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Dear Oriental Medicine Practitioner,

My name is Burton Kent, and I've worked with dozens of acupuncturists
on their advertising and marketing. Experience led me to a system that
allows you to avoid advertising almost completely, and never have to
"sell" yourself. If you want to get patients without any of that
wasteful advertising/selling/marketing stuff, this may be the most
important thing you've read this month.

There's one thing that separates the most successful practitioners.
Just one thing that separates a successful practice from a closed

That one thing is... REFERRALS.

For most practitioners, the single biggest source of new patients...
is referrals from old patients. This is also true for many small
businesses. Everyone from accountants to mechanics get referrals - and
they get them more reliably than AOM practitioners.

Why don't referrals work as well for acupuncturists? Simple.

Usually people know when a referral is needed. People know they need
a mechanic or a hairdresser. This makes the referral almost automatic
for them, but not for you. People almost never know when they need an
acupuncturist. Referrals just don't happen as often for AOM
practitioners. Nowhere near as often as they should.

Before I read "Never Market Again" I tried out a lot of marketing
ideas. But nothing really worked all that well. I wasted some money on
newspaper ads which produced a few calls, no new patients, and a few
thousands wasted away. I also tried an e-mail newsletter, which on its
own is not that great and a lot of work. Just before I read your book,
I planned a direct mail. And I spent too much money for the returns,
but interestingly enough I got 3 new patients (out of 4 calls from
over 1000 postcards).

I got to the point that I was even not that excited when someone
called me because I would get into a discussion about Qi, blood, heat,
and cold knowing they would give me a funny look. Then we would
discuss money and I would never hear from them again.

I was feeling so frustrated, I was considering what else to do with
my life. My practice wasn't growing like I need to be to make a
living, and I have another job to make ends meet for me and my family.

It's been less than a month since I read "Never Market Again." It has
been a great month. I have gotten 7 new referrals. One of the funny
things was I just thought about the thank you system, and put the idea
into the world, and patients began referring their friends, it was
great. Then I reinforced it with the new patients. So a patient from
last summer referred her daughter, who referred her husband, who
referred his father.

I have only put a small part of this system in place, and can't wait
to see what the whole system does for me. It's inexpensive and it
works. I am not sure how to put this, but it changed my life. I read
it just at the right time.

Joseph Alban, L.Ac.
New York City, New York

Even so, you are receiving referrals. Maybe not as many as you'd
like, but they happen. It's great when it does - there is no better
form of "marketing."

It can take years to really become established as a practitioner and
reliably get referrals. You've probably heard the conventional wisdom
- it takes five to seven years. If you're relying on accidental
referrals, that's about right. But WHAT IF YOU COULD HAVE REFERRALS

How easy, effortless and fun would it be to have all the patients you
wanted? Not just any patients. Good patients. Patients who already
have heard good things about you. Patients who have heard about your
skills and believe you can help them. Patients who follow through on
your treatment protocol. Patients who aren't very concerned about how
much it's going to cost.

Sounds great, doesn't it? But how do you make it happen?

That's what confused me for a long time. I helped dozens of
practitioners with their marketing before I figured this out.

I found that the biggest oversight in most practitioners' marketing
was marketing to existing patients. Studies have shown that an
existing customer (or patient) is seven times more likely to do
business again. When it comes to acupuncture, they're even more likely
to see you again.

Past patients know you, and usually are very satisfied. They know
acupuncture and Oriental medicine work

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