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Fact #1: Right now the U.S is facing the worst economy it's ever

Fact #2: The internet is creating millionaires despite the horrible

"The Internet's Biggest Secret That Is Generating Over $202,174 PER
WEEK Despite The Economy!

Read on for Undisputable PROOF Of How This Secret Technique Is
Allowing Even The "Little Guy" To Make Money Online... Sometimes Less
Than 48 Hours!
Best Part: You Can Get Started For Only $1

From: Justin
Re: How To Flip Websites

Dear Lucky Internet Marketer,

If you're looking for an untold way to make money on the internet
that's practically guaranteed, then this message will cut to the chase
and give you the answers you're looking for.

Because I'm about to reveal to you an "underground" way to make
money online that absolutely NOBODY is doing.

Now I know this is going to sound like some cheap internet
marketing, "make-money-while -you're-just-pushing-a-button" type thing
that promises the world and delivers nothing.

But if you bear with me for just 8 minutes, because I'm about to
reveal to you:

What Is Website Flipping, And How You Can Make HONEST Money With
Minimum Effort!

You see, there are a small amount of people who are creating simple
websites using their personal computer and free software and flipping
them for profit.

These people are secretly working "behind the scenes" cranking out
money like nobody's business.

Now in case you're wondering, here's what "Website Flipping" is,
here's a clip from CNNMoney.com:

From CNNMoney.com:

"(Website Flipping) involves spotting the potential of an existing
website and then rehabbing it for your own portfolio or flipping it to
someone else's...and it's taking off!"

From an by Paul Sloan.

It's that simple.

And according to the New York Times:

"They use little more than home computers and free software..."


BELIEVE ME, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. This isn't some kind of scam or
pyramid scheme.

And as you'll read further in this letter, normal people like YOU
are making good money flipping websites!

In Case You're Wondering, Here's
What You DON'T Need:

* YOU DON'T NEED TO BE A PROGRAMMING WHIZ. You can easily use free
tools on the web that allows you to create websites to flip in a

best ways to flip your website, including where people are DYING to
get a hold of your site!

* YOU DON'T NEED TO HAVE AN OFFICE. You can do this from home, at
your vacation home, on the beach...practically anywhere you have an
internet connection!

* YOU DON'T NEED ANY STARTUP MONEY. You can get started for as low
as 10 dollars...and some strategies are FREE!

Literally, if you can follow simple instructions and have an IQ of
above 10 you can make money website flipping!

BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO DO IT RIGHT. Otherwise you'll waste tons
of time and money doing it yourself.

And that's why internet marketing expert Justin Brooke wants to show
you how!

Why Justin Brooke Is The Foremost
Expert And Website Flipping Pioneer:

On the left is Justin Brooke teaching people how to flip websites at
one of his sold-out workshops.

He started flipping websites several years ago when he and his wife
Chaunna was a teacher and he worked at Wendys fast food restaurant.

WHY DID HE START DOING THIS? You see, he got sick and tired of the

* Getting roped into an MLM and other "opportunities" that required
him to sell his soul

* Selling ebooks (ever check to see how expensive to advertise on
the Net these days?)

* Affiliate marketing (Same story, driving traffic even to an
affiliate site is a bore!)

Plus he REALLY got tired of living paycheck to paycheck wondering if
they were going to have enough money to eat.

Then he accidently stumbled upon a couple places online where he
could sell his "failed" or "old" websites to people who knew what to
do with them.

Best part: it WORKED!

Some sites sold for $50. Others sold for $300. And several sold for
as high as $750!

Then he started focusing on selling websites and over time he built
up his portfolio for selling websites for as high as $40,000!

In fact here is one of his PayPal accounts that's directly linked to
his website-flipping account!

YOU SEE, JUSTIN IS JUST A REGULAR GUY. He didn't go to any special
grad school or was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

He just stumbled upon a secret method for flipping websites to
hungry markets who are looking to buy!

"He's Got It Figured Out!"

Before you think it takes a ton o' loot to flip websites...This dude
has figured out how to get started using ZERO cash.


I would like you to meet Justin Brooke. He has got so good at
flipping websites that he is now teaching other folks.

Excerpt From Travis Sago's
Bum Marketing Newsletter

Now in case you're wondering: WHO WOULD BUY MY WEBSITE?

Well, there are a lot of people who want to create websites but
don't want to build from scratch. That means getting a domain, doing
the graphics, inserting the copy, etc.

If there is an opportunity they can buy a website that has most of
what their looking for already completed, they will jump at it.

If it allows them to get the site up faster and save time, they
would be more than willing to buy your site!

And Justin has proven over and over again that:

Anybody Can Do This!

* IF YOU'RE A WORK-FROM-HOME FAMILY, you can use this method to flip
websites from home. You can make money from home and strengthen the
bond you have with your family. In fact, Justin's whole family has
joined him flipping websites from the comfort of their own home!

IF YOU'RE A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR_,_ you already know how to buy and
sell properties while focusing on cash flow and ROI. Imagine having
unlimited amounts of properties to flip and they are digital... Oh
yeah and it's about 10x cheaper!

* IF YOU'RE A WEBMASTER, why build websites for picky clients who
have to constantly be "educated." With website flipping you build
websites at your own pace, your own style, and on whatever topic you
want. Then cash out to a plethora of buyers in the marketplaces.

* IF YOU'RE A RETIREE, you can start living like you did when you
were a part of the work force. Website flipping is perfect for retired
people looking for income to enjoy life. You worked your whole life
NOW is when you are supposed to be traveling and enjoying life.

* IF YOU'RE A COLLEGE STUDENT, What if you were making 5 figures a
month in your spare time in between classes? Would that make you look
good on campus?

Website flipping can easily give you the extra cash you need.

And Justin wants to show you how to do it for only a $1 (more on
that later) when you read his ebook showing you how to do it!

Flip That Site!

Flip That Site is Justin's blueprint for website flipping.

It came about when he started realizing how much money could be made
in website flipping and started taking notes and documenting his

Inside you'll read a couple step-by-step action plans that show you
how to do the following:

* How I sell one website per month for $5,000

* How I turned website flipping into a $100k per year hobby,

* How easy I can flip websites for $15,000 a piece.

Already Sold My First 5 Sites For Over $1400!

Hi Justin,

I just want to say that with some of your tips, I've already sold my
first 5 sites for over $1400 in just two weeks. (I guess I jumped
ahead of your 14-day challenge!) And I have 4 other sites currently
for sale and with one of them I'm negotiating to sell it for $1800!
And I have 3 other sites in the pipeline I'm creating and promoting on
my own.

-- Rich Benvin, MentorNet -
"Leap and the Net will Appear"

Believe me, just by following Justin's instructions, you can start
flipping websites in no time. It's literally your blueprint to how to
annihilate tons of trial and error so you can start making money

Here's Just SOME Of What You'll
Discover In This Awesome Guide:

* You'll discover how to exploit pricing gaps in "website for sale
marketplaces" that let you sell websites for 3x their cost. You just
play middle man and collect the check.

* Discover how you can hire cheap overseas labor for pain in the neck
tasks so you can just enjoy the fun parts. Like telling buyers where
to send your paychecks.

* 3 ways to get started without ever having to build a website

* Secret "no money down" method to selling websites without ever
having to pay any upfront fee's

* 7 best places to sell your websites & the 1 thing you must do to
get buyers to buy your site

* 2 popular scams and how to avoid them so you don't get fleeced by
the wolves

* 5 types of sites that sell the fastest including the one secret
type of site that leads to the most overnight success stories we've
ever seen!

* …and many many more time-tested website flipping secrets
straight from the mouth of the SiteFlip King!

Made $300 My First Flip!

Justin took me under his wing to prove he could teach any random
person how to flip websites. Sure enough, it worked! I made $300 on my
first flip!

Thanks Justin!
Olga Fogleman

Skeptical? Here's PROOF
That This System Works:

Here are some screenshots some of our students and myself have
achieved thanks to website flipping!

Take a look at these...these are ACTUAL screenshots for websites
that sold for over $1700! And if you're just looking for a few hundred
bucks check these out:

NOW LET ME ASK YOU: what would you do with an extra $200, $300, or
even $1500 you could definitely rake in when you take action on Site
Flip Academy today?

"Total Sales Of $1900!"

...That's the juice right there...One site selling for $475 prompted
the order of 3 more at $475. After all is said and done, the weekend
will lead to total sales of $1900.

In addition to that, their tips along the way were extremely
helpful, particular with the listing itself and Justin: that swipe
file for a listing, along with the video walk through is like a seal
to a shark, especially when modified for the particular site sold...
it's buyers bait!!

-Matt R

Well, if you're reading this, here's your chance to:

Get "Flip That Site" For $1 For
Trying Site Flip Academy!

Now here's the part where I talked about how I tossed and turned at
night wondering how much to charge for this ebook.

Well, I'm going to save you all that because I'm going to give you a
deal you're not going to see anywhere else. And if you're reading this
now, you're in luck because this is NOT going to last long!

I will give you the 60 page "Flip That Site" ebook for only $1 when
you claim your free 7-day trial to Site Flip Academy!

This is a 27-week program where you'll be able to login and access
27 weeks worth of website flipping lessons that'll accelerate your
progress online. One lesson will unlock every week and you'll get to
take action on them as you become a Website Flipping Master!

So here's what you will happen:

When you take action on this offer, we will enroll you in your 7-day
trial membership to Site Flip Academy. You will get weekly lessons
sent to you, as well as get instant access to Justin's ebook, Flip
That Site.

After the 14-days is up, we will charge your credit card $37 every
month for 7 months straight. There are 27 lessons total, so you'll get
one lesson a week which will unlock in the members area.

And the best part is once the 7 months are up, you'll never get
billed again. You will officially be considered a Site Flipping

Of course, you can cancel at any time during the trial and your
membership...should you continue.

We will even let you keep the ebook just as a "thank you!"

Believe me, this is the only way you'll get to access Justin's
website flipping secrets. And nobody else teaches this stuff anywhere,
so you're getting "exclusive" money making information not seen
anywhere else!

That Isn't Enough? How About We Shamelessly
Bribe You With The Following Fast Action Bonuses!

OK, I know that you're probably still a little skeptical. Well, to
help you out, here are several "fast action" bonuses that'll help you
achieve all you can with website flipping:

Fast Action Bonus #1:
Website Flipping Flowchart
(Value $47)

Here's what happened: Justin asked all his students what the #1
resource he gave them was that they could not live without. They
almost unanimously answered that the website flipping flowchart was
the most important document that he gave them.

A lot of them said they printed it out to hang it on their wall
right next to their computer. So they could always have the exact
steps they need close by when they're flipping sites.

And when you claim your copy of "Flip That Site" and your 14-day
trial to Site Flip Academy, you'll get this as a bonus so you can use
it over and over again in your wealth-building journey!

Fast Action Bonus #2:
Interview With An Investor
(Value $97)

When you claim your copy of "Flip That Site" and your $1 Trial to
Site Flip Academy, you'll get access to the secret interview Justin
performed with a known website investor (let's just call him Keith).

On this recorded interview you'll hear exactly what investors want
to buy, when they want to buy them, where they buy them from, and why
they buy a specific type of site more than others.

This will put you way ahead of your competitors as you listen to
strategies that'll accelerate your income and shortcut your learning
curve. It's like Michael Jordan showing you how to shoot a
3-pointer...this is critical stuff!

Fast Action Bonus #3:
20 Common Website Flipping Questions
(Value $27)

We know you're going to ask some questions during this whole
process. So that's why Justin created this special "20 Common Website
Flipping Questions" audio to answer what you need to know to make
money online.

This will for sure shortcut your learning curve when you join Site
Flip Academy. This is something you're going to want to listen to
right away in order to get the most out of website flipping!

And the only place you're going to get that is here!

Fast Action Bonus #4:
12 Day Action Plan
(Value $27)

Ok, here is the ultimate action plan if you're rarin' to go and flip
some websites. This is the EXACT Action plan Justin uses to flip his
sites, and you can use it for FREE when you join Site Flip Academy!

What you'll get is a 12-day action plan the cuts through the bull
and gets to the bottom of what you need to start making money flipping
websites. Consider this to be the Cliff Notes of website flipping and
will go along perfectly with your membership!

Here's A Recap Of What
You'll Get For Only $1:

What You Get:
What "They" Pay:
What YOU'LL Pay!

Flip That Site eBook

7-day trial to Site Flip Academy

Interview With An Investor

Justin's Website-Flipping Flowchart

12 Day Action Plan

20 Common Website Flipping Questions

ONLY $1!!

Let Me Be Extremely
Straight With You Here:

You see, the economy is horrible right now and people are actually
living in tent cities because of it.

Despite the state of the economy, Justin's students are making more
money than they have ever made in their lives.

That's why I am offering Justin's "Flip That Site" and these other
awesome bonuses to show anyone how to get started right away.

You see, your success is our OBSESSION.

Also I am not here to hurt anyone. If this product doesn't make you
any money after you try out the Site Flip Academy membership, then let
us know and we'll issue a refund for last month's membership ASAP.

That said, nobody who has followed these techniques step-by-step has
EVER asked for a refund.

testimonials on this page are not typical results and there is no
guarantee you will get these results.

Plus I have no control over whether or not you use the website
flipping steps I would like to show you.

But I will say this: this page is full of testimonials from people
who have followed this system. All of them LOVE it for the life these
website flipping lessons have provided for them.

"$4600 In Just 3 Days!"

‘Using the strategies Justin teaches in his Website Flipping
ebook, I sold one of my websites for $4,600 in just 3 days, make sure
you get it right now!”

Chris Brisson
West Palm Beach, FL


* If you want to work from home and make more money than you ever
have before...

* If you have family members who DESPERATELY need financial help...

* If your job or family business is "hanging by a thread"...

* Or if you just want to take long vacations...

Then you need to take action on this right now.

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS: the more you sit and procrastinate on this,
the further behind you're getting regarding your earning potential.

Justin's blueprint for website flipping success is here. Now it's
time for you to take action by clicking on the button below....

... And get started in what major media is reporting to be a
legitimate "> (Value $47) where you'll discover Justin's process for
flipping websites for profit.

* 20 Common Website Questions (Value $27) that'll annihilate any
questions you have about the simple process of website flipping.

* Interview with an Investor (Value $47) where Justin interviews a
top-flight website investor so you can discover his secrets.

* Justin's 12-Day Action Plan (Value $27) where you'll discover
Justin's proprietary action steps for creating a site, flipping it,
and cashing out the profits!

You will be billed $1 today for your 7-day trial, then you'll be
automatically billed $37 every 30 days for the length of the
membership (7 months). You can cancel at any time during the trial or

Thanks for your time!


P.S. It's no secret the economy is in the dumps. However, there is
an untold legitimate method that allows you to build and flip websites
to hungry people looking for YOUR website!

It's a strategy that most people will NEVER know and could earn you
a little money in as little as 24 hours! You'll get it all in Justin
Brooke's "Flip That Site" which you can get for only $1 when you claim
your trial to Site Flip Academy!

This is a real business and it takes real work, but the reward is
very, very high, the market is hott and your timing couldnít be
better.The results presented here are not typical, purely for the fact
that most people who buy this program don't put in the effort.

Questions? Contact us at support@site-flipacademy.com

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