore. Great product and a superior service makes this a real winner in my book!
Kula Gupta

My purchase of the DIY Business Value Kit paid for itself right from the start. I truly have never seen a more comprehensive, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide as what you have here. Frankly, I was just blown away by how efficiently everything was laid out. I'm proud to count the DIY Business Value Kit among my top purchases this year and I'm certain you will too. Don't make the mistake of putting it off - this is one product you cannot afford to miss!
Steve J.

Within days of buying this brilliant kit, I could see why everyone else was raving about how good it was. Quite frankly, with this amazing product, I felt like I was some kind of ‘guru' in valuating a business. I really feel like I'm on par with other so-called business valuation experts and it only cost me a fraction of what others might expect to pay for getting a valuation like this. I am literally laughing at how easy it has been. The only thing I cannot understand is why you guys are giving it away at such an unbelievably low price!! I'm sure you can sell it for 10 times as much. And it will sell, believe me!
Brian Cass

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100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Take a full 60 days to try out our "DIY Business Value Kit" and see if it works for you. If for any reason whatsoever you are not 100% satisfied with our product, just let us know and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price.

No questions asked. No risk to you.

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