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Lineage 2 Guide
* Lineage 2 Guide

_WARNING:_ You will be the most haunted player in Lineage 2 after
using our guide!!


The extremely popular MMO Lineage 2 is really an outstanding
experience and practically everybody is familiar with Lineage II - The
Chaotic Chronicle or The Chaotic Throne.

As the game is complex and difficult, and to enjoy every type of
gaming experience that the player can think of, we prepared "Lineage 2
walkthrough guide - best strategies, tips ">By using a Lineage 2
walkthrough guide, it is a simple enough matter to gain a quick
advantage over the competition and rapidly advance through the game
world with the information that is available in the Lineage 2
walkthrough guide. With the popularity of these types of massively
multiplayer online role-playing games, it quickly becomes necessary to
find the best possible way to compete with the massive amounts of
competition that have sprung up in the game world. With so many
individuals competing it is only natural for these players to make use
of L2 guides that make all the difference between winning or losing in
player versus player combat as well as player versus environmental
combat, both of which are critical components to the game world.


Detailed Maps, describing paths
Detailed Tables describing each & every items
Detailed Walkthrough for quick and easy level up
BEGINNERS GUIDE for a new L2 player
Every aspect of game for a Pro Player
Covering Player Commands, Quests & Crafting Recipes
PVP Mastering Section


If you have been searching for a L2 guide for a longtime this may
just be want you've been looking for. Our guide contains over 160
pages of rich content that will help you in every aspect of the game.
We've captured experiences, strategies, tips and secrets from some of
the top players in the game and compiled into a great guide. See some
of our sample pages below



Important PVP Classes
Other PVP Classes
Which PVP Class is Best?
Dangerous PKing Classes
Which Class Beats Which Other Classes
What Are The Most Important Buffs for PVP
What Equipment Used For PVP
How To Win Everytime

We've put together years of work and research into the game and
developed this easy to follow guide that just about anyone can use.
With the use of the enormously admired Lineage 2 walkthrough guide,
you can easily advance through the game world with minimal fuss and
far less difficulty than individuals who do not make use of our
helpful L2 walkthrough guide.

With the amazing popularity of the L2 guide there is no reason for
players not to make use of these types of tools that allow them to
advance so quickly to the game world, level faster, and gain more
adena and items.

"Lineage 2 Strategy" Guide
Exclusively For
Mastering and Dominating the Game

This is first original best-selling guide for Lineage 2 that has been
in publication for over a month with THOUSANDS of copies in the hands
Lineage 2 players just like you.

In this exclusive and detailed guide (PDF format) I lay out all the
Levelling secrets I've discovered in my entire time playing and
mastering Lineage 2.

I hold absolutely nothing back! These are the same secret strategies
that i've used to dominate the many Lineage Servers i've played on and
'pimped out' my character. Players hated me :)

Our Strategies Are 100% Legal And Legit..

You've probably seen or used most of the guides available online
for Lineage 2. Troubling though most of them aren't very detailed and
are pretty basic and won't gain you any advantage over other players.
Trust me I've seen and used them all they just isn't any comparison.

Well your perhaps telling yourself why do I need a guide for Lineage
2? that's full of all the hollabalo like other guides and why waste
hard earned money on this. Even more so, some guides focuses on hacks
that may get your account banned.

Our guide features purely legit and legal strategies that are 100%
GAME LEGAL on any lineage server. Our techniques for fast levelling
and game mastering don't incorporate the use of bots, hacks or any
third party software.

Our guide even teaches you how to avoid in game scammers and show you
how to easily spot them.

Have you ever wondered how that guy levelled so fast or where he
seemed to get all that pimped out gear? They know the know how after
years of playing the game and with our guide you can become a killer
player in virtually no time using pure strategies, techniques and

Here's what others are saying after using our Lineage 2 Domination

"Awesomely Amazing"
Kevin, thanks for your guide. It was not only very detailed but
also covered every aspect of the game. I've been playing lineage for
some time and really wish I had your guide when I started out I would
have pawned many players :) Thanks again worth every penny.


Michael Chiu.

"I can't belive what I've been
missing out on"

Dude, I'm a newbie at Lineage 2 and found your guide to be very
useful I've searched and used other guides before and nothing compares
to what your have covered in your guide. I recently started on a new
server and from all the items and tactics I learned from your guide
many players thought I was an expert player.

Everyone now seems to invite me to join there party and send me clan
invites lol. Anyway great job here with this guide. It's a must have
for every L2 player.

Many Thanks,

Charlie Arnold.

"More Adena Move PVP More Fun -
Thanks Kevin For An Amazing Guide"

I must say I was really about to quit playing Lineage until a friend
told me about a great guide he got that really showed him the ropes
about the game. So I decided to give it a try.. Wow I was genuinely
surprised on all the stuff you covered Oh and I really liked the PVP
guide. I'm now playing L2 more than ever

Please take this guide off soon.. Lets not share too much :)

Great Guide,

Hui Tseng.

"I've levelled faster and taken over all
my friends using your guide"
My friends was way higher than me and just couldn't party with them
because I was too low level. But I bought your guide and played hard
using it for a few days and now I've passed all of them with better
equipment. Who needs raids. Just get this guide you will be amazed

Anna L. Barajas

If you play on official L2 servers you will know how difficult
levelling can be. With your guide the game seems easier and less
cumbersome I wish i'd gotten it sooner

I epecially liked the detailed quest guides, the pvp stuff and the
overall secrets that your guide revealed, a must have in my book

You're the greatest,

Zahir Gaitn Iglesias.

This is your opportunity to get all of my strategies, tactics and
secrets that the top Lineage 2 gurus have been using to dominate the
game for many years.

Perhaps you're still a bit unconvinced and trust me I know how you
feel. Honestly I was just like you and I know how it is to be broke in
the game with little or no items and can't enjoy the game you love.

The great news is you can start using these strategies as early as
today 100% risk free.

Here's what I'm going to guarantee You:

100% RISK FREE!!

We are so sure that using this Domination Walkthrough Guide you will
boost your level and game play. If you download and use this
Domination Walkthrough Guide without seeing the results you expected I
will refund you 100% of your payment.

Whatever reason you have for no longer wanting this product, just
send us an email and we will return your money back.

That's a full 60 days to try and test this guide and if you change
your mind, return it with my 100% guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED...

YES! GIVE ME THE GUIDE NOW, KEVIN! I'm ready to dominate Lineage 2
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As Lineage 2 continues to change and is updated, I will also get all
of the latest and greatest guide updates with new techniques and
strategies at no additional cost.

The techniques revealed in this guide are top secret and must not be
revealed to anyone else. So I promise I will not reveal, disclose or
allow unauthorized access to this site.

My guide purchase is entirely Risk-Free and is backed by a 60-Day
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_Kevin Green_

Note: While we love LINEAGE II, we are not affiliated with NCsoft
in any way. LINEAGE II is all trademarks or registered trademarks of
NCsoft. These terms and all related materials, logos, and images are
copyright of NCsoft. This guide is not a copy of the official LINEAGE
II guide.


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