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 KJV Study Bible

on as you could soon be fast on your way to unlocking your true
potential in less then one week.

KJV Study Bible-Gold Edition Video Presentation


* Self executable application that needs no install, Easy 3 steps
Extraction Instructions;
* Download the application you want to use.
* Open the .zip file by double-clicking it. You'll enter into a new
explorer window folder displaying the contents.

* Drag the contents to your Desktop and begin using your Application.
Read the Holy Bible
* With added search functions that enables a easy way to copy and
paste selected text for reference. Selectable pages, books, and
chapters with just one click.
The Fundamentals & KJV Syllabus
* We put together a list of most-know-scriptures for you to know,
learn and understand.
* Understanding the Holy Bible is very important when you're just
starting out and even when you already know it! It’s always good to
re-read information you already know to keep you renewed and fresh.
General Knowledge
* A set of basic questioned to test your Christian General Knowledge
in the form of multiple choices.
* Your prayer life is the most important part of worship, here you
can look-up some of the prayers in the Holy Bible.
Memorize Scriptures
* Memorize Scriptures (Verse Memory) is a great way to harness the
power of Bible Verses from both New and Old Testaments to achieve
instant results.
Self Study Assessment
* Wherever you've been following the syllabus guideline or using KJV
Study Bible for other studies. Self Study Assessment allows you to
test when you have learnt.
Scriptures By Category
* 76 every-days-life (daily life) categories scriptures all in one
place. If you need to read up on a topic this tool can prove to be
most useful.
Holy Bible Search
* (My Holy Bible Search) A great way to look-up words from a
particular Book, for example you just want to read about Adam from the
Book Genesis. Type his name in the search field and it'll list
everything in Genesis under Adam.
Random * If you're not sure what you want to study one click on
Random which help to choose a topic.

Bible Studies like this don't come around that often

… and nor do opportunities like this

I mean it's not everyday you get the chance to come across a software
like this…

A complete step-by-step application with nothing left out!

So I guess now we need to talk about price

What would it be worth to you to have the knowledge of the Holy Bible
sown into your heart

… because that's what I'm giving you here

A complete ready to go Bible Study… all you have to do is use it

If I were to charge $99 (which I'm not) for that kind of monthly
income it would still be a bargain the like of which you hadn't seen
before wouldn't it?

Even if I didn't have the cash I'd find a way to get it and gladly
pay back double to the person who leant it to me wouldn't you?

Well luckily I'm not asking for $99

I'm not even asking for half…

If you act right now, I'm going to give you the complete study

Take action right now and I'll give you an incredible 50% discount!

Slashing the price to just $16.42

Think about it…

Isn't a Binle Study that can teach you all this and more worth

Click on the link below to secure your discounted copy now for $16.42
before the price goes up

Regular Price $32.86 TODAY $16.42

For support please contact KJV Study Bible via email at

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