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Are You Aware Making Profits From The Forex Market Is A Truly Herculean Task….  But Today You Will Make Your Trades Count With – Forex Hercules

This legendary solution will elevate you to a God of Forex Trading -  ‘Strength in Signals’

Has It Ever Occurred To You That...
There are people online making ABSOLUTE MILLIONS in the foreign exchange market. There is a proven, service offering you “STRENGTH IN SIGNALS” ...this is a simple tried-and-tested “done-for-you/hands-free” AUTOMATED service

Christopher Alexander is about to personally make your trades, for you ensuring you are trading with over 40 years experience in a “no nonsense, no hassle” IMMORTAL system.


From: Christopher Alexander
Subject: The God’s of Forex Trading
Date: [Today’s Date Script]

Hello ,

I am here to welcome you to the possibilities of becoming a mighty forex trading GOD.

Today you’re sitting on your computer completely unaware that you’re about to drastically stack the odds in your favour in your quest to make quick-easy-money. This opportunity is too intriguing for you to let it pass you by.

As you read this letter you’ll soon discover the secrets that mean you’ll be stuffing money into your account faster than they can print it.

Imagine being able to:

Wake up every day without the annoying buzzing and beeping of your alarm clock as the bright sun shines in through the lush gaps in your silk curtains Have the rest of the day to spend with your loved ones and do the things you desire (like play tennis or listen to a vast music collection on your new iPhone)

Now I want you to be completely honest with yourself, have you ever considered this statement:

You have now. Plus the idea and potential of this very memorable and powerful statement is very intriguing to you. The more you consider it the more you want to know why you don’t have the immortal life of riches that you’ve always dreamed of.  You want to join them and make millions too.

They have something you've desired for so long...

Total freedom.

They can spend time with their family, buy what they want, take a vacation when they want, drive the car they desire... get the house they want.

As you begin to wonder... is it some kind of rich folk conspiracy?

Allow me to answer your query  “why are you doomed to just making ends meet, getting the bills in for the end of the month?” The answer is simple.

In the next few minutes you'll get access to 'easy street'. You'll be able to make the kind of money you dream about... without any risk.

You see, there's one market that prospers even in economic downturns. No matter what the President decides, no matter how many bosses lay-off workers...

...and no matter what happens anywhere in the world.

There’s absolutely no sense in waste countless hours of your own time trying to make sense of market trends and formulating unique algorithms.  As you keep reading - the more words you read the more convinced you become o
This mighty gift is not for people who think they're doomed to be stuck in a day job for eternity.

Still... quickly as flicking a switch... you can hop over to the 'other side' and join the swelling ranks of those who really do create wealth on demand. You see, there's one safe haven where you can create a fortune in your spare time.

I’m of course talking about forex trading.

Have every thing done on AUTOPILOTS without having to rely on robots and without any Forex trading experience Have a professional trader doing all the hard work for you

This is your chance to enter into the mighty Olympian world of the professional Forex trader, risk and stress free.

Let Me Tell You A Little Story About Greed In The Forex Industry And Why Forex Hercules Is Different...

There are many fake fraud traders in the online forex trading industry. Ancient Greeks used to tell this story to their children to teach them the value of wanting.

King Midas was king of Pessinus, a city of Phrygia, and was the richest in all the land. He also had a beautiful daughter called Marigold.

The king loved his gold. He loved gold more than anything, even more than Marigold some believed.

One day while he was in his gold room counting his stacks of sprinkling wealth, a fairy flew by and asked this potent question: “Oh King Midas, you are the richest King in the land. There is no king as wealthy as you. But if I were to offer you one wish: would you ask for more gold?

King Midas answered “If I were to have one wish I would wish that everything I touch turn to gold.”

And so it was. King Midas was overjoyed. He leapt up and began touching everything in sight. Watching in awe as in seconds it shone back at him with a beautiful glowing ambiance.  The King yelled out with joy. It was at this moment Marigold entered the room, startled by her Father’s joy. Midas grabbed her by the shoulder pointing to to the heaps of gold that were his. It was then...

King Midas stood back in fear as the terrible realisation of what had just happened dawned on him. His beautiful daughter Marigold stared back at him as a stiff and sad golden statue. The King’s greed had gotten the best of him. The Fairy uttered “Greed will be any man’s downfall.”

A lesson is to be learnt from this. You know the greedy gurus selling you fake products? They are pitching to greed. Offering you gold. We at Forex Hercules are not here to trick or fool you. I genuinely desire that you begin making money right away. After all...


You were sold indicators, which are nothing more than rosily packaged visual treats to the eyes.

To the untrained eye, the criss-cross running lines don’t make sense, and even so, the indicators only show ‘what happened in the past’.

The key point is that markets are not always driven by past performance.

Take for example EUR/USD currency pair. 1.3440 is considered to be pivotal and at several times in the past, the EURO has stopped at this level, yet breakouts were seen spanning in both directions. Will any indicator or Robot be able to foretell further movements with accuracy?

You know better than that. Of course they won’t.

The same goes for seminars and guides. You’re charged hefty fees – but they don’t deliver earnings to your bank account.

Wake up! There is no Magic Indicator and there are No Super-Human “Artificial Intelligence” Robots on this planet!

Marketing gurus are exploiting your psychology… they show you the carrot: the money, the security, a nice little holiday with your family… and that’s it, you’ve been tapped into instantly!

And if you haven’t learnt this already...

There Are No ‘NO LOSS Systems’ Available

Mark my words; there are no magic indicators, no mighty all-knowing system and no artificial robot that thinks and acts with human intelligence!

The Forex market is driven by varied and complex factors, way beyond the scope of indicators, robots and systems. Let’s check out some of the fundamental factors that only an expert FOREX trader with over 40 plus years experience can fully utilize:

Ø Central bank policy decisions

Ø Monetary policies

Ø Fiscal policies

Ø Economic conditions

Ø GDP growth

Ø Movement of other markets such as gold prices, crude oil prices

Ø Market sentiment and risk aversion.

Again, these factors are interrelated and unless the trader has solid experience and understands the inner core of the philosophy behind the FOREX system -  it is not possible to judge the market moves accurately.

Also note that since currencies are always traded in pairs, the complexities get multiplied two fold. I want you to become aware that this doesn’t have to be a problem for you. Soon you will be able to...


Don’t get disheartened, because in spite of all the complexities, Forex trading can be very lucrative indeed, provide your equipped with years of dedication and natural skill.

Say no to:

Ø Invalid indicators and robots

Ø Loss making Forex streaks

Ø Burning the midnight oil to study charts

Ø Risking money for small, inconsistent gains

Check one of my trades here.




I can’t wait to begin letting you in on our secret. How would you feel if we said that by the time you finish reading this page you will know all the secrets and tools you’ll ever need to know that will guarantee you can quit your job and make millions from home?

So before we ask you to think about what we’re about to say; how do you think your life would change if you realised it’s time to WAKE UP IT’S TIME TO GAIN THE STRENGTH OF A TITAN AND MAKE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT MORE GODLY THAN ZEUS!

On this page we’re going to show you EXACTLY how you can to this … starting today.

You’re already becoming very aware that something INCREDIBLE is approaching



You can either spend time gaining experience, losing precious years and thousands in the process or you can start EARNING RIGHT NOW by receiving life-changing identical automated trades exactly the same as myself.

I have been trading full time for the last 43 years.

My journey as a Forex trader began with a major bank. I worked with them for three years. The 39 years since then I have been mastering my craft working on some of the biggest products the world has ever seen.

“FAP Turbo” - The worlds greatest ever selling FOREX EA

This is just one of the many incredible products I have worked on and help innovate to the next level. Gaining experience working with the best in the world over the last ten years has helped me develop some precise manoeuvres and incredible role reversal techniques to turn any situation into a profitable one.

“We’re About To Shatter Some Of The Most Destructive Myths That Have Been Holding You Back From Achieving The Success You Deserve”

Before I tell you what I have on offer, let’s break down some of the common misconceived myths surrounding FOREX:


Traders are doubling and quadrupling money from the forex market on autopilot using basic EAs.


No Forex robots can ever make such large amounts of money. The Forex market is driven by complex variables. No robot can ever manoeuvre trading strategies in line with market trends.

I recently saw an very strongly advertised EA in the market and just for the heck of it - I purchased it. They also showed a video where the EA made 100% winning trades.


I disassembled the EA to check the codes. To my utter astonishment - the codes didn’t even last 5 lines… and the codes had no correlation whatsoever with the video exhibited as ‘Rock Solid’ proof!

 In order to earn income the safe way, the best recourse is to copy the trades of a professional trader in the higher echelon in real time!



All brokers play against traders

Well, this is another exaggeration, insensitively marketed by the so called Gurus!

Let me tell you, though you may not believe it, the big, reputed brokers are not working against you.

I'm talking about well-known companies with a worldwide reputation, the big renowned names!

Of course brokers, which appeared a couple of months ago, can throw a lot of tricks and can deceive traders.

There are instances where crooked brokers knowingly assured false statements in liaison with some of the big Forex vendors.

So, just make sure that you open accounts only with highly reputed companies, and if you have a big bank, then ideally you should go only with the investment banks.

If you still believe that the broker sees your stops and wants to specifically disrupt them!

Your 200, 500, 1000 or even 3000 bucks that you can lose in a single transaction is a drop in the ocean for the brokers, trust me!


Brokers make such money regularly within a few hours only on the commissions, honestly and without deceiving anyone.


So, make sure that if your risk is in the range of $10 000 to $15 000 per transaction, then go for a trusted broker or deal directly with the bank, as these guys value their reputation first.



Scalping is the fastest means to earn more money in Forex


Certainly not! On the contrary, if you want to lose your hard earned money quickly in 3 to 5 short trades, then scalping is the way to go!


What is scalping?

Scalping is a style of trading. It actually means trading a large number of transactions with small goals (2-5 points). Generally, scalpers have a high percentage of positive transactions.

 n demo accounts, scalpers increase the deposit very rapidly and substantially.


But let’s take a look at the other side of the coin.

Scalpers tend to have short goals (2-5 pips) and a big stop loss (some do not have them at all.) So, in spite of having a high percentage of winning trades, a single loss making trade is sufficient to wipe out the winnings from over 20 trades!


On the smallest market swing, a scalper could wipe your account clean with a series of 3-5 losing trades.


Beware! Scalpers are very sensitive to spread - changing and the spread of 1 pip can kill your account, where robots operate


Most importantly, brokers do not like traders who use robots scalpers.

I know many experienced traders and fund managers, and none of them put their trust in scalping. I do not know a single large player who uses scalping regularly.



Myth#4: The system or the EA you may have seen or bought the other day has impressive back testing results.

In reality back test results have no bearing on future performance of the robot or the EA. Every once in a while you will find an email in your inbox talking of ‘Changing the face of Forex Trading’ with its revolutionary blah, blah, blah!


Let’s face it. Back test results are curve fitted, and even if they are not, back test results are not achieved in a real-time, live market! So, if you see a product that shows just the back test results, simply ignore it.


Being a professional Forex trader for over 40 years now, it pains me no end to see the plight of innocent people being conned by lying and that’s the sole reason why I am offering this service.

There is no magical pill in the trading market! And believe me, there is no short cut to making money. Like any other profession, Forex trading is also demanding. You need to be trained and to devote all your time to trading and learning about Forex if you want to make safe, consistent results.

If you don’t wish to spend all of your time and energy in getting an understanding of the market - yet want to make reasonable earnings, there’s only one way, - Copy the trades of a professional trader!


Our Forex signals work to provide you with an accurate analysis of the market and the best possible instructions on how to deal with it. All you need to do is to wait for your Forex signals to arrive and watch the cash flood in!

Thеse unique Forex signals аrе formed аftеr analyzing several factors responsible fοr thе movement οf thе market. Thе fundamental analysis аѕ well аѕ thе technical analysis mау bе used tο fully utilise thе market conditions аnԁ several different indicators. They аrе used fοr identifying trends, entry аnԁ exit points, ѕtοр loss points, etc

Trading signals аrе thе universal solution fοr еνеrу trader. So without further delay, we present to you...


So friend. Perhaps you’re wondering what is this fabled money making machine? The more intelligent amongst you have discovered that the answer lies in signal trading.

As You Read The Following Words They Will Confirm The Strong Positive Feelings You’ve Already Experienced Involving A New Life-Changing Revolutionary Forex Signal Service

If you're struggling to make money from Forex, this confidential tool is exactly  what you need...  


⇒ Years of RESEARCH AND EXPERIENCE to GUARANTEE immense slippage protection
⇒ FREE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS with updated reviews and charts of the current market
⇒ Trade in three currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CAD

What If We Said You Won’t Need Any Training Or Basic Knowledge Of the Forex Signals Market And You Would Already Be Half Way To Making BIG Money!?

Forex Hercules is for real! You’re not dreaming. This fantastic opportunity is going to happen to you.

You will be earning money on autopilot, but minus the worries of your mindless robot going flat!  Our software works in perfect harmony with any of the MT4 brokers!

The draw-down is almost negligible. But the best part is you risk not more than 3% of your money on a single trade.

Yes, we strongly advise all our members to follow our stringent money management policy.

So, now you can enjoy life with your family, go about your routines and pursue your favorite hobby. Forex Hercules will trade for you at minimal risk to give you optimal returns.

What would you prefer: A roller coaster ride or a consistent steady flow of income for life?
Tell yourself what would you prefer. Say it over and over again.

Would you like to lose and win randomly or would you prefer to have a secure income for life?

From now on, you will not have to worry about the markets or having to pay your bills. You can change your lifestyle…lead a much better and profitable life!

Within 8 short clicks, you can download and install Forex Hercules.,

We really care for you and are aware of how utterly confusing the installation process can be. Don’t worry; Forex Hercules will be ready to perform within 8 short mouse clicks! No clumsy, confusing HTML or ex4 file involved.

You wouldn’t want to know how mad you’d be at yourself if you allowed yourself to miss out on this fantastic opportunity.  








I am no Superhero or juggler. I am a professional Forex trader

When you like me, start to benefit from my experience - analyzing the market and making professional and knowledgeable transactions - you’ll see a fantastic, jaw dropping change in your economical life.

Thanks to technological advances, you can now perform the same operations in hundreds of accounts spending very little time and effort. You too have the opportunity to hire a professional trader with extensive experience for a very small investment. Take a look at how effective Forex Hercules will be in your future success.


Please understand this: Auto Signals Pro is our "baby" so to speak. A "make-money-from-home" project of this magnitude has never been undertaken before and we are extremely proud of it.

We KNOW it works and we use it every day to make money. But it`s really not important what we think... it's important what YOU think!

They’re literally sat at their computers on-call right now waiting for you to sign up.

The passion and the experience of this team make this product a one in a million and once in a lifetime affair. It is also unique in terms of its execution. You will experience this as soon as you fire up the software. You will FEEL the difference in every screen and in every menu.

Now what's very important is that we are together in this... what you MUST realize is that this is     a WIN-WIN situation, but only if WE deliver or even OVER-DELIVER on our claims and promises.

If we make you, dear visitor SUCCEED... You are going to stay with us, help fuel further development, fill ours and obviously your wallet and everyone is going to be VERY happy... And trust us when we say.. That`s EXACTLY what you're going to experience withmes!

Simply subscribe to Forex Hercules, and leave the rest to me. My ownmoney is at stake. You will simply follow me. So, if you lose, I lose more, and being in this line for over 6 years now, I know better than that!

ed this project to some professional traders. Allowing them to make big money and us to test this syetm: we were flooded with people getting in touch and thanking us, showering us with touching messages and insane stories of incredible profit!

Here are a random few of the guys who sent us there success stories.

Plus: EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK AT SOME PRIVATE ACCOUNTS. See first-hand accounts of real guys making real money online!

Also, I want you to take a look at what my subscribers have to say about Forex Hercules:

Hey Mike,

I have been trying to get a foothold in Forex trading for the past 2 years. Nothing was working in my favor, and I had actually lost more than I made. (lol)
I subscribed to your news letter because it was free (lol) and tried trading with the signals you sent. I made small profits and that’s when I decided to sign up your services.

Amazing, I must say! I never knew I could make money by doing nothing. I feel so secure now that I have you by my side. You have the guts! I am stunned with the transparency you maintain. I checked the trader account.

I highly recommend your services to any one who is interested in making a decent income from Forex.

Thanks buddy!
Justin, California, US


Hello Mike,
A big thank-you for coming out with such an incredible service.
In my last 3 years at Forex, I have never witnessed any service, system, EA that is so crystal clear and transparent in its approach!
Your service has earned me $1200 in my first week and that’s great. I have set my risk and budget and now I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to check if a trading opportunity has passed by.

Your technical analysis, recommendations, trading account with Investor password… and the professional service… Everything is simply great. Let me tell you, so far, I have never witnessed such a thorough and accurate service before!
If only you had come up with this service before - I would have saved thousands of dollars on non working EAs, systems and losses. I would also have avoided the arguments with my wife for not spending enough time with her. Thank God, she is happy now!

You’ve made a real difference to my life!

Dan Ralston, US


Hey Mike

This is Stalin; I have been struggling making a living from Forex trading for the past 7 months now. I have tried ebooks, EA sans systems and have failed miserably. None of these worked, and I had virtually lost hope of generating a second income through Forex trading. I was quite hesitant about your service too. So, initially, I tried your free news letter. I was thoroughly impressed by the free recommendations you gave, and that’s when I thought of subscribing to Forex Hercules. To be honest, I half expected this kind of service. You have won my confidence hands down.
I didn’t think it would ever be possible to see a live trader’s account. You really are different from the rest and your services are highly professional.

I am glad I joined you. Within 2 weeks, I gained $500, and I am over the moon with this!

Thanks again!
Stalin, Manila, Philippines


The proof is right there guys. These are literally just a small sample of the guys whose lives were affected by Forex Hercules.

You are now convinced about my sincerity and my professional. Go ahead and let Forex Hercules change your life. I am looking to revolutionise the forex world right here, today and nothing would make me happy than you joining me.

I am not going to blackmail you or coerce you into accepting Forex Hercules by telling you that I will close the door if you don’t buy within the next five minutes. That’s not fair. This tactic is used by marketers who are not confident of the product they are looking to rip you off with.

I am dead serious and this is what I do best. You get to copy my exact trades on Auto-Pilot. Your trades will be based on your budget and your preferences. en I sell and make money, you sell and make money. It’s as simple as that.

However it is important to know that I’m not going to let this product saturate the market .I am providing services unheard of in the Forex world. You get the investor password every weekend, where you can check the traders account. I can’t go around letting just anybody have this exclusive VIP password.

You see that counter in the top left buddy? It's counting down. This product WILL sell out. We can’t let just anybody take advantage of this incredible gift. Just you and a few other lucky soon-to-be millionaires.

We’ve had analysts studying our sales for months. It definitely won’t be here forever. We’re only releasing 300 copies of this life-changing mantra so now is the time to make the right decision.

Only 300 men will gain the superpowers to be able to walk around with the feeling incredible feeling felt only by self-made millionaires and it is important that you are one of those men.

What would happen to the way you felt about Auto Siginals told you that you're completely covered - by both our "60-Day Money Back Guarantee" plus our "No Quarrels, No Questions" instant refunds system?

When faced with these stunning facts the most intelligent traders realise they have NOTHING to lose and a whole new world of seductive opportunity and sexual freedom to gain! - in just seconds!

Now before I reveal the price tag (which is going to surprise you, hint … it’s super cheap!) I want you to consider what I am about to say...

There are only two reasons I created this service...
1 My programmer figured out a way to automatically send my successful trades straight to you. I'd be stupid to not share my trades with fellow members and get paid for it. The market is so huge, that if you make a trade or not...it still doesn't affect my income. 2 I've been itching at the chance to spread the wealth to novice and experienced traders. Have you noticed how the banks control what happens in the economy? Now you won't be effected it by it either way.

The only question that I have is…

Will you step up to the plate and start living the good life today?

Yes, you can probably continue wishing and praying that you will get lucky someday but with that mentally the odds are NOT in your favor.

You can start today and not have to worry about getting lucky because all members of 'Forex Hercules' are considered lucky.


How would you feel? Excited, overwhelmed, cocky because you have more money than your ex co workers?

You have 60 Days to try it out...Can you really afford to keep living paycheck to paycheck? Where’s the fun in just making ends meet?

This is the most conclusive vision your eyes will ever hold the pleasure of witnessing. Isn't it funny how the more you think about buying Casanova's Notebook the more concrete the idea becomes? It sort of just clicks. When you take action your life will become great.

We already know "this life-changing money maker will not be available forever" so what are you waiting for?





[ Only $97 Today](http://1.forexherc.pay.clickbank.net/)

[ ](http://1.forexherc.pay.clickbank.net/)

Contact Us - support@forexhercules.com

You can spend next weekend like the one before it; wishing and praying that you can provide the life for your family that they deserve. That you can buy the car, house, freedom, security you and your love ones need.

In this tough economic time there is no time to take risks. We were just like you not too long ago and hate to see good guys like us not make it. Just the fact you landed on this page means we have a lot in common. A friend of forex is a friend of ours.

There’s no-risk here. A trader like you can give Auto-Signals a try while it’s still fresh on your mind.

We REALLY want this to happen for you. We look forward to seeing you join us as elite successful secure millionaires.

Happy Trading,

Christopher Alexander

P.S - YES IT'S TRUE! If you approach this life-changing mantra with a positive emotion you will realise how close you are to gaining access to this incredible life-changing money-making machine. Forex Hercules is a money-making GOD.

P.P.P.S - And you're     completely covered - by both our "60-Day Money Back Guarantee" plus our "No Quarrels, No Questions" instant refunds system. Either way you have NOTHINGto lose and a whole new seductive world of economic opportunity and financial freedom to gain!

P.P.P.P.S - Take a look above at the incredible REAL ACCOUNTS - Now is probably the last opportunity you’ll get to take advantage now while you still can - Chances are the next time you see this page ... you'll see a big sign that reads:

So get off of your butt and get     motivated! Take action right now - 100% RISK FREE - while it's still fresh on your mind.

This INSANE offer won't be available much longer ... With OR Without You!

[Only $97 Today](http://1.forexherc.pay.clickbank.net/)

[ ](http://1.forexherc.pay.clickbank.net/)

Contact Us - support@forexhercules.com

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