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"Over 150 Ways To Get New Patients."

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to aquire new patients, increase visits and make more money, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

Your practice can't afford to be without these strategies. I have acquired thousands of new patients with just some of these strategies.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: I have bought, built, sold practices since 1992. I have spent millions of dollars and learned with trial and error what works.

Reason two: I have owned and operated PI practices, cash practices, major medical practices, industrial practices and my strategies will work in every environment. I own and have owned multi-discipline practices including decompression practices.

Reason three: I was seeing 600 visits a week in a 900 square foot office.
Your practice is totally dependent on new patients, you could have the best equipment in the world, it's nothing without new patient strategies.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

1) Proven Strategies

Keep your practice alive

2) A Quick Reference Guide

When your visits are down, refer to the book and get new patients

3) Spark an Idea

These strategies I give you are to help you think out of the box

4) Just One New Patient

Is worth ten new referrals

5) No Matter What Kind Of Practice You Have.

These strategies will get you new patients

Through the years, I have tried almost anything and everything to get new patients. I've read many books on practice management and have signed up for many management seminars. I have also hired many Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists as well as many M.D.'s.  I always found myself teaching and talking about getting new patients and increasing volume. 

You get at least 100 times your money's worth!

These strategies together can cost thousands of dollars. You get it all here for a small fee.

In summary, here's what you get:

Over 150 different ideas and strategies to jump start your practice.

Please note these strategies are straight forward and to the point. 

You should take these ideas and strategies and really use them.

This e-book gives you the tools you need for any practice.

Some strategies you may have in place already and some you may never do but never beforehas anything ever been published that put so many ideas and strategies in one place.

You will have links to resources throughout the web that will help you put together all kinds of marketing strategies.

If you respond right away, you pay only $150.00    Now pay $29.99 limited time 

Here's how to order right now!

To order Over 150 Ways To Get New Patients just click the button below

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](https://ssl.clickbank.net/order/orderform.html?time=1305513230&vvvv=64727839303030&item=1)

To your success,

Giulio Caruso D.C.

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