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Work From Home Secrets


"Watch Over Our Shoulder As We Teach You Step By Step ONLY What You
Need To Start A REAL Online Business From Home And FIRE

Forget All The Hype And So Called 'Expert Know It Alls' Teaching You
What They 'Think Could Possibly Work' To Make Money Online, Because
I'm Going To Reveal Right Here And Now What Actually DOES WORK So You
Flip The Tables And Become A Guru Yourself!!!

From: JP Schoeffel
Re: Work From Home Secrets Revealed

Dear frustrated opportunity seeker, Here me loud and clear: From this
day forward, there are no more "secrets" standing between you and your
online success...

And trust me when I say, if you follow along with what I'm about to
share with you there is nothing more you need to know ever again to
make your living from the comfort of home.

Yes, I agree. That IS a rather bold statement, especially with how
the Internet marketing game seems to change from one instant to the
next -- but it's absolutely true -- you really can sit down at your
computer, watch over our shoulder at *exactly* how we make 5-6 figures
MONTHLY, and then quickly get started yourself, so perhaps one day you
can wake up to PAY DAYS like this:

Look, let's be honest with one another...

Do you really want to continue on blindly spending your hard earned
money on even more bogus schemes, "sure to work" fads and "guaranteed"
systems that never, EVER work -- or do you want to be handed JUST the
information you need so you can take step 1, step 2, step 3 right on
down the path to 'work from home' success???
After today, you will never again be held hostage in "info overload
land" at the mercy of the gurus who are outright forcing you to
continue to buy their overpriced products and useless services by
NEVER REVEALING what they actually DO to make money online!

Listen, what if it were true, and "they" really have been lying to
you all these years by leading you to believe they're making money one
way -- but in reality the money's being made by selling YOU their
system that 9 times out of 10 they never even tested!

And worse they're showing you "proof of income" screenshots that are
in reality nothing more than people JUST LIKE YOU who have forked over
their money and bought into their system - NOT from actually USING the

In other words, what they're telling you to do to succeed online is a
far cry from what they're actually doing themselves!

And I am not one bit kidding when I tell you they DO NOT want you to
find out what that is...

Warning All 'Fly By Night Gurus' And 'Self Proclaimed' Marketing
Experts Who Say One Thing And Do

"This Is The Stuff You NEVER Wanted Us To Reveal In Public!"

If your Internet business is NOT the cash spitting, fully automated
profit machine you always dreamed it would be, then let me be the
first to tell you it's not your fault, nor is it too late for you

Simply put, you're still struggling to hit 'guru status', ironically,
because you're still following the gurus and what they are TELLING you
to do -- instead of DOING what they do -- and I can't stress enough
how vital it is for you to grasp the difference.

For instance, don't you just love it when you see a website pitching
you on 'making money online with NO website, NO products, and NO JV
partners' -- yet they are selling their "magic pill" (i.e. their own
product) from a "website" using affiliates and JV partners -- but
they're telling you not to do it!

Or how about this one... 'make millions tonight WITHOUT Google and
with NO advertising or prospecting whatsoever'.... yet you found THEIR
SITE because of an ad on Google, or in an ezine or PAID FOR

And you just have to wonder why if YOU don't need to advertise, why
should THEY need to advertise, right? I mean if what they say to do
actually works, why do they do the opposite?...

Aside from being misled in every direction you turn, the other reason
you're still struggling online and not "getting it" is because you
have WAY TOO MUCH information floating around inside your head and you
are OUTRIGHT STUMPED at why you just can't seem to get started...

Oh yes, I know all too well what this is like because, just like you,
I was once weighed down with countless "strategies and formulas",
doubting whether they'd work, trying and failing, not making any
money, not sure what to do next, caught up in "search mode" trying to
find something else that may perhaps one day allow me to finally
replace my income and quit my job so I could spend more time with my
family and loved one's...

But I Realized First And Foremost I Had To STOP
Following The Gurus BROKE ADVICE!

And it was this decision that changed my life forever.

Right then and there I made a commitment to break the chains of
oppression used by the gurus to enslave me in their bottomless money
pit of hell, and have since nailed it down to a series of steps that,
if followed, will allow anyone to start a real online business from
home JUST LIKE THEY DO so we can shout to the rooftops for all the
world to hear...

"There's NO Secrets - Do This, And Get That... Yes, It's THAT Easy!"

During the months to follow, I went "under cover" and scoped out each
and every big name power marketer I could find, and you wanna know
what I did?...

Well, needless to say I didn't follow their advice. But instead I
bought their products, visited their sites, and broke down each
segment of their business that pertained to THEIR ACTUAL SYSTEM - not
the one they were selling, but the one they were USING!

And I didn't do this for just one top selling product, but for dozens
and dozens and dozens... literally I must have bought close to a
hundred products! The more I dug, the more I was blown away at what I
was seeing...

They were all following the same basic strategies and principles,
using similar tools and resources, and getting pretty much the same
MASSIVE results, regardless of the product they were actually selling
-- and NOT ONE SINGLE PART of their 'system' they were using was being
talked about by any of them, nor were they teaching it anywhere I
could find!

First order of business, I determined, was not to breath a word of my
little "discovery" to anyone.

Next, I would need a more specific outline detailing the exact
'overall components' of their sales system(s), with the main focus
being what happens from the time I hit their site all the way through
to the backend follow up and every step in between...

From there came the hard part, which was filling in the gaps and
learning not only 'what' they were doing (that was rather easy), but
more importantly HOW they were doing it... not so easy. But by the
time I made it through the first dozen or so products, I pretty much
had figured out what made their business tick.

Once I felt comfortable knowing I had selected ONLY the most
effective components for my Super Guru Cloning System, I began little
by little setting things up and bringing the elements together...

...Then Before I Knew What Happened, The Money Started Pouring In So
Fast It Would Make Your
Head Spin!

After years of struggling trying to piece everything together, I
quickly realized all the things I'd been doing wrong the whole time
and was finally able to gather all their "secrets" (which I have since
learned really weren't secrets at all) and implement a solid business
strategy that freed me and my family, AND my partners and their
families, AND their partners and their families - all to the point
NONE OF US has to work another day if we choose not to!

Look, I'm not trying to brag here, but my partners and I have
literally made millions of dollars online and fully understand each
detail of what it takes to go from an "idea" to turning into a
complete list building, traffic getting, money making machine that
pumps STUPID CASH into our accounts faster than we can spend it!...

Forget about it, I am NOT joking here! Some days I work less than an
hour a day, if I even work at all.

In the past five years, I've learned how to automate list building,
traffic generation, and even product creation so everything is taken
care of for me without me lifting a finger (once the 'system' is in

And when I say everything, I mean I'm talking about EVERY SINGLE
DETAIL: Other people create the products, write the sales letters, and
design the graphics (yet I get to put MY NAME on them and sell them
for all the profits - after all, isn't that precisely what the gurus

After the customer makes their secure payment via my trusted third
party processor, they receive immediate access to their product which
they can instantly download to their computer with no involvement on
my part whatsoever

There is a complete sales funnel in place designed to build my
prospect list AND customer list on autopilot, as well as make us money
from the front, back, and everywhere in between

Other people send me traffic, and no, it's not just "affiliates" like
you may think (in fact, you'd never even believe where most of my
"referral traffic" really comes from!)

Customer support is very minimal and takes less than a few hours a
week to manage

Now here's the kicker:

This "formula" actually combines several basic things you've no doubt
already heard of, or most likely already use, all into one non stop
system that allows you to play the game of the gurus in an effort to
suck the most possible profits from each and every product you launch,
every lead you generate, and each customer you obtain.

Whether you're brand new to Internet marketing or you've got some
experience, I'd be willing to bet once you've gotten a peek under the
hood of this mamma jamma you'll wanna slap yourself silly at just how
simple we've made if for you to follow the steps and get paid.

Like it or not, the fact remains...

If you follow what they SAY to do, you stay caught up in their web --
but if you step out and DO what they do, you create YOUR OWN web!

Believe It Or Not, Creating Your *Sales Web* To Catch Hungry Prey Is
Not All That Difficult Once You Know *The Formula*...

When you stop to think about it, isn't that what you've been seeking
all along - the right "formula" that will allow you to go from paying
customer / guru lifestyle supporter, to being the one GETTING PAID and
gathering your own customers who support YOUR lazy lifestyle?...

Listen, there's a select group of people who know how to make money
online. They know how to create and launch their own products,
services, and membership sites and how to make the absolute most money
they can from each and every aspect of their business...

Obviously you could go out and buy all their products yourself and
try to piece everything together on your own like I've done, but why
put yourself through all that?

Look, I've paid the price so you don't have to... I've been in the
trenches and come out the other side with the *exact blueprint* you
need to succeed from the comfort of home just like they do. So all you
have to do is sit down, fire up these videos, watch how's
done.....then go do it yourself.

If you've been failing to make money online, and you want desperately
nothing more than to provide a better lifestyle for yourself and your
family, then it is my distinct honor and privilege to introduce your
one way ticket to a Lazy GURU Fortune!...

Introducing The 'Work From Home Secrets' VIDEO SERIES With 10+ HOURS
Of 'Basic To Advanced' Training To Help Turn YOU Into The Next
Marketing Guru...

The Work From Home Secrets training is broken down into 10 complete
modules covering
TEN FULL HOURS of video + fully illustrated powerpoint transcripts
that walk you step-by-step through every single aspect of my Super
Guru Marketing System, and making money from the Internet in general.

By the time we're through, you will never again wonder how to turn a
profit using nothing more than the computer in front of you.

Unlike most courses, I have assumed you know NOTHING about Internet
marketing and making money online, so that's why I'm going to start
with step 1 and teach you everything. Mark my words, you will NOT
wander about the Internet marketing world dazed and confused any

Simply grab your favorite beverage and hit play on Video 1, then let
us take it from there... If you can navigate the Internet pretty
easily and do simple things like type on a keyboard, use a word
processor, cut, copy, and paste (like I said, simple stuff) then
you've really got all the skills you need to get started and
everything else you can learn along the way.

By implementing this system, you will never again hurt for traffic,
leads, and sales ever again -- and we both know that's what you're
after, no matter how long you've been at this.

After watching these videos, you will feel confident running side by
side with some of the biggest marketing names in the business, and who
knows... perhaps one day you'll JV with them =)

Since I've literally put in months and months of research, along with
YEARS of trial and error, I don't want to risk revealing too much of
the "strategy stuff" here as it's reserved for customers only, but
rest assured once you're on the inside all will be revealed.

If you're "technically challenged" and are fearful of getting started
then no worries, like I said we're going to show you everything
starting from square one...
How to find and register a highly targeted, keyword rich domain
name. This is the starting point of your business and should not be
taken lightly. Plus learn how to choose a reliable domain registrar
with my easy checklist.

The difference between shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting,
and dedicated hosting finally revealed!

How to choose a top quality web host where you can house unlimited
domains, sites and offers for less than $10 bucks a month with instant
access to gorgeous templates, 1-click power scripts and must have
services you need right out of the gate, to manage your web empire
efficiently and effectively

Web hosting 'nuts ">The complete "who, what, when, where, why, and
how" of autoresponders broken down with no stone left unturned; what
they are, why you need them, how to get the most from them and more!
Plus discover my two favorite services I use and why I *only*
recommend JUST THESE TWO (get this wrong and you may as well not even
waste your time building a list)

How to set up a free Wordpress Blog, post relevant content, the
plugins you need, and why this is the first *real step* you should
take on your quest for automated traffic and profits.

How to set up squeeze pages that convert the most subscribers, plus
how to link your sales pages and download pages correctly, accept
instant payments and more -- with all the "techie details" broken down
in plain english

How to set up a customer support desk to ensure communication gets
back and forth in a reliable fashion, as well as how to set up JV
pages for your partnersto communicate, grab promo tools, and receive
important updates (whether your customers/partners have "pre sales"
questions, need technical support, want to leave you a testimonial, or
even to submit bonus claims -- either way, you need this element in
your business.)

How to have your own unique and exclusive products that pay you ALL
the commissions, without having to create them (and we're not talking
about using expensive ghostwriters here either)

Setting up and configuring one time offers, setting up membership
sites and monthly recurring services, how to run and operate your own
affiliate program and more is ALL REVEALED inside this monster of a

As you can see, this is one powerful program! And once you've got one
of these little money makers up and cranking in the profits, it'll be
that much easier to move on to the next, and then the next, until all
of a sudden you've got a super profitable business that drives in jaw
dropping sales figures right to your kitchen table!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you like nothing more than to
have in place a fully automatic mechanism that floods your online
accounts with consistent, daily influxes of CASH?!....

>> Scroll Down To Get Started Now
If you've only caught bits and pieces up until now, then please sit
up straight and let me have your undivided attention because I am
about to reveal how you (yes, I mean YOU) can tap into a massive
network of affiliates chomping at the bit to promote all of YOUR
offers, build YOUR list, and make YOU money hand over fist without you
lifting a finger!

By using both ClickBank.com and PayDotCom.com, you can seriously
skyrocket your earnings by having at your immediate disposal hundreds
of thousands of active affiliates lining up to promote FOR YOU!

ClickBank is by far the larger of the two with over 100,000+
affiliates all on it's own. For over 10 years and counting, ClickBank
boasts having NEVER missed a payment to either vendors or affiliates.
ClickBank sends out checks twice per month, or you can opt to have
direct deposit to your bank account every week according to their
accounting policy.

If you sell your own digital products then ClickBank is perfect for
you. And while you most certainly CAN add reseller / private label
products to your account, your "main product" should ideally be your

Now if you don't have your own products then don't worry, we will
cover this in detail (along with my *ultimate* product creation
shortcut) in module 10 of the Work From Home Secrets course. For now
just know that having your own products in ClickBank can potentially
turn you into a millionaire faster than any other method.

Once you have your first "system" set up on ClickBank, now it's time
to purchase a second domain name and set the same product up again --
but this time using PayDotCom so you can get paid INSTANTLY to your
Paypal and not have to wait on a check at all!

By using both systems simultaneously you will further solidify your
business and better secure your income by having multiple
opportunities to get traffic and attract affiliates.

So how do you get started as a ClickBank / PayDotCom vendor and set
up your products to sell using these services?

Well, not only are we going to cover all of that in detail too, but
we're going to show you how to set things up in such a way that not
only will you receive one time payments, but you'll be able to create
RECURRING income as well -- and get this -- from BOTH marketplaces!!!

Like I said, this training is the real deal and shows you NOT how to
become an affiliate and market other people's products -- but follow
along and before you know it YOU will have your own affiliates selling
YOUR products -- and in the process you'll be getting paid every month
like clockwork for work you did JUST ONE TIME!

If you ever wondered how the gurus are able to get so big so fast,
these are the "secrets". Learn this stuff once and never buy another
"internet marketing how to" product ever again.

It's easy when you know how, and for the next ten hours I'm going to
show you.

The formula laid out for you here is real, it works, and we use it
every day. So are you ready to follow in our footsteps?...

Plug This System In And Let It Work For You 24-7 To Generate Hands
Free, Push Button Income In Just
10 Simple Steps!

I'll admit, this truly is A LOT of information you're getting here

And although this comprehensive video training is broken down for you
piece by piece, at first glance it may seem overwhelming -- but let me
assure you right up front before you go any further that it doesn't
have to be.

I understand you're struggling right now and boggled down with PLENTY
of details already... but if I may be so bold as to ask you to place
all of that to the side, and give me the benefit of the doubt over the
next two full months as you try this system out for yourself...

Because after all, what do you really have to lose?

I mean, if it works like I promise, then you've gained a whole lot
more than you've invested... and if for whatever reason it doesn't
(and I mean ANY reason it doesn't) then no worries, you just shoot me
a quick email and you'll get every dime back that you paid, no
questions asked. Plus whatever you have going for you now will still
be there, so you could always go right back to it.

BUT -- what if this is ACTUALLY REAL...

Look, when it comes right down to it, there are only a few components
you need to focus on to get started seeing results, then as your
momentum builds and you begin to witness for yourself this thing is
truly possible, then you'll be excited enough to the point you'll want
to take the next step, growing your business to even greater heights.

Think about this for a moment...

What if ALL you were able to put in place from this training was:
Your own website you have complete creative control over
Your own product that pays you 100% of all the profits
Your own list building system that converts subscribers into sales
Automated traffic that comes in with no involvement from you (and
it's THE BEST kind of traffic you could have bar none)

And if you went no further, I guarantee by doing just the above, you
will start to make money... the frustration will end and you'll once
again be able to sleep soundly knowing your 'system' is quietly
working in the background to bring you automated profits.

So that's why I poured my heart and soul into this program, so you
can easily watch as we show you how to get set up making money each
day... then you can branch into the more advanced stuff at your own

Ask any marketer worth his salt what are the most critical elements
of their business, and right at the top of the list will be having
THEIR OWN websites, products, and lists they control [period]

So needless to say, that's where you want to focus the majority of
your efforts too. Okay, let's do a quick recap of what you're
receiving today...

Your Complete 'Work From Home' Success Pack Has Arrived!

What You'll Learn:

Module 1: Internet Marketing Basics
How to choose a domain name, web host, and autoresponder. Plus how to
point your domain to your server and get your site live on the web


Module 2: Wordpress Revealed
How to setup Wordpress, post content, plugins you need, traffic
generation basics, and more


Module 3: Getting Started, First Steps To Making Money Online
Editing files / working with HTML, resources you need, setting up
your thank you page, building a customer list, basics to making money


Module 4: Deadly Copywriting 101, ClickBank Profit Setup
Copywriting basics, writing a high converting sales letter, working
with ClickBank, PayDotCom, and more, plus full video walk through of
how to create a sales letter from scratch


Module 5: Building A Profitable Opt In List
Step by step how to launch your most powerful list building weapon:
the squeeze page; includes illustrated mind maps breaking down the
entire opt in sales process


Module 6: Multiplying Your Profits With Upsells And Follow Ups
Advanced backend marketing tactics to make more money from your
existing customers and your list


Module 7: Assembling Your Affiliate Army To Promote Your Products
and Services For You
How to set up your support desk and create your Affiliate tools page;
planning your affiliate program, skills and resources needed, building
a "partner list" and more


Module 8: The Power Of Video Marketing - How To Create ">How to
create videos as products to sell, and for marketing to drive traffic;
includes full video walk through of the entire video creation process
and fully illustrated diagrams


Module 9: Membership Riches - How To Create A Stable, Recurring
How to launch a simple membership site using your autoresponder, the
different types of membership site models broken down; includes
illustrated mind map diagrams explaining the entire process


Module 10: Stealth Tactics To Creating Your Own Products In Record
Time With NO Investment
How to set up your own products that pay you all the profits --
without having to pay to create them; includes the complete 'full
circle' process with detailed diagrams

Total Course Value:$2,000.00+

As you can see, that's everything you need and nothing you don't to
launch your
own highly profitable POWER MARKETING SYSTEM from the ground up --
right from
the comfort of home, with NO INVENTORY to stock, NO EMPLOYEES to
hire, and
ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED because we will reveal it all!!!

I remember not so long ago, staring in the corner at a dusty old pile
of 3-ring binders filled with THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of pages of
purely WORTHLESS "strategies and systems" that barely even seen the
light of day... then in the blink of an eye I'm sitting breathless in
the exact same spot as nearly $100,000 dollars came pouring into my
account and wondering what just happened.

It was like one minute I'm sitting here a failure, and the next I'm
financially free. One minute I'm a broke joke, the next I'm a fat
cat... it was amazing. And to think of all the time and money wasted
on "stuff" that I'm not even using in my business today... well, I try
not to....

...but at the same time it was all worth it, as this complete system,
including all the extra tools and resources I'll provide throughout
the training, will allow you to have the same type of "awakening", if
you're willing to clean the slate, start with a fresh mind, pay close
attention, and take massive action. If you can do that, then I will do
my part...

Watch - Learn - Do - Understand... And That's Really All There Is To

When you unleash my "Work From Home Secrets", you'll have your own
sites, you'll command a fleet of your own products, you'll build your
own responsive opt in list AND customer list, man your own blog, have
your own support desk, your own affiliates and partners, your own
membership sites and offers, along with your own profits... and then

I've literally reduced your learning curve from 5 years down to a
couple of weeks max (if you really take your time to let it all sink
in). Seriously, just do what I say and watch what happens. I'm going
to show you everything, you WILL NOT be left in the "dark" ever again.

Once you've got your first profit stream up and running, you'll be
excited at the possibilities and ready to set up more...

And the best part of all is your very first launch could cover the
cost of this course all on it's own and LOTS more very quickly, unlike
most systems where you are at the mercy of others waiting on "things
to happen"...

NO -- that is not you! You make things happen from here on out.

For instance, let's say a new private label package comes your way...
By the time we're through you'll be able to:

Make simple modifications and "revamp" the product, turning it into
your own unique creation in just a couple hours time Set up your
product to receive orders through your affiliate program where you
have hungry soldiers just waiting to pounce on your next offer

Place a follow sequence in your autoresponder to go out to your
existing subscribers and customers

Put in place a front end lead capture system, backend profit system,
and hands free traffic system at the click of your mouse (once you've
got your "templates" in place the way you want, it's EASY to duplicate
your system throughout your entire lineup of products)

Build your list, make sales; build a customer list, make even more
sales; then do it again...
Listen, I'm not joking one little bit or exaggerating in the least...
with my Super Guru power program, it's NOTHING for me to wake up to
$10,000 dollar pay days, all just sitting there waiting to be spend
any way I'd like, however my little heart desires! Just by applying
the system...

Have you ever plugged an email into your autoresponder, clicked a
button, then watched THOUSANDS of dollars come pouring in your account
all at once???

I imagine since you're still reading, this is not yet your reality...
if it was you wouldn't be in front of your computer right now, you'd
be off doing "other things" not related one bit to Internet Marketing
or learning how to make money online.

And when you think about it, that's the real beauty of this system...

You learn it once; you set it up; you let it roll; you get paid; you
do it again and again and again -- then you're done...

No more expensive guru webinars and/or boring home study courses.....
No more pulling your hair out in frustration how you can't seem to do
even the simplest tasks online.... No more waiting on paychecks that
never come.... No more being at the mercy of others.... No more being
locked to your computer trying to "figure things out"...

"And NO MORE Friggin' BULL #">

And that in itself is worth every penny =)

Look, I know you're struggling. I know times are tough. I know it's
not easy to make it...

That's why I'm NOT going to ask you for the $1,997 this program is
worth today. Heck, I won't even charge you $997 either. $497, you
ask?... I say NO WAY!

Isn't it time you jumped in over here with us and started "playing"
Internet Marketing, instead of "working" Internet Marketing?

I truly and sincerely know where you're at. Believe me, I know what
it's like all too well to wear yourself thin "keeping up with the

That's all 10 video modules, the illustrated power point transcripts
for each lesson, numerous tools and resources I will recommend
throughout the training (most free), plus I'm assuming all the risk
today with my...

"You're Going To Be A Work From Home Guru... Or Your Money's Coming
Back" Satisfaction Guarantee!

That's right! You can program and begin putting it to use
immediately 100% risk-free!

I am so confident you will finally generate leads and make sales that
if you don't start to see a steady income stream within the next 60
days, then I don't want your money and the course is yours to keep!
Simply shoot me an email letting me know it didn't work for you, for
whatever reason, and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund.

BUT HOLD ON A MINUTE -- You Will NEVER Reach 'Success' Without Any

Let's not beat each other around the bush here... if you're still
searching for the "magic potion" you can drink and POOF, you're a
millionaire -- I'd like you to take a minute and think about it

What I'm saying is you have to put in some effort, at some point, if
you want to see significant paychecks like we've talked about today.

While I realize you are hit daily with "do nothing and get
everything" scam rants trying to rip you off and take your money, I
want you to know that is NOT what I am promising you...

The Work From Home Secrets program is exactly that -- W.O.R.K. -- and
while this may be a "four letter word" to you, to me it spells

See, the type of "work" I'm talking about is the kind that has the
potential to keep paying you LONG AFTER you "stop" working. So you put
in a little effort once, with the intention of it paying off a
thousand times over, for years and years to come.

Look at it this way... you're putting in "effort" regardless, right?
I mean, isn't taking all those "so called" guru courses with nothing
to show for it the same as MANUAL LABOR at WAY LESS than MINIMUM

I know for me it was, but luckily I was able to find a better way.

Over the next 10 modules of training, we will reveal every nook and
cranny, unveiling each crack and crevice of what it takes for you to
"make it" working as a full blown list building, profit pulling
machine with nothing left out, or left to chance.

The sooner you act, the faster you will get where you want to be, so
let's not waste another moment...
You know what you need to do...

Sure Thing JP! I Want To Unleash A Tidal Wave Of MAD PROFITS
Starting Right Now!

Yes, I want to learn your "secrets" for making money from the
comfort of home just like the gurus do it, build my business at break
net speed, make money hand over fist, build hungry buyer lists on
autopilot, and never have to buy another internet marketing training
ever again!

By following your formula I realize I am guaranteed to succeed or I
am entitled to a prompt and courteous refund. No hassles, no
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