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Learn the Simple Steps to create a Joyful Life...Guaranteed!

"Discover how you can be happy always, through 7 simple steps!
This book is an international best-seller! Now you can benefit from it too…"


If you struggle to find happiness…
If you find happiness eludes you in your life…
If you find it difficult to be happy…
Let me help you to enjoy the happiness you deserve!

Make your journey to happiness easier with the practical tips and simple steps in
The Little Manual of Happiness to help you achieve a joyful life!
If you are fed up of being unhappy, then take action now...

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Dear Pursuer of Happiness,

Happiness is the greatest treasure of life! There is nothing more important in life than happiness. Happiness is the goal and motivation of all of us. Have you ever known anyone who wants to be unhappy? It’s impossible…because all of us want to be happy!

Happiness is the underlying motivation and reason for all of our wants and desires for love, comfort, wealth, power, fame, health and more. The simple fact is - Happiness is our deepest desire.

So, what are the traits of a happy person? The big question is - Why do many find it so hard to attain happiness in life?

I present you with seven simple steps to achieve happiness and a joyful life. They may seem unbelievable and disarming in their simplicity, but you will be surprised that being happy need not be difficult.

Let me share these simple steps with you in The Little Manual of Happiness. It is a best seller internationally, and is now available right here as an e-book!

The steps I share with you are guaranteed to work. So search no more, all that you need to know about achieving happiness is right here!

Once you have this wisdom and secrets, you can use them to create your own happiness, at your own time, in your own space, at your own pace.

Keep the secrets of happiness at your fingertips, at all times!

Vikas becomes your personal ‘happiness coach’, wherever you may be in the world! Imagine....access to the wisdom of happiness at all times on your laptop, iPhone and iPad.

Have access to the wonderful secrets of happiness anywhere you are.


Grab This Opportunity Right NOW… to download these simple steps in The Little Manual of Happiness e-book at ONLY $9.99! Inside you'll discover...

Happiness is a decision.

We choose our own state of happiness or unhappiness.

Learn how accepting responsibility for our lives is the key to happiness.

Happiness is not about tomorrow, it is here today!

Happiness lies within us!

We do not need to be perfect to be Happy!

Happiness is a result of what we think and focus on.

Learn the 7 simple steps with practical tips and applications that will TRANSFORM your life when you put the knowledge into action in your daily life.

Grab this opportunity and create your own happiness now! Get your hands on The Little Manual of Happiness – 7 Simple Steps to a Joyful Life e-book.

The “NEW” you will be different, if you dare to choose happiness and put the 7 Simple Steps in action.


You deserve Happiness starting from TODAY. Why wait?

[Click here for an Instant Download of
‘The Little Manual of Happiness’ e-book!](http://1.happy8667.pay.clickbank.net)


Vikas, I love what you have written. I love who you are and your message.

Jack Canfield,
Best-selling author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

Everyone should read this book to ensure their happiness. I wish I had read it 10 years ago.

Princess Purna of Morvi, India

The messages in this book are simple and yet very powerful. It is a must have for those seeking real happiness.

Anne Chapman
Vice President, Listing Division, Hong Kong Stock Exchange

I really have gained so much from the training we did together and I thank you for that. My thinking and approach to life has changed noticeably and with very positive results.

Penny Finnegan, UK

I can't thank you enough for everything you have taught me. Your training has changed my life.

Sri, Indonesia

This has been the best and most enjoyable education of my life. I can’t thank you enough for everything.

Jennifer Ong, Singapore

Training with Vikas has taught me how to observe and respond positively to the situations of life rather than to react to them. I would definitely recommend his techniques to others.

Vivienne Chistolm, England

Vikas is absolutely great. Superb! Simple! His training has helped me in all spheres of life especially business and relationship.

Anil Gupta, India

Through your training, I have seen great changes in the way I view things in my life. Vikas is an excellent teacher. Thank you so much.

William Quek, Singapore

"TRANSFORM Your Life Today And BE HAPPY!"

You should also know that this lifetime happiness knowledge that you are going to receive is instantly actionable and that you will possess the simple steps to achieving great joy in your life.

You will also enjoy an 8-weeks money back guarantee, and even if you choose to refund, you will still get to keep the ebook. With this sort of deal, you know you have no reason not to take action now to download my best-selling book “The Little Manual of Happiness - 7 Simple Steps to a Joyful Life” instantly.

Here is the opportunity for instant access to all you need to know to TRANSFORM your life immediately for just $9.99 to download a copy of the e-book right now anywhere and anytime!

This Is A Limited Time Offer, So Take Action NOW While The Offer Stands.

To Your Happiness,

Having read till here, you already know that this is the key to your new and happy life. It will equip you with everything you need to enjoy the happiness that you desire in life. Furthermore, you have an irresistible 8-weeks money back guarantee. And even if you do decide to refund, I still want you to keep this e-book! With a deal like this, there is no reason not to act now! Place your order here.

Happiness is something you must deeply desire, value and then be able to create… Here I give you the simple way to do this. I have studied the happiest people of our world and how they create their own happiness, and here I share those secrets with you…

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Others have done it and so can you! Take the easy way forward, and use the wisdom I share with you to become happy forever.

Do not just keep waiting anymore for happiness to come tomorrow, it will not happen! Take action today to download your copy of 'The Little Manual of Happiness' e-book while it's still available at this special price.

Grab Your Copy and your Happiness NOW For Just US$9.99!

[Click here for an Instant Download of
‘The Little Manual of Happiness’ e-book!](http://1.happy8667.pay.clickbank.net)


Vikas Malkani is one of the world’s leading teachers of personal growth and self-development. He is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and transformational life-guide to thousands across the globe.

The founder of SoulCentre Academy™, Vikas has been trained in the wisdom of self-mastery by the elusive Himalayan Masters. This lineage involves the disciplines of mind mastery, wisdom of the spirit, and maximizing human potential. SoulCentre Academy has often been recognized as Singapore’s premier personal-development centre.

Vikas is the creator of the popular SoulKids® transformational program that brings essential life-skills for success and happiness to children. SoulKids has been featured on TV, radio and print media around the world for its amazing results.

Every year he leads the SoulKids Mentor Training Program™, for those wishing to become inspiring mentors for children (and adults). SoulKids Mentors become examples who inspire and make a difference in the lives of others.

Vikas has studied both ancient and modern secrets of success. He has spent 25 years of his life studying successful people and applying their principles to daily life. Today, his success speaks for itself.

Vikas runs a powerful life-coaching program called The BEST™ Technique, under which he trains and certifies people to become inspirational Life-Coaches, who then empower others.

An international best-selling author, some of his recent books are The Little Manual of Success, The Little Manual of Happiness, The SoulKids Book of Self-Confidence and The SoulKids Book of Happiness. Vikas has been featured on TV, radio and print media internationally.

Vikas has also been a keynote speaker at renowned conferences such as the Global Brand Forum which has featured speakers such as Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, U.S. Vice President Al Gore, Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, Leadership Expert Warren Bennis, Hollywood Director Spike Lee, and Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, The Asian Parents Forum, Asian Festival of Children’s Content, the LIVE Performing Arts Festival, The Singapore Sun Festival and many more.

His work and teachings have been embraced by cutting edge companies, CEOs, royalty, top entrepreneurs, actors, psychologists, psycho-therapists, lawyers, bankers, educators, business people, branding specialists, school teachers, counsellors, coaches, doctors, holistic practitioners, consultants and others who are interested in maximizing their personal and professional success.

Through his books, keynote addresses and seminars, he shares ancient secrets, universal laws, essential life-skills and powerful principles for passion, success, happiness, self-esteem and self actualization.

His work has been profiled in countless international publications, from cover stories to special features. People from all over the world have travelled to learn from Vikas.

For enquiries, contact us at [admin@manualofhappiness.com](mailto:admin@manualofhappiness.com)[
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