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Learn the Skills that a "Pick-Up Artist" Could Never Teach You...Skills that Let You Score with your Date FAST!

 I’ll show you the exact steps and specific directions to helping you connect to your date faster, building a instant connection, increasing trust and having your date literally begging you to take her clothes off and touch her whole body without even resisting….. and you don’t have to be smooth talking or know any “pick up artist” tricks  to do it…

Hi my name is Trace Loft,

No I’m not another “Pick Up Artist Guru” I’m just a ordinary guy like you…Yes I have studied lots of Pick Up Artist Books, Tapes, courses..I even have taken enough notes to probably write a small book. However, if you are anything like me.. you probably found yourself frustrated quickly by finding out that learning ALL those slick “pick up lines” might work sometimes BUT they only go so far when you meet someone.

There really isn’t connection beyound the smooth talking most dating “experts” say you need to master..and let’s be honest, if you end up bringing someone home..do you just want to talk all night and hide behind fake lines? Trust me, when she catches on to “THE GAME”  Do you think she is just going to want to play video games or whatever you usually do for fun? NO!

It’s really not your fault, I mean we go out and try to act like we are some casanova just because we learned some “cocky and funny” Pick up artist techniques …. the reality is we have no clue what to do in order to develop the trust and connection to take it to the next level with the ladies.  Like I said before, being good at memorizing pick up lines, playing video games, surfing the net or chating with girls online does nothing for your ability to Score in real life!

That’s why I decided to put out this Massage Your Date course that fixes all the problems us normal guys have with Scoring with a Date.

 Several years ago I discovered the Art of Massage Therapy..little did I know at the time, paying over $10,000 in Massage courses and studying my ass off for what was originally intended on being a Professional career as a Licensed Massage Therapist for me to make a living. It ended up becoming the hidden ingredient to my troubles with Scoring with women…..

Through my studying and practicing, I discovered quiet a few almost “God like” powers Professional Style Massages Unleashed!

For starter’s Professional Massage is scientifically proven to release a chemical in the body called Oxytocin!

 Oxytocin is commonly refferd to as the “Cuddling Hormone”!

I almost pissed on myself when I found this out! What this means to guys like you and I is… that when we are able to touch a woman in a certain and specific way like I teach in my Massage Your Date course…you are litererally changing the way a woman thinks about you on the molecular level without her even realizing it!

Now that is Truly a Super Power that you can possess in your own two hands!

The Big “Ah Ha!” That Changed Everything For Me!
It’s why “Professional Massage” ROCKS and “Erotic Massage” SUCKS

Your are Probably wondering why I keep Referring to “Professional Massage” and not “Erotic Massage” It all has to do with the Intent of the Massage..Now I know what you are thinking..that you want to get  all EROTIC with your date and don’t worry, you will be ..However, Erotic Massage is the last thing you want to do..SERIOUSLY!

Erotic massage is something that old couples do to spice up their boring crappy sex life with each other because they’ve been together for ages and think that lighting up a candle and rubbing oil on each other does something magical..hahahaha…it’s totally NOT the route you want to take.

On the other hand, a Professional Massage with the Right Intention like I teach in My Massage Your Date Course will give You a Feeling of Control and Make you seem like a Gift from God in her eyes.

Why does this happen?? Well… it’s because of a fancy Universal Law called Reciprocity!

In other words you have to GIVE to GET

When you give a Professional Massage like I teach in my course…your focus is 100% on her.. you are being selfless.. you are making her feel important, relaxed, comfortable, and putting her into euphoric mindset all at once! All with the Power of in your own Hands!

To be completly honest..you will have done something that NO other man has ever done for her in her whole life! This woman is going to feel SO indebted and gratefull to you that she will be giving you back 500% more then you just gave her…that’s some seriouse RECIPROCITY…she basically has no choice.. it’s plain out human nature for her to want to reciprocate all those AMAZING feelings back to you and with one of the most pleasurable acts possiible that she knows of.. SEX!!!

In My Massage Your Date Course I actually teach you step by step how you can have her completly naked in 30minutes or less and if done with the right “Intent” like I show you… it all can start from a quick little 4 minute back massage routine that’s the perfect “starter”

You won’t find this kind of information in any other escalation course on how to take it to the Next Level with your Date- I Guarantee It.

Most men and most dating “experts” just focus on teaching you how to “talk” to women and not really how to go about making them connect, bond and trust you FAST after you have captured their attention and brought them back to your place- you want to have a way to naturally escalate your date to actually having them wanting you to take off their clothes with NO resistance.

I went on a personal mission and spent over a year compiling all my personal massage notes and routines studying everything I learned from spending $10g’s at massage school and my personal experience from massaging 100’s of women getting the exact method down to having women to literally peel their clothes off in 30 mintues.

I’m not kidding around with you I learned all this stuff the long and expenisve way. You won’t find this kind of information in any other course I guarantee it.

 That’s why I decided to put all I learned into a Step-by-Step Video Course so I could teach you exactly the RIGHT things to do at a fraction of the price and time it took me to learn. And that Course is “Massage Your Date” 

IMAGINE Being able to Easily do THIS!

You Start off with her fully clothed and having no idea to what to expect! Little does she know with the techniques I show you in my course..that she will be hit with good dose of Oxytocin Hormone and you will Notice her responding to your touch!

 Within a few moments- She will be trusting every move you make and you’ll find her Quickly helping you take off her clothes so you can Continue your Massage with the step-by-step method I teach you.

Before you even realize it, she is almost completley naked and you have her feeling amazing! You have found yourself becoming a massage God that No woman can resist at this point!

The Only Real Done-For-You Massage Online Course


Here’s What’s Included In Your Massage Your Date Online Course.

 The program is a online home study course containing step-by-step High Definition DVD Quality videos showing you exactly how to become a Massage God that No woman can resist just by harnessing the power and intent in your two own hands.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In the Get Your Date Naked Section

The Full Massage Your Date Routine

Here you are going to see how a massage works in real time with no interruptions. This lesson is so that you can see the big picture.  I will break down the steps in subsequent lessons but this one is to let you get a feel for how you will Massage Your Date in real life.

Learning and mastering this sprecially crafted Massage Routine will have your date completly nakes in less then 30 minutes!

Lesson 1 – The Hands Strokes

The magic of massage is in your hands.  So if you are going to work magic you must know how to use your hands.  You need to know which strokes to use and when and where to use them to get the maximum response.

In this video you will learn seven different strokes which will turn your hands into magic tools that can make a woman’s body feel pleasure that she could not even imagine. 

All the strokes are broken down and clearly demonstrated so that you will be able to use them almost immediately.  This video will teach you how to turn your hands into magic.

Lesson 2 – The Foot Massage.

I am not sure why it is but most women put their feet through hell.  They wear shoes that are not comfortable – too tight or heels too high – or they stand on them too much during the working day.  Well guess what, by the end of the day most women have feet that are tired and aching.  Want to be a hero? Give her a foot massage. 

First, she will absolutely love it.  And then she will look for ways to return the favor.

In this video you will learn the tricks to giving an awesome foot massage.  You will learn how to use hot towels to clean (without her even knowing it) and relax the foot.  And after she experiences the magic of a foot massage do you think she will let you stop there?
Lesson 3 – The Back Massage

She is now feeling so good the next part of the body you will work on is the back.  This video teaches you how to massage the back, the strokes to use and the areas to avoid. There is a very simple trick to getting her to take her shirt off. 

You will learn to take your time, ask how she is feeling and how to keep moving toward your ultimate goal.  The back is very non-threatening. You must get really good at giving a back massage because this is like opening the door to the rest of her body.

 Lesson 4 – The Clothed Butt and Legs

You are not quite ready for her to take too many of her clothes off just yet.  Well you may be ready but she is probably not. So you need to transition, keep building trust and pleasure. That is exactly what you will learn to do in this video.

You will learn the ways to massage her legs and butt over her clothes in order to get her use to you touching her in those sensitive areas  without becoming uptight or uncomfortable.  


Lesson 5 – Removing The Pants Trick.

Once she feels the pleasure of the legs and butt massage with her clothes on, she is going to realize how much better things will feel without her clothes coming between your magic fingers and her skin.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to get those jeans (or whatever she is wearing) off. And if you go about it the wrong way, you will kill the magic.  So this video teaches you the right approach.



Lesson 6 – Butt and Legs with No Clothes

Try to stay calm.  This video teaches you the proper techniques for massaging the legs and butt while she is only wearing her underwear.  You are still focused on giving her pleasure.  Don’t rush things or you will alarm her. 

Learn how to do it right…and if you do i like I teach you..she will let you put your hands practacly anywhere you want!



Lesson 7 – Top of The Legs with No Clothes

You really have her yearning for your touch.  But let the pleasure build.  Slow down and let the magic in your hands work for you. 

This video teaches you how get her to turn over so she is facing you. It can be really powerful to see her face and realize the pleasure you are giving her.

Also, this video teaches you the proper way to massage the top of the legs and continue the adventure.

Lession 8 – Chest, Arm, and Hands

Next Your will transition to the upper body and massage the upper chest, arms and hands!

Doing this correctly will show her that you have control
patience and the skills 90% other men will never have.

Massaging the chest can be a tricky area but with my course she will have no problem letting you because you won’t be fumbling around like a fool.


Lesson 9 – The Finisher

If you have followed what I have been teaching so far, you are now ready for the finisher.  I will teach you how to finish the massage and showing you how to easily remove that last peice of clothing with so much ease that she will never resist…and  What you do after the massage is up to you. 

Here’s What You’ll Learn In The Massage Set Up Section

Learn How To Use Oil and Lotions For a Massage

One thing that immediately separates a professional massage from any other is the use of oils and lotions.  Contrary to what most people think, lathering someone up with oils and lotions is not professional and doesn’t feel good.  No one wants to feel like they have been dipped in Crisco oil.

She is not going to feel relaxed if she is worried about her clothes being ruined by a glob of lotion. 

This video goes into the types of oil to use – the ones to stay away from and why.

I’m going to show you exactly how to apply lotion to the skin and body in a way that will leave her feeling silky smooth and enhance her experience.
Taking Care of Your Hands

Just like anything else in life, there are some small little details that make a huge difference.

In this less I’m going to tell you about some quick little things you should do before you start giving a massage.
These hand caring tips are going to make it a lot easier to quickly get your hands ready for giving a massage.



The Hot Towel SPA Foot Wrap

In this section you will learn how to prepare the hot towels for the foot massage. You don’t want to skip this..it will impress the pants off your date!

I learned this Top Secret Technique from working in a Very high end Spa that women pay a lot of money to have done to them. It literally only takes seconds to set up.. and adds a sensation to her feet that will litterally having feel like the luckiest woman on the planet!

This is also a great way to secretly clean her feet off before you touch them without her even knowing!
Making Your Hands Smoother

You will not be able to give a relaxing, soothing massage if your hands are like sandpaper.  So what do you do?  It is a lot simpler than you think.

This is another High End Spa Secret! When ever you give a massage you are going to make sure that your hands are extreemly smooth. Doing this will make any calluses instantly dissapear making your hands smooth and less ruff.

This lesson will show you how to almost instantly make your hands Super Smooth in less then 30 seconds!



Here’s What You’ll Learn In Quick Start Course Section

The Quick Start Seated Chair Massage Routine

The most difficult part of any task is getting started.
It does not matter if you are talking about building a birdhouse, constructing a complicated spreadsheet or massaging your date. 

We all have trouble getting started. Once we get going, we are generally okay. But we are often afraid of starting on the wrong foot and striking out before we even get started….I know the feeling. 

So I created this video to give you a quick, easy and extremely safe way to start.  I call this the seated chair massage routine and it is the perfect way to show off your massage skills.  And you can use this massage any time and any place.  You can even use this on someone you have just met.

It is a perfect way to “break the ice”.  It is very safe because it is non-threatening.  And it clearly demonstrates that there are more and better massages in the future. You will want to master this massage and put it to use immediately. Bonus – Advanced Head and Neck Massage
Just like the chair massage, the neck massage can be given any time and any place.  It is very relaxing and stress relieving.  And it can and will lead to more exciting massages once you let her know how pleasurable a professional massage can be.

Like all the massage techniques, this one shows you how to give a professional massage.  Lots of men can just rub a woman’s neck.  But that does not give the deep satisfaction that a professional massage will.

A great way to build trust and make a stronger connection which will lead to more intimate massages.



Let me ask you a question…

How Much Would You Pay To Have The Magic Powers Unleashed In Your Own Two Hands To Make A Women Literally Want You To Touch Her Whole Body?

At first I was gonna make this a super high-end product.

I mean, I literally spent over $10,000 of my money and time learning this stuff and if I can transform you into a Massage God that No woman Can Resist with my easy to follow step-by-step videos… Then it’s easily worth a couple thousand dollars.

In fact, at first I was gonna offer it only to five people in the form of a high-end in personal coaching program and charge $3,000 for it… and this information is EASILY worth that much.

But here’s the thing… I don’t want to run a “in-person coaching group” right now because I’m really enjoying my current life style.

So here’s what I’ve done for you…

I’ve put the whole course together, including every single thing I know in an online “members only” portal for you…
The portal is loaded with High Definition step-by-step easy to follow videos showing you EXACTLY what to do.

but I quite frankly only want to deal with men who see the value in what I’m teaching … so this might not be right for you.  If you really aren’t willing to give before you get, then this is probably not for you.  If you think all you need is a couple of fancy “pick-up lines” then you probably will not take the time to learn and put into practice what I am teaching.  Hey this works like magic but only if you do it right. So if you are not willing to follow instructions and do things a certain way, I probably can’t help you.

Here’s How It Works!

You’re getting access to my entire acclaimed Massage Your Date Course today PLUS all the bonuses … You have  30 days to test my breakthrough methods to connect to women faster and get the advantage and confidence you deserve from using this easy system.



If you decide it isn’t for you, just send me an email within 30 days and you’ll never be charged a single dime.


My email address is MassageYourDate  (@) gmail.com. I won’t ask you to jump through any hoops, answer any questions, or do anything. Your word is gold with me.

Regular Price $179.00

You may still have questions or be a bit uncertain, so let me take all the risk. 

If you are not 100% satisfied and totally convinced that this will improve your ability to connect with women

Here is my no questions asked, Iron Clad Guarantee.

Try my Massage Your Date Program for a FULL 60 days. If you are not 100% satisfied and totally convinced that this will improve your ability to connect with women, then just drop me an email and I will refund your full purchase price – no questions asked.


This much is certain, For the rest of your single life you’re going to meet  women and have the opportunity to bring them home.

The Questions is.. are you going to have the skills that it takes to connect with her Quickly escalate the situation to the next level FAST? Or you going to get keep getting frustrated and lack the skills and confidence to never succeed with getting physical with your date?

I can assure you that you’ll be able to use the techniques you’ll learn in my program to connect to more women Faster and with more confidence!

Krypton123 says:

 Life changing video. Hope these video’s can help more people around the world. I want to subscribe on anything you offer. To all guys out there who wants to be the man of your life and who wants to take control of the situation. This guy has a gift and he is willing to share it to us  don’t hesitate to learn from him.

Jefferson says:

I do have lots of girl friends though I am still inexperienced when it comes to this stuff. Wanna say thank you for Making this video course . You are truly man of God! I very feel confident and have great results with using the Massage your Date method

Chick Magnet says:

After trying this course out, my date keeps on asking me to massage her and its really true she automatically removes her shirt without me asking her to remove it. Ohh… God! You’re a blessing my friend!

Kevin says:
My girl wants to say thank you because me and my girl had a great time last night. She asked where I learned this and I said the link. She said it’s a good thing that I’ve watched the video and she wants me to do it again and again and again and again… Thanks again!

Bartender says:

Tried and I was shocked with the results! It was AWESOME!! It’s really true… A million thanks!

Mike says:

Where was this course when I was in college??? Oh well don’t Hate the player hate the Game!

George says:

I found much of your site pleasing and amusing! My date feels comfortable and confident with my hands. They all wonder how I learned it.

Joe says:

This one has been a proven course! I did this with my wife. She told me that she had deep sleep which is quite rare for her. It has a lasting effect and she thanked me in a special way when she woke up!

Eric says:

During a small fight between Jen and I, I’ve tried to wheedle her through applying this massage lessons and it never failed me. My girl enjoyed it and we turned out doing sweet stuffs.
Samson says:

This was  superb training and would recommend to my friends.
Every guys out there should undergo training with this guy he has a gift.

Joe says:

This is one great way of relaxing and making your girl, date or wife feel so comfortable. It provides procedures on how to make your woman feels better in a creative and fun way!

Billy says:

 This course has been a big help especially when you’re courting a girl. Think about it!

Vaughn says:

I had tried all your tips from the very first up to now. One word-AWESOME! I have really had some interesting and fun nights from using all you massage lessons.

Willard says:

Tying to win a girl? Bring her to heaven through this magical massage lessons. You’ll probably turn her on. Do it now!

Gerome says:

I’ve been courting a girl for over a year and guess what? Since I started giving her massage, I finally hear her say YES! I owe so much to this man, thanks for all your lessons.

Cyril says:

I gave my girl a massage as a peace offering when I arrived late on our date. She forgot about the late issue and we both had a great day.


Now You Can Access My Entire Massage Your Date System  for Just Pennies, But HURRY Because This Special Offer Is Limited To…

The Next 30 17 Buyers Only



I look forward to seeing you inside and helping and teaching you skills that will last you a life time!

Trace Loft

PS – Still not sure.  Ask yourself this question, “What is going to change about my ability to connect unless I make some changes in my approach?”  You see if you continue doing the same things you have always done, you are going to get the same results you have always gotten.  If you don’t change your approach, you have no chance of changing your results.

This product is 100% digital; no hard products will be shipped.

NOTE:  As soon as you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the material to watch on your computer. The course works on both Mac and PC
*videos will not work on iPad or ipod.




Claim Your Copy on Sale Here!

Get Complete Access with Just One Payment of $97.00! 

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