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I'm so happy that after 7 years I can finally share with you my book on How to Crochet and crochet patterns. If you love creating and have always wanted to learn to crochet or if you already know how and would like a book with unique crochet patterns, this book is for you.

This book is unique for a few reasons. First of all, if you’re new to crochet then this is the best step by step “How to Crochet” book. Also, if you are experienced at crocheting, then this is the best book for crochet patterns.

“How to Crochet “

If your a first timer I will show you step by step exactly how to do all the different stitches that crocheting has to offer.

You’ll learn:
Chain Stitch Double Chain Stitch Slip Stitch Single Crochet Half Double Crochet Double Crochet Treble Stitch Double Treble Afghan Stitch
What’s most unique about this book is that each step of the way is accompanied by clear, easy to understand instructions, a detailed figure and a full color picture of the stitch. This shows you exactly, in detail, how to make the stitch and how  the stitch will look. For instance:



Usually used as a finishing edge or to close a round before beginning the next one. It is worked from right to left, or back and forth.

Work required length or chain.

Starting  row -On first row only – when you’ve made a single chain, insert hook through one top loop only. When you make a double chain, it is as though you’ve make a chain plus one slip stitch row,  so the starting row is done by inserting hook through both loops of each chain from front to back. This is applied to all  the crochet works.

*Insert hook into top loop of 2nd chain (skip the last chain worked), YO and pull through both loops on needle*.

Repeat from * to * to end of chain, chain 1, turn. (This turning chain forms the first stitch of the following row.) Skip first slip stitch, repeat from * to *  only this time insert hook into both top loops of each of the stitches of the previous row. This is applied to all the crochet works.   

 As you can see, each step has easy to understand instructions, a clear easy to see figure and a full color picture of the final product. It cant get more clear and simple than this!
"Unique crochet patterns" You will also learn to create beautifull projects like: Table cloths Baby Jumper &Hat Belts Dusting mitt Bolero And much more!

 Creations by Gigi also teaches you many different patterns that will delight you. Learn to create them and then use what you learnt to create your own works of art. Creations by Gigi "Crochet Patterns " will teach you Techniques like:
Increasing and decreasing Increasing on Mesh Buttonholes Pockets Button covers
All with full color Pictures like:


We will also teach you many great motifs and edgings and lacey stitches                                                                        



This is just some of the over 100 Patterns and projects you will learn to create when you purchase my e-book.


I am constantly creating more projects and patterns for this book and when you purchase this book once, you can consider yourself a life long member. This means I will email you all the new additions each time I create something new so your book will always be updated!


Copyright 2011 Creations by Gigi
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