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Want to Grow your Business with a Blog?

Not sure where to start?

As a small business owner I had people telling, “you should have a blog” yet no one could answer my questions:

How is a blog going to help me make more money?

How is a blog going to bring me more customers?

How DOES blogging help me grow my business?

Where to I get the time to write blog posts?

What should I write about?

What is this SEO thing and how does it work?

I had these same questions. I was managing a consulting business, retail store, internet store, 3 children under 3, a home remodel, a marriage and a revolving door of childcare providers. It was no easy task.

And someone wanted me to add blogging to the list.

Are you nuts?

If you want to spend more time IN your business and not ON your business, then this book is for you. You will learn how to blog and how to use a blog to grow your business.

Unlike other blogging books, this one will NOT tell you how to become a professional blogger, although you would be able to do that. This book will NOT tell you, step by step, how to set up a blog, but you will learn what you need to know to set it up to get results.

What this book will do is help you make good strategic decisions on what is important and what is now important so you can stay focused and grow your business. It will help save you time and build relationships with your customers. It will help you learn to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

The Expert Marketing Coach course and worksheets have been amazing! I now have a laser sharp focus on exactly who my customer is. I am now able to reach them faster and more efficiently than ever before. Wow! Thanks Deb!

Mike Sherry, Colorado Laser Engraving

In Blog For Abundance, you WILL learn how a blog can help you get more traffic. You will learn how to convert that traffic into revenue and customers. You will learn how to build relationships with your customers so they spread the word for you and keep coming back.


Debra, your insights are amazing.

Thank you for making time to write and share!

-Kirk Dixon

In this book we will help you to create an action plan so you know
what articles to write your blog, how often to write blog posts, how to search engine optimize your blog how to leverage your blog traffic for sales and how to measure your blog success.
Blog For Abundance helps you develop a solid blogging strategy and plan so you can build your business and minimize the time you spend blogging. You learn to build more relationships, and spend less time doing it. You will create a content calendar so you can be successful.

Deb has the unique ability to access new technology and apply it to streamline marketing processes. I see so many people spending thousands of dollars on solutions, and Deb is cutting through the complexity and creating low cost solutions for her clients. She is really helping people move forward faster!

–Janine Underhill, [Idea-360](http://www.theartofpossibility.com/)

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If you like worksheets, checklists and planners, then this eBook PDF is the tool for you! Blog For Abundance teaches you the principles behind effective blogging and then provides the framework to create great content. I used this process in setting up my own blog and you can too. This clear precise strategy and plan simplifies your life and helps you attract more customers with your blog.

When you click on the link below to invest in Blog For Abundance, you will receive a link to open your eBook. You will then need to save it to your computer.

Get Started Today.



Only $19.97!

If you’re looking for someone who can get your business in gear, identify your target market, get your web strategy launched and do it well – as well as fast – talk to Deb! She’s creative, resourceful and knows her way around the internet.

— Jennifer Long, Management Possible


Wishing you much success,
Debra Zimmer
The Expert Marketing Coach

Get Started Today.



Only $19.97!


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