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For the short answer yes! (If you want the real quick answer just
scroll to the bullet points at the bottom)

But probably not in the way that you are thinking. Carbs are an
essential part of your daily diet. Ask anyone that has tried carb
cycling and they will tell you that it's hell. You can't think
straight (your brain has no storage space for carbs and therefor has
to get it's energy from the carbs that are in your blood stream), your
become lethargic and most people get moody as hell. Carbs directly
affect blood sugar level and the hormones insulin and glucagon.
Without getting really into the Endocrine system we'll just say that
you can ask any diabetic what happens when these hormones get outta
wack. the basic info that you need to know about insulin and glucagon
as it pertains to diet is that they are the hormones that tell your
body to either burn fat or store it as energy for later. When blood
sugar levels are high and your body releases insulin which primes your
body to store these sugars as fat. Read that as to many carbs turn on
the fat storing switch. On the other hand while blood sugar levels are
low glucagon is released into the blood stream signaling the body to
burn fat for energy returning blood sugar levels to where they should

Now with that out of the way, when you are already on a low calorie
diet your body is running in a energy deficiency and will naturally
not have as much energy as normal so cutting to many carbs out of your
diet will make you want to sleep all the time. Because of popular
media people have just started to accept that a carb is a carb is a
carb and that they are all bad.

This mentality couldn't be further from the truth. One of the main
things to keep in mind is the difference between simple and complex
carbs. For the sake of saving both your time and mine (I'm actually
kinda surprised that your still reading this) we will just say that
simple carbs are things like sugar, almost all deserts and most
processed snacks. These carbs are digested quickly and cause the
greatest spike in blood sugar, which as we just said will cause your
body to store excess energy as fat. On the other side of that coin you
have complex carbs. Complex carbs are foods like whole wheat pastas
and breads, brown rice and the recently popular Quinoa. These carbs
take much longer to digest and that will help to keep you blood sugars
more level and not affecting insulin near as much.

Now that you understand better what role carbs play in your body we
can discuss their role in a healthy diet. A normal healthy diet for an
active person is said to be 60% carbs, 20% protien and 20% fats. Yes
you need to eat fat as well but that is another post all together.
Diet programs like Atkins or The South Beach Diet work more because
they train your body to want and better process complex carbs rather
than the simple carbs that most fall pray to. Both of these diets
accomplish this by completely removing carbs from your diet and then
reintroducing complex or the good carbs. Again, no carbs = crazy

Here are some easy tips to make sure that you are eating your carbs
the right way:

1. Stay away from white foods or more specifically processed foods
because they are generally high in simple carbs.

2. Carbs are your body's first source for energy. Eat fewer carbs if
you are not going to be very active in the time to follow.

3. Follow this concept: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a
prince and dinner like a pauper. By that I mean that make your biggest
and most carb filled meal breakfast (you need the energy for the whole
day that you have ahead of you). At lunch dial things back a bit but
keep it balanced (to help from having that mid afternoon crash make
sure to have some fruit as well as complex carbs) and then for dinner
you can almost cut carbs out completely.

A little unrelated to carbs but then again no not really:

1. When exerciseing the 60/20/20 diet remember that everyone's body
is not the same and you should play with these ratios to see what
works best for you.

2. Carbs do not help your body build muscle. The more muscle you have
the higher your resting metabolism will be and the more calories that
you can burn while you are sitting on your ass.

">3. Sign up for a free account at and you will have all the tools
that you need to keep easy track of your diet.


Is that everything? No of course not but that's about as in depth as
I'm going to go right now because it's time for me to eat!

If you want to stay ahead of the game on training and nutrition then
you should check out


This is a subject that over the past few days has become a little
closer to my, uh.....well....let's call it my "baby maker". That's
right ladies and gentleman I was lucky enough to get to suffer from a
groin strain after running too many sprints the other day. In lite of
my reduced ability to walk let alone workout I decided that I would
share with you the recipe for healing and bouncing back after a muscle

First let's go over what a muscle strain is. A muscle strain implies
damage or tearing of a muscle or it's connecting tendons. It is very
similar to a sprain except that a sprain refers to a joint instead of
a muscle. Muscle strains are generally caused when excessive forced is
placed on a muscle that has become fatigued or over is over extended.
The damage to the strained muscle can be in the from of tearing
(hopefully just partial), localized bleeding (bruising) if the blood
vessels are damaged and if you're lucky enough to be like me it will
come right along with a fair amount of pain. Yea!!!

Now that you know what a muscle strain is I will tell you what to do
when it happens. First and foremost curse very loudly! It's actually
been proven that by yelling obscenities you will increase the amount
of adrenaline your body is releasing and help to deaden the pain a
little, as much as 15% actually. Unfortunately if you find yourself in
a situation where it is inappropriate to swear you are going to have
to just suck it up and take it like a man. Sorry about your luck, my
gym is relatively used to foul language.

On a more serious note the best thing you can do after earn yourself
a strained muscle is called the P.R.I.C.E method.

1. Protect - Make sure that you protect your muscle from further
injury. Often times all you really need to do is either go sit or lay
down because when you are not moving your muscle it is much harder to
hurt them. Also, it's generally a good idea to remove any restrictive
clothing or jewelry that could affect the strain.

2. Rest - Again this step isn't going to be very complicated seeing
as how you should already have gotten this started if you are doing
step one correctly. Just keep on doing it...

3. Ice - As soon as you can you want to get a bag of ice and put it
on the strained muscle. Hopefully one is already on it's way from a
friend or teammate. Your supposed to be resting remember, you might as
well milk it for what you can.

4. Compression - If one is available to you apply an ace bandage to
help support the the injured area. This can be a little complicated
depending on where the strain is on your body. I personally am still
trying to figure out how to wrap my groin without it looking like I'm
just wearing a big diaper.

5. Elevation - The final step of the P.R.I.C.E. method is to elevate
the injured area. You do this because there is likely to be some
inflammation and the reduction in blood pressure should help a little
with the pain. This drop in blood pressure from your elevated injury
will also allow more blood to your brain and that will allow you
really sit there and think about what you were doing that got you hurt
in the first place.

One other thing that I like to add in at the end or whenever you can
get someone to bring them to you is to take some NSAIDs like Aleve or
Advil. The anti-inflammatory properties will do wonders for the pain
that you are surely experiencing at this point. In a pinch whiskey has
been known to help a bit as well.

WARNING: While whiskey may be great for numbing the pain temporarily
it is completely empty calories and WILL wreck havoc on your nutrition
plan in many ways. Of course I would be a huge hypocrite if I told you
not to drink at all but I feel that you should have all the info and
make your own decisions.

So now you have what you did and how to fix it, now let's go over how
long this is going to last for.

Not really a whole lot to say here. It is really all going to depend
on how much rest/use you are going to give the injury. If you are hard
headed and don't give it proper care and rest it's going to take
longer to heal. Kind of common sense right, if it hurts don't do it.
While the inflammation and initial soreness can be gone as early as
the next day it may take up to 72 hours or even more till you can move
comfortably. Just because it doesn't hurt doesn't always mean that it
has healed. It all really depends on the severity of the injury. To
completely heal your injury may take as long as 6-8 weeks.

Here are a few things that you can do to try and speed up the process

1. As soon as you know that you have strained the muscle try your
best to keep it at full extension not tensed though. It is possible to
cause major shortening of the muscle if you let it heal in a shortened

2. Refrain from stretching your injury until you are pain free. If it
hurts the stretching will likely just cause more irritation to the
muscle and prolong the healing process.

3. Finally make sure that you stay hydrated. The more water you have
in your body and muscle the easier you will be able to pass nutrients
to the muscle and remove waste from the muscle. Not only do you need
to feed you muscles to make them grow but it is just as important when
you want the m to heal. Essential they are the same thing. Proper
training is probably ther best way to make sure that you don't pull a
muscle however. Are training the right way? If you are using then the
answer is definitely already a yes. If you are not then I suggest that
you try it out.


I was asked a question today that I'm sure many of you would like the
answer to. A friend of mine wanted to know how many calories she
should eat to make sure she was losing weight. The answer is to look
up the Harris Benedict Formula and use it to find out how many
calories that you need to maintain weight and then subtract 500 from
that to lose 1 pound a week. Eating fewer calories than that isn't
healthy and will most likely result in losing muscle as well as fat
and who wants to be skinny and fat at the same time...

Here is a link to the formula:

If you are ready to get rid of the fat build tons of muscle and feel
better while doing it then check out the and get started today!



The Full ranking list has been provided below:

Fοr thе first time Around thе Octagon presents thе top 10
rankings fοr each weight class fοr thе state οf Florida fοr thе
month οf Mау. Rankings wіll bе updated regularly аnd posted οn
thе site.

Remember уου саn comment аnd complain іn thе section below.
If уου don’t lіkе уουr ranking talk tο a local promoter
аnd see іf thеу wіll set уου up wіth a fight tο improve
уουr ranking.


1. Farkhad Sharipov (13-3) Jungle/Orlando, FL
2. Alexis Vila (9-0) ATT/Miami, FL
3. Ralpha Acosta (8-6) ATT/Orlando, FL
4. Tuilo Quintanilla (4-2) FFA/Miami, FL
5. Brian Eckstein (5-1-1) ATT/Pompano Beach, FL
6. Caleb Archer (6-0) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
7. Pable Alfonso (6-4) ATT/Miami, FL
8. Eric Luke (5-4) ATT/Port St. Lucie, FL
9. Marlon Moraes (6-3-1) Thе Armory/Jupiter, FL
10. Haender Rodriguez (5-5) Masters MMA/Miami, FL


1. Luis Palomino (16-6) MMA Masters/Miami, FL
2. Micah Miller (17-4) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
3. Marcos de Matta (8-1) ATT/Boca Raton, FL
4. Shah Babonis (10-7) FFA/Miami, FL
5. Rafael Dias (15-8-1) ATT/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
6. Bruce Connors (8-3) Robson Moura/St. Cloud, FL
7. Jim Alers (5-1) Gracie Barra Orlando/Orlando, FL
8. Mike Bruno (8-4) ATT/Staten Island, FL
9. Matt McCook (8-4) Fighters Alley/Melbourne, FL
10. Troy Gerhart (5-2) Champions MMA/Bradenton, FL


1. Richard Crunkilton (19-3) Armory Daytona/Daytona Beach, FL
2. Hermes Franca (22-12) Team Hermes Franca/Miami, FL
3. Edson Berto (16-8-1) Tiger’s World οf MA/Winter Haven, FL
4. Jose Figueroa (10-4) ATT Orlando/Orlando, FL
5. Patrick Cenoble (6-0) Tiger’s World οf MA/Winter Haven, FL
6. Vagner Rocha (6-1) Team Popovitch/Pembroke Pines, FL
7. Mike Rio (6-0) Zen Jiu Jitsu/Miami, FL
8. Mike Byrnes (5-2) Team Animal/Port St. Lucie, FL
9. Gert Kocani (5-2) ATT/Orlando, FL
10. Eric Reynolds (13-5) Champions MMA/Bradenton, FL


1. Ben Saunders (10-3-2) ATT Orlando/Orlando, FL
2. Danillo Villefort (13-3) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
3. Charles Blanchard (9-2) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
4. Steve Bruno (14-5) ATT/Coral Springs, FL
5. Ailton Barboza (8-2) ATT/Miami, FL
6. Dan Hornbuckle (22-4) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
7. Luigi Fioravanti (22-9) ATT Orlando/Orlando, FL
8. Edson Diniz (10-4) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
9. Hayder Hassan (4-1) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
10. Sabah Homasi (4-2) ATT/Willington, FL


1. Hector Lombard (28-2-1) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
2. Mike Bernhard (9-2) ATT/Miramar, FL
3. Valdir Arraujo (8-2) MMA Masters/Miami, FL
4. Yosmany Cabezan (10-2) Spartan Gym/Tampa, FL
5. Mikey Gomez (11-8) Gracie Barra Orlando/Orlando, FL
6. Jeremy Mау (9-7) ATT/Vero Beach, FL
7. James Brasco (7-5) Team Popovitch/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
8. Joe Ray (5-1) ATT/Miramar, FL
9. Frank Corrillo (4-2) MMA Masters/Miami, FL
10. Crafton Wallace (18-5-1) Inferno MMA/Naples, FL


1. Seth Petruzelli (13-6) Thе Jungle/Orlando, FL
2. T.J. Cook (11-3) Team Trauma/Ocala, FL
3. Carmelo Marrero (13-5) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
4. Lew Polley (10-4) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
5. Wilson Gouveia (12-8) ATT/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
6. C.T. Turmer (8-7) Highlander MMA/Tampa, FL
7. Gino Tutera (3-1) Champions MMA/Bradenton, FL
8. David Baggett (6-6) Thе Jungle/Orlando, FL
9. Rhadi Ferguson (3-0) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
10. Sam McCoy (3-0) ATT/Deerfield Beach, FL


1. Jeff Monson (42-11) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
2. Chris Barnett (7-1) XFC/Tampa, FL
3. Marcio Cruz (7-2) Gracie Fusion/Orlando, FL
4. Mario Rinaldi (11-5) ATT/Port St. Lucie, FL
5. Michael Buchkovich (11-4-1) Team Trauma/Ocala, FL
6. Tom Sauer (22-12) Team Trauma/Ocala, FL
7. Tony Johnson Jr. (5-1) ATT/Coconut Creek, FL
8. David Yost (7-3) XFC/Tampa, FL
9. Kenny Garner (6-3) ATT/Port St. Lucie, FL
10. George Randolph (4-3) Advanced BKJ/Jacksonville, FL


This is a guest post written by the guy that wrote The Warrior Diet.
This guy really knows what he is talking about and while the whole
concept of over eating and under eating may sound a little crazy
remember that at one point in time so did electricity.

The Science Of Undereating By Ori Hofmekler

Generally speaking, scientists and science have shown clearly that
when you undereat, the brain exercises exactly like a muscle
exercises. Brain-derived growth factors are triggered and new brain
cells are produced by stem cells. Tissue recycling - a controversial
issue - occurs. Nonetheless, scientific thinking is dogmatic.

They postulate:

"If this is the Prediction then let us start isolating diet elements.
Let us isolate the calorie intake alone. Let us then analyze the
exercise element alone. Then let us combine the overall diet element
and the overall calorie intake element. After that, let us examine the
exercise elements and see how the two - exercise and diet - interact."

I contend that these sub-elements cannot and should not be separated.
For example, a person adhering to the principle of intermittent
fasting, as outlined in the Warrior Diet, should under-eat during the
day followed by night eating. After a period of time they will find
that appetite and food consumption, their choice of foods, even their
taste preferences, will change. This usually manifests within five to
six weeks. If you follow this eating cycle for a protracted period,
you will eat differently and crave different foods. You will naturally
develop a taste for foods at the bottom of the food chain. Your
appetite and preferences will morph and become different. You
literally will undergo a transformation in habits and tastes.




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