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“New Book Shows You How to Quickly, Easily and Successfully Manufacture and Import From China”


Dear Aspiring Importer,

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that manufacturing and importing from China offers some very unique rewards and challenges.

If you want to produce your product in large quantities, you know you can’t realistically make it yourself.  You also want to make money selling your product online. The economic reality is that it is probably too expensive to have your product made locally.  Manufacturing your product in China makes great financial sense. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of finding a factory to make your product.

And it’s more than just selecting an overseas manufacturer. You also have to manage the production process from half a world away and communicate with people who don’t speak your language well, if at all.  And how do you get the product from China to your country and then to your customers?

Expert Guidance for Your Most Critical Decisions

I know exactly how hard it is to find solid, reliable information so you can make the critical decisions – decisions that impact your bottom line.

When I was entering the world of importing there wasn’t much help or guidance. There still isn’t. Sure there are plenty of “experts” willing to charge you enormous sums of money for their advice.

But when every dollar counts, hiring a consultant just doesn’t fit into your budget. While the challenges and decisions you’re facing may make it seem like you don’t have a choice – I’m here to tell you that you can do it on your own.

I felt the same way when I was starting out.  Now you can reap the benefits of my on the job training.

Common Sense Information You Can Start Using Today

Importing and manufacturing from China can be complicated. That’s why I’ve written a book specifically for people like you; people who want to start their own businesses.

Introducing…. The China Import Guide

“The China Import Guide” is the book I wish was available when I began my career as an importer.  This guide takes you from your first glimmer of an idea all the way through delivering your fantastic product to your satisfied customers.  I’ll hold your hand through every step along the way.  The advice and resources in this book would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars if you hired a consultant.  I wrote this book because I know the importance of your bottom line.  You want to manufacture in China to save money on production costs and boost your earnings.  This book allows you to do just that.

Real World Experience

The processes and advice I share in “The China Import Guide” come from real-world experience.  My career as an importer started in New York City while working for a manufacturing company.  Over the course of my career I’ve developed working relationships with some of the most recognized manufacturers in the world.  I have managed the manufacture of specialty products in a wide variety of countries, including England, Italy, Korea, India, Dubai and, of course, China.

Over time I honed my skills, processes and tools finally settling into a niche for which I continue to feel a great passion: children’s fine art and decorative products.  In 2005 I launched my own company to design and manufacture collections of decorative photo frames.  I used my experience to successfully produce and import these product lines from China.  This is what led me to write “The China Import Guide.” You are getting the benefit of my real-world experience.


I have intimate knowledge of the myriad details you need to track and the complications that can arise in the manufacturing and import business.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge with other artists and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products.


You can benefit from my experience to get organized, anticipate and avoid potential problems – ultimately turning your business idea into a solid, high-quality salable product.


Using “The China Import Guide” as a road map through your first foray into the importing world means you can piggy back on my successes and, let’s face it, my mistakes.  With this book you can turn your dream into your reality.

Inside the Pages of The China Import Guide, You’ll Discover:
How to choose your niche market and develop your product idea.  This is the basis of your business and it makes sense to take the time to really do your market research.  You’ll also learn  the pros and cons of manufacturing in China to help you decide if it truly is your best option. Everything you need to know about using and choosing an Import Agent.  Sometimes it does make sense to hire an expert to help you find a factory and manage production. Learn how to choose the best agent for your needs. How to develop a timeline for the manufacturing process.  This timeline will help keep you focused and on track with a realistic idea of how long each phase of the process should take.  This timeline is your roadmap through the production process and allows you to be in control every step along the way.  How to select a supplier.  It is one thing to have an idea in your head or on a sketchpad but another one all together to tell someone else how to make it.  You’ll learn how to find potential suppliers and I’ll walk you through the daunting process of choosing the one that best fits your needs.  How to create detailed product specifications that are integral to creating a realistic price quote.  You want to make your factory selection based on the best information possible.   The product specs force you to consider every single thing that must go into creating a high-quality salable item. How to negotiate an agreement on final price and what the actual product looks like. Create a PO (purchase order), which acts as the contract between you and the factory.  With my help you’ll make your way through the negotiation process and have a final sample of your finished product. How to perform quality control, production management, and inspection so that you receive a product that matches your original idea. Understand the important steps of managing the production process. Don’t make the mistake of signing off on a PO and hoping for the best. To ensure that the product you receive matches your final sample you have to take a very hands-on approach. Bring your product home so you can get it into the hands of your customers.  You’ll need to move your shipment from the factory to a port, onto a ship and into your country.  Learn how to manage these logistics like an expert. How to determine whether to store your inventory onsite or use a fulfillment center.  You have put so much time, effort and money into having your product made you don’t want to fall short where it really counts: delivering it to your paying clients. 

This book was written with you, the creative entrepreneur, in mind.  I’ll guide you from the very first glimmers of an idea all the way through delivering a high-quality product to your customer. “The China Import Guide” is more than a “how-to” book, it is also a workbook.  I strongly believe that it is not enough to just know what to do, you need to have the right tools for your best chance at success.  The advice and resources allow you to customize your plan so that it fits the unique needs of your business.


The China Import Guide is more than a How to Manual.

Over the course of my career I’ve assembled templates and resources that I’ve used time and time again.  Because I know how crucial these tools are and how hard it is to create these things from scratch, I made certain to include them in “The China Import Guide”.

In addition to the comprehensive step by step guide you also get:

Detailed timelines - so that you know exactly what tasks need doing and when.  This timeline ensures that you don’t miss any crucial details and that the project is moving steadily towards completion. Weekly checklists – ensure you don’t miss any crucial steps.  This checklist will become your constant companion throughout this whole process.   You’ll feel an extraordinary sense of accomplishment as you check off each task, knowing you are that much closer to receiving and selling your finished product. Item description checklist – It is challenging to create a description of your product that someone else can use to then make it.  Knowing this, I’ve including an item description checklist and examples of product details. Not only do these tools ensure your delivered product matches your original idea, it will help you really think through every aspect of your product.  You’ll capture every little detail with a high level of specificity so that someone in China can create your finished product to your specifications. Sample letters - Communicate effectively with the different players you’ll encounter.  With the sample letters I’ve included in “The China Import Guide”, you will know that you are communicating effectively with the factory.  Whether you are requesting a second price quote, drafting a cover letter for your PO or communicating with your freight forwarder you will cover all the necessary details to get your point across.  You are certain to address each and every important point crucial to getting the job done. “The China Import Guide” includes resources for finding reputable factories and manufacturers.  These are resources I’ve assembled over the course of my career.  This is a valuable asset you’ll turn to time and again.  Once you narrow down your list of potential manufacturers, you need to know how to evaluate their proposals. My formula for calculating landed costs will enable you reduce all the different factors into a final cost.  This formula ensures you don’t miss any crucial costs so that you are confident that you are working with accurate numbers. Throughout the process the manufacturer will create samples of the final product.  I’ve included examples of sample comments that are easily adaptable to your own situation.  If you don’t provide the right feedback to the factory your end product won’t match your original idea.   The examples and templates in “The China Import Guide” are the ones I successfully use in my own business. Just as you need to choose a manufacturer to make your product, you need to choose a freight forwarder to get that product to port.  I’ve developed a guide for Choosing Freight Forwarder to make this process as painless as possible. “The China Import Guide” was written to hold your hand through the entire process, which includes moving your product to your country.  You certainly do not want to pay to store your product at the port while you scramble to get your documents together.  To that end I have also created a list of all the import/export documents you need to secure.  These tools are designed to make this portion of the process as painless as possible. So many guides are filled with jargon and assume you already know the basic principles of manufacturing and importing products.  I have provided a comprehensive glossary full of terms used in “The China Import Guide” as well as other terms you are likely to encounter in this business.  I’ve also included a list of recommended reading to help prepare you as much as possible for this exciting adventure of manufacturing your product in China.

These are all tried and true resources and tools I’ve developed over sixteen years of doing business. All of these resources were developed throughout the course of my successful career.  These are tools I use time and time again in the course of my own business.  I know the challenges you face and the potential pitfalls. [ “The China Import Guide”](http://1.guidechina.pay.clickbank.net) was written to give you the benefit of my personal experience.  With the tools and resources in this guide you will do business like an experienced importer.

I designed this book to act as your virtual business consultant.  When you follow the step-by-step guidelines and utilize the amazing resources and tools you’ll have me holding your hand throughout the whole process.  This book takes the anxiety out of starting a successful import business. Before you know it you’ll be selling your amazing product on eBay and Amazon to rave reviews.


You can spend thousands of dollars hiring consultants or earning a degree in international business.  With “The China Import Guide” you don’t need to. You also don’t have to waste time and money on trial and error by starting the process from scratch.

Use this guide to become as knowledgeable as possible so that you are squarely in the driver’s seat of the manufacturing process.  You will learn when it makes sense to hire experts so that you aren’t at the mercy of expensive consultants.  Since you’ll have the knowledge and tools you will be firmly in control.

To Your Success![](http://www.thechinaimportguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/order-now-red.gif)



P.S. Don’t wait. Start reaching those elusive prospects before your competition gets a clue and beats you to it.


P.P.S. Remember, for only $27.97 you get all the templates, blueprints, samples, and checklists you need to manage every task along the way. The choice is yours. The time is now. Click [here](http://1.guidechina.pay.clickbank.net) to Order!


P.P.P.S. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied with the book, let me know and I’ll refund your money in full.

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