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Presentation Reveals Why You May Be Having Trouble Getting Through to Your Ex-Girlfriend

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Does it seem like everything you do to get your

ex-girlfriend back only drives her further away?


When you’re fed up with hearing your friends’ and family’s advice to just “move on” and “forget about her,” and when you’re sick of getting nowhere with your ex-girlfriend and running across scammy manipulation tactics to trick her into coming back to you, I’d like to introduce you to…


The Ex Solution Program

This comprehensive program will show you how you can change your thinking and transform the results you are getting with your ex-girlfriend, end the suffering of heartbreak, and ensure that you help you find your own confidence again.


Does it seem like all the information

you’ve been reading about doesn’t

really address the real problem

with your break up?

My name is Clay Andrews and I know exactly the frustration you’re feeling.

Several years ago, I got dumped by my girlfriend.  I was desperate to get her back.  I tried pretty much everything from calling her several times per day to begging and pleading for her to come back (not my proudest moment).  All of my friends and family just told me to “move on” and that there are “plenty of other fish in the sea.”

That wasn’t enough for me.

I even started searching online, and to be quite honest, I was insulted by the things I saw that promised that I could manipulate my ex-girlfriend back to me by using reverse psychology, covert persuasion tactics, or even hypnotizing her.

I didn’t want to get her back by making her do things against her will.  I’m just an ordinary guy and all I wanted was just to be loved for who I am, not because I could “hack” my ex-girlfriend’s brain.

Anyway, I studied everything I could about personal development, dating, and relationships, and I discovered that by actually changing your own personal beliefs and mindset, you can actually get your ex-girlfriend back to you in a completely ethical way that will leave you both feeling good as you come back together and rebuild your relationship.

My partner Mika Maddela and I have compiled everything I learned into the Ex Solution Program to help regular guys like you discover how to get their ex-girlfriend back without tricking her or manipulating her with questionable coercion or underhanded shenanigans.


Inside you will discover:

How to overcome heartbreak and develop an unshakable sense of confidence in yourself.


How to stop hanging on your ex-girlfriend’s every word (once you do this, don’t be surprised if your girlfriend finally opens up to you and you can have a deep and real conversation)


How you can wake up to things you may not even be aware of that are actually pushing your girlfriend away from you and sabotaging your relationship.


How to avoid being a push-over Nice Guy without coming off as a boneheaded Jerk (once you step into a third option, you’ll be able to really inspire her devotion to you)


One simple trick that will suck the negative emotions out of you and help soothe your mind


4 things that guys do that make them totally blow it when they talk to their ex and result in awkward silences and stalled conversations


A step-by-step blueprint that will show you how to get her back. You’ll never feel confused or unsure about what to do next again.


You’ll discover how to bring up the subject of getting back together without coming of as desperate or begging for her to come back.


How to literally burn away negative feelings and leave yourself feeling euphoric for days on end.


3 ways to tell if your ex-girlfriend still likes you (and why that doesn’t even matter)


What to do if you were in a long distance relationship (like I was)


What to do if she’s already seeing someone new and how to let the other guy do all the hard work for you by pushing her right into your arms.


How to make your relationship better than it was the first time around so that you never have to worry about another break up

How to avoid, diffuse, and deflect common relationship problems that may have been responsible for your break up
What you’ll get
Ex Solution Program PDF eBook available for instant download.
This eBook is jam-packed with all the information you need to transform how your girlfriend sees you by changing your own thinking.

It will show you how to master your mindset to overcome heartbreak, enjoy uplifting interactions with your girlfriend, and enjoy rebuilding your relationship together.

What’s better is that this is completely downloadable.  I know what it is like to stay up all night tossing and turning because you can’t get those thoughts of her out of your mind.  With this, you can get started right away (even at 3:00 AM).
Relaxation Mediation MP3
This relaxation mediation will allow you talk your mind and your body as you take your thoughts away from the pain of your break up and back into the present moment.
Funnel Meditation MP3
This recording will allow you to release any negative emotions you are experiencing about your girlfriend, your break up, or your relationship.

With just a few minutes of doing this, you’ll be able to let go of feelings of rejection, anger, fear, loneliness, or any other negative feeling.
Email Action Missions
You’ll never feel lost or confused.  You’ll receive regular emails with specific actions that you can take each day to help you implement this system and cultivate the mindset you need to get her back.

Each message is brief and to-the-point, giving you actionable things you can do to move you in the right direction.
60-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee
I know what it is like to be where you’re at right now.  The last thing I want is for you to feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth on top of all the pain you’re going through.

So, I’m offering a 60-day money-back guarantee.  If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the Ex Solution Program, just shoot me an email and I’ll happily return your money.  No hard feelings.

The Ex Solution Program is NOT…

Underhanded manipulation, trickery, or coercion to bamboozle your ex-girlfirned against her will into a relationship that she doesn’t want.

Feel-good fluff that will only make you feel good for a day or two and then leave you exactly where you are now, still lost, confused, and frustrated.
A band-aid quick-fix that doesn’t deal with the real problems that caused your break up on only gives you the appearance of being someone you’re not.

You have a choice to make:

You can either keep doing what you’re doing right now, trying to “wing it” and dealing with feelings of frustration, not knowing what to do next, and feeling at the whims of your ex-girlfriend’s every word and action.


You can take action to follow a proven plan that will address the root cause of your break up, help you master the mindset you need to get your ex-girlfriend back and get you on the right track toward building a better and stronger relationship than you had before.

[Click here to download the Ex Solution Program for only ](http://1.esprogram.pay.clickbank.net)

[$47, ](http://1.esprogram.pay.clickbank.net)[before it’s too late and your ](http://1.esprogram.pay.clickbank.net)[ ](http://1.esprogram.pay.clickbank.net)

[“window of opportunity” closes forever. Download now.](http://1.esprogram.pay.clickbank.net)

60-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

I am completely confident that you will get your ex-girlfriend back with the Ex Solution Program Men’s Edition.

However, if for any reason you aren’t happy with the Ex Solution Program Men’s Edition, I strongly encourage you to contact me and get your money back.

I’ve got a 60-day guarantee, which should be plenty of time to make sure that you start to see the results you’re looking for.  There really is no risk to you whatsoever.


Yes, I want to get access to the Ex Solution Program Men’s Edition for only $47.

I will be able to instantly download the Ex Solution Program and get started right away and receive access to:
Ex Solution Program Men’s Edition eBook to help me master my mindset Relaxation Meditation recording to help me relax my mind and body Funnel Exercise recording to help me eliminate negative emotions Email Action Missions that will show me exactly what I need to do every step of the way



PS: Every moment that you wait, you are only losing your ex-girlfriend more and more.  Unless you take action, it is only a matter of time before she meets a new man who will make her smile and who she will fall in love with and build new loving memories together with.

If you’re not satisfied just ending up as another faded memory in her life, I urge you act now and [give the Ex Solution Program a try](http://1.esprogram.pay.clickbank.net) for only $47.

[Contact Us](http://exsolutionprogram.com/contact-us/)

© 2011 Ex Solution Program

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