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From The Desk Of: Arthur K.

Let me tell you a story.... and let me ask you if any of this sound's

You see I was totally sick and tired of my J.O.B. I was fed up
constantly taking grief from my boss, my co workers and the customers
I was dealing with
(I worked as a telecoms agent) all this for practically a pitence,
just enough to pay my bills and keep mine and my familys head above

So I did what thousands of people do every day, I turned to the
to find a way to make money on line to build a better life for me and
my family

I was hooked on every new product that was launched, each one
promising untold riches , it all sounded so good. Exactly what I was
looking for, so I bought one course then another and another each time
hoping that this would provide the answer, but every tactic and
technique I tried ended in utter failure, I had spent a small fortune
trying to learn the secrets of online marketing but ended up not
making a penny.

And I am not alone thousands of people try to make money on-line and
end up not making a red cent (some say as much as 90%) even after
years of trying.

As for me I was back to square one..again. But you see I didn't want
to give up I had spent all that time effort and money educating myself
and I wasn't about to throw that all away just yet.....

My breakthrough finally came from an unlikely source........

One Tuesday morning I was at my local deli picking up breakfast, when
I got chatting with the owner, I had been a regular for a while, and
whilst chatting
He asked me what I did for a living......(now at this point I didn't
want to admit that I was a failed Internet Marketer so I was pretty
My answer was along the lines ......"I work on-line ...you know
websites and stuff.......

I wouldn't know it yet but This conversation turned my whole marketing
carrier around.......

I learned in that conversation that David ( The deli owner) had a
website but it wasn't doing well...., no traffic, no increase in
customers or revenue
but he didn't know why..

now I wont give a blow by blow account of the conversation but the
upshot was I ended up giving him a brief explanation of SEO and
generating traffic and how to get websites ranked.

What shocked me was how stunned he looked...and how his attitude to
me changed.. he was amazed by what was telling him and amazingly
started to view me as an expert!

and then he said the magic words..... would you be able to do that
for my website?....I'll pay you of course!

Pay me? seriously?

But that was the point....He had no

idea how SEO worked, how to get ranked and drive traffic. And he was
more than willing to pay someone to do it for him....

And I realized from that conversation that I did know what I was
talking about, and I was fairly sure that I could get his website
ranked locally very easily...
I still remember he payed me $300 for my work, now I know that's not a
huge amount of money ....but it was a start...

And I soon learned that David was not alone there are thousands of
business owners who have had websites built (because everyone else has
a website) but dont know what to with it.

and that is where you and I come in. You see if you have been around
the Internet for any length of time and studied Internet Marketing
then you have knowledge and
Skills that on-ff line businesses are crying out for.....

As a result of that conversation my whole outlook on Internet
marketing changed.....I finally had a way to use the skills that I had
learned and earn the kind of money I had been dreaming of.......And
now you can do the same.


I created this course for all the Internet marketers who have
struggled to make money on-line, In it you will learn how easy it is
to offer your "expertise" (even if your a practical newbie) to
off-line clients who will practically chew your arm off for your help.

And whats more this veritable goldmine will never run dry theres just
so much potential out there that you can start to cash in on right

In this course you will learn.....

1. Introduction

In this module we discuss the dynamic of you, the on-line marketer
helping the "brick and morter" businesses. In this section you will
learn that when it comes to Internent Marketing off-line businesses
don't know a whole heck of a lot, so it's vital to keep things simple.

2. In this Module we discuss the need's of the Off-line Businesses

We also discuss some simple techniques and tactic's to use when
dealing with customers who are'nt up to date with the current trends
of needing an on-line presence and who may need some convincing. Again
simplicity is key, we discuss how to hit your customers "hot spots",
in order so that they realize why your help is important. It is in
this Module where you will learn the basic tools they need to get

3. In this Module we discuss creating SEO "Friendly" Websites

Many of your potential customers won't have a website, and those that
do normally do not have websites set up for proper SEO. This is why
SEO basics can be so important. This modual will give the foundation
on which you and your customers can build on. Here you will learn
about the types of optimization both on-site and off-site. In the last
three modules we discuss offsite optimization in more detail.

4. In this Module we discuss the power of "Google Local Business"

Here we discuss the tips and tricks that off-line businesses must use
to complement their "Google Local Places Listing" As simply being
listed in the directory in itself isn't enough! .

5. In this Module we discuss leveraging the "Yahoo Business directory"

Like Google Yahoo has it's own "local business directory" which can
sometimes be overlooked, However millions of people use this
directory, as it often carries useful information about the business
that isn't included in Googles listing. Therefore, we focus on both to
maximize exposure.

6. In this Module we focus on Leveraging Craigslist

Craigslist is a very powerful source of marketing and Links. And it
has a lot of advantages for off line businesses.In this module we
discuss a fantastic tactic that will allow you to provide an ongoing
service for your customer and therefore generate you on going
recurring payments.

When you take positive action and purchase "Rapid Offline Profits"
today you will receive complete access to the entire system including:
6 fully loaded, content packed video modules.

The 6 video's have over 60 minutes of content! The easy to follow
videos are in .mp4 format which can be viewed on any operating system
all you need is a free copy of the VLC Video Player!

Once payment has cleared you will receive instant access to your

I designed this course to have a major impact on the way you do
business infact I have no doubts as to how powerful this content is or
what impact it can have in your business live and as a result your
personal life. I am so confident that when you purchase and review
this course you will be totally thrilled with it that I am going to
give you a phenomenal guarantee. I am so confident in this product
that I will happily Guarantee it for a full 60 day's. If at any point
within those 60 days you are unhappy with your purchase simply email
me and I will refund your investment no questions asked!

But that's not all you see I believe in over delivering, I want to
give you all the tools you need for your off-line Business. therefore
I am including these fantastic fast action bonuses.

SEO Rank Finder, Excellent Software application, instantly check the
rankings for both you and your competitors for a variety of Keywords

($37 VALUE)

Google Places Goliath E book
Fantastic e book shows exactly how to leverage the power of Google
places to get excellent page 1 rankings for your off-line clients

($27 VALUE)

Great Ebook giving simple clear strategies for gaining top rankings
for you off-line clients

($17 VALUE)

As I said before, when I designed this I wanted it to be as accessible
to everyone as possible which is why I'm offering this at an
unbelievably low price, which is why if you order to day you can get
instant access to the entire system for only.......

This offer wont't be around long at this price, so to secure your
place and finally start to profit and make the kind of money you have
dreamed about then you need to act fast, Don't allow your self too be
left behind!

Yes! I want instant access to this amazing system, I want to finally
profit, and make the kind of money I've dream't about, and I am
ordering today knowing that I am fully protected by your full 60 day
guarantee. So on that basis I'm Clicking the add to cast button Now!

(Order Today Only $47)

P.S. Remeber this is the exact system that I used to break free from
failure and build a profitable business it can do the same for you.

P.P.S If you are unsure at all remember you are completely covered and
protected by my 60 day money back guarantee, all the risk is well ad
truly on me.

Kind Regards

Arthur K.

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