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I Walk the Streets Alone



I Walk the Streets Alone is Jason Mefford's first published book of
poetry, with an intermixing of some of his artwork. This incredible
collection of poetry spans a 20 year time period early in Jason's
career. This version is a color pdf format that can be viewed with any
pdf viewing software.

Here are a few excerpts from I Walk the Streets Alone to show you the
quality of the poetry included in this book.

"Luck of my Love"

You my love are Irish, plainly through and through
They say the Irish are lucky, I guess it must be true
Corned beef, cabbage, the lucky clover too
But maybe I'm the lucky one to have you next to me
Whoever may be luckiest, I'm just happy to be
Your husband and your parter, the one who loves you true
Remember on the clover, four leaves and green of hue
Reminds you of my love and how lucky I am to be with you


"You Know I am a Loner"

You know I am a loner
One who often walks alone.
I need no interaction
From foreign land or home.
To bring me peace,
To ease my mind,
For me to be content.
I draw my strength and energy
From within my fleshy breast.

But also in that fleshy breast
A heart does there reside.
To pump my blood,
The stuff of life,
That through my body flows.
The blood it keeps me living
And warms me through and through,
Since through my heart
The blood is pumped,
A part of you is mixed.
For you are in my heart,
You, and only you.
And while I be a loner,
Content being on my own
I can live without you,
But I don't want to.


"Hunting Crane"

Swaying to and fro,
Neck extended and orange dagger exposed.
Long, black legs and creamy white torso
Creep carefully through the vegetation.
Searching, seeking, desiring a tiny morsel
That seeks to not be found.
Then quickly and expertly the dagger slashes
Rendering its prey inoperable
Clenched in its sharp, vise-like grip
On its way to the dark abyss.
Satisfied, flowing wings extend and carry
The crane to its next adventure.

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