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The mans guide to relationships. After all the literature that is aimed at women, finally we have something that is aimed at us. Written by a man, for men! This is an e-book with a personal touch.

The definitive guide to relationships for men on the web. Based on years of experience of the author himself, Jude Mahoney, this book is quite simply, your best friend.

If you don't want to lose your wife or loved one, but feel that your relationship is growing stale or that you're growing apart, then this book is for you.

For those men that end up in the "friend zone" all too often, for those who are tired of repeated relationships with the wrong people and for those who simply want more out of their existing relationships, read on...


Written in a logical, no nonsense format that makes sense. Individual sections include notes from my own relationships and mistakes I've made. 

I made them, so you don't have to!

Make no mistake, this book was compiled on 15 years worth of relationship experience. Having separated from my wife, lost regular access to my kids, my home, the reason I did my job, and all our future plans, it can and is possible to have lasting, fulfilling relationships. I put my life into perspective, thought about what I'd done right, what had gone wrong and where I could improve in the future.

Below is a list of all the sections within the book. No hidden nonsense, no promises of "secret" techniques, just good old honest common sense and pragmatism, all written down in one book!

The book starts with working on yourself and your own happiness and "pre-relationship" before moving onto "relationship" and then "post relationship"


Pre relationship - your own happinessHappiness and human givensHappiness and meKnowing yourself - useful tools and tipsEyes wide openNew relationships and meWhere to meet peopleFirst date tipsRelationshipsRelationships do's and don'tsThe cornerstone of any relationshipTrustWhat to do when trust has been brokenTrust and meCommunicationCommunication and meFinance Finance and meRelationships and sexSex and IRespectRespect and IConflict resolution and argumentsFramework for conversationPlay/quality timeRelationships recapPost relationshipSeparation and breakupReconciliationFramework of separationSuccessSummary of successSummary - So what does it all mean?

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Just some of the postive feedback from customers

I'm fed up of ending up in the "friendzone" with women, I'd done it for years. Having purchased this book and contacted Jude for advice, I can't emphasize enough just how useful it has been.
James Kinnersley
Library assistant




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