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Unbounce Landing Page Design Kit

24 eBook Templates

eBooks are a great way to solidify your position as a subject matter
expert. Don't let your eBook look like junk! These eBook design
templates are so easy to customize. You can just layer your book title
over the image with some text, OR if you know how to open Photoshop,
just pop in the image of your actual book!

Six Book Colors to Choose From

Your Awesome Book Title Goes Here

Create your book from a selection of six different colors, and with
a variety of
callout ribbons that will prompt people engage with the graphic.
Drop your eBook artwork right onto the book in Photoshop or
Pixelmator. Easy peasy.

If you don't use image editing software (Photoshop/Pixelmator), just
choose your book cover color, and layer your eBook title text right
over it. Simple!

Choose from this GIGANTIC collection of buttons with a variety of
arrow add-ons for extra emphasis.

264 Customizable Buttons

Each Color comes in 8 Different Sizes and 3 Styles of Buttons

And every button is ready to be dropped on your page, with both
inactive and
hover states. All you have to do is upload the images to your page
and you're done! Buttons with Green Arrow

Buttons with White Arrow

Blank Buttons

11 Button Colors to Choose From!

Choose and test a variety of different button colors to
optimize your brand and Click Thru Rate.

Black, Red, Lite Blue, Green, Orange, Fuschia, Yellow, Pink, Purple,
Dark Pink, Royal Blue

This is just a sampling of the GOBS of background images you can
choose from.

Why use solid background colors when you can create a professional,
polished look with background textures?

43 Textured Backgrounds

Guarantee badges are a great way to turn an uncertain "browsers"
into buyers. You can edit the wording on the badges to match your
offer easily in Photoshop, Illustrator or Pixelmator.

Editable Guarantee Badges

These badges are editable in Photoshop, Illustrator and Pixelmator.
They are also in transparent .png format so you can drop them on your
page as is!

Encourage users to click on your videos by customizing these players
with your own graphics.

Video Player Templates

Generic Video Player Template

Paypal Badges

Paypal badges quickly inform your customers of how easy and safe
it is to buy from you!

Paypal provides these badges as well, but they have a white
background. These badges have been re-drawn and exported as
transparent .png's so you can beautifully layer them over a colored

Bullets and Arrows for Lists

Bulleted and numbered lists are a critical part of quickly
summarizing the features and benefits of your
product or service. Choose from three styles and 11 colors to
coordinate with your page color scheme!

Draw the eye towards bulleted and numbered lists with these little
call out elements.





Numbered item number one.

Numbered item number one.

Numbered item number one.



Arrowed item number one.

Arrowed item number one.

Arrowed item number one.

Checked item number one.

Checked item number one.

Checked item number one.

PDF Download Templates

Are you creating downloadable reports, white papers or .pdfs? This
template will help you create an image that quickly communicates the
type of content a person will recieve when they hit "download".
Creating a preview of your downloadable reports and files is easy.
Just drop an image from your report right into Photoshop or

The "Preview" is an optional addition that encourages downloads by
giving people a quick preview of what they're getting!

YouTube Template

Vimeo Template

Templates for Software Boxes

Creating an image that quickly communicates the type of content a
will recieve when they hit "download" is critical. Create a preview
of your downloadable
reports and files. Just drop an image from your report right into
Photoshop or Pixelmator.

Right-facing boxes

Left-facing boxes

Create Your Own Coupon

Drive home your offer with coupon cutouts. Customize your colors in
or Pixelmator, or use the pre-defined red, green left: 251px; top:
7510px; width: 283px; height: 322px; z-index: 4;">





Enter this coupon code upon checkout

Awesome Video Tutorials

What good are a bunch of great looking design assets if you don't
know how to customize and use them? I'm not gonna leave you hangin. :)
Included in this package is an entire series of videos teaching you
how to customize the graphics and put them on your Unbounce page!
How to Create Sexy Text using CSS How to Get Cool Web Fonts onto
Your Unbounce Page How to Set up Your First Unbounce Page
How to Create a Layout that Converts How to Create a Repeating
Background Texture How to Replace Images without Goofing Your

Frequently Asked Questions

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am after happy customers. If you buy the Unbounce Landing Page
Design Kit and aren't satisfied, email me within 60 days of your
purchase and I'll refund your money, no questions asked, and no giving
the stink-eye in the hallway. :)

What happens when I hit "Buy Now"?

After you hit "Buy Now" you will be directed to a Paypal checkout
page. After you submit payment via Paypal, you will receive an email
with a download link for ALL of the downloadable files, and a password
to unlock unlimited access to the training videos.

Are there any usage restrictions?

No, the Kit is under an Attrubution 3.0 Unported License which means
you can use the files HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE - for personal or business
use. NO LIMITATIONS. With regard to attribution, all I ask is you stay
in touch and let me know how the kit has been helpful for your apps!

Landing Page Design Kit by is licensed under a .

Do I need software to use the design files?

No all graphics are exported in transparent .png format and can be
directly uploaded to your Unbounce page.

However if you would like to alter the design files (for example put
your eBook cover artwork for your .pdf download graphic) you can use
($69), ($699) (CS3 or higher), or ($59.99).

How do I sign u for a free Unbounce account?

It's super easy and fast to get set up with an Unbounce account.
Just and sign up!

The free account is limited to 200 Unique Visitors/month, 1 Custom
Domain and will include an Unbounce branded footer on your published
page. This can be removed by upgrading to any paid plan or by choosing

Get the entire Kit for just $97.

Clicking "Download Bundle" will redirect you to checkout. Once
payment is processed a download file containing all of these assets
will be instantly emailed to you!

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