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Welcome to childrenguitarlessons.com!

  Does your child want to start playing the guitar?
Are you looking for a fun and responsible guitar teacher?
Then search no more!

Your child can start playing the guitar online with you in the comfort of your own home with a fun and responsible approach. With the right amount of effort and supervision, your child can learn to play the guitar with entertainment of hilarious characters.
If you are curious to have a taste of what CLG has to offer, then check out some of the trial lessons to get an impression of your new guitar instructors!

  Price   Below are written some of prices of the guitar volumes.
Once you have purchased a volume you can view it 24/7 wherever you wish.   volume price in US$ click   Chord progressions in G US$ 11.99 [](http://10001.daniel198.pay.clickbank.net/)   Chord progressions in C US$ 11.99 [](http://10002.daniel198.pay.clickbank.net/)   Chord progression in G7 US$ 5,95 [](http://10003.daniel198.pay.clickbank.net/)   Essential lessons US$ 11.99 [](http://10004.daniel198.pay.clickbank.net/)   Jingle bells US$ 11.99 [](http://10005.daniel198.pay.clickbank.net/)   Love me tender - Elvis Presley US$ 11.99 [](http://10006.daniel198.pay.clickbank.net/)   Beethoven - Ode to joy US$ 11.99 [](http://10007.daniel198.pay.clickbank.net/)   Files format   I recommend using Windows XP/Vista or 7. Other OS might also work but I'm not so sure about older versions of windows and MAC users. What's most important that you get a Paypal account. You can't purchase any lessons without a Paypal account. For more instructions on how to get a Paypal account just go to their website:
http://www.paypal.com   You will probably not need to install any lot of software in order to access the website unless they are missing out on some standard software such as:

Adobe reader for reading sheet music. (PDF files)
Software for reading ZIP files is probably built in most windows versions but if not you can use programs such as Powerarchiver or win-zip
MS office or open office will work just as well.
WMA files are also available. Windows media player will work but MAC users might want to install converting software or a specific codec that reads those files.
  Geographic regions   Works in every region. However, if you cannot get a Paypal ID in your country then you will not be able to transfer a payment.   Product delivery   Everything is delivered online.   Contact me   For any comments or any questions at all, feel free to send me an e-mail at my contact page: http://www.childrenguitarlessons.com/Contact-Us

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