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Jack coxwell has dozens of videos showcasing his success attracting women off the street. Read on to find out his shocking secrets!

How do I get better at attracting women?

"Just be more confident!" But HOW do I just "be more confident?!?!?! "Oh, it happens when you stop being fake and start being yourself silly!"

The question you're all thinking next is - "O.K. well if being my self hasn't worked yet why would it all of a sudden start working now? And HOW DO I BECOME MORE CONFIDENT?! Just telling yourself to be confident obviously doesn't work one bit."

You can start getting excited because I have your answer! Thankfully I've already approached thousands of women. I know EXACTLY what it takes to get them from the street and into your bed.

I'm going to explain how "being yourself" works like a charm once you demonstrate the *proper qualities*. And yes, this works for every man, of any age, any weight, or any ethnic background.

Why does this work for everybody?

Because Attraction isn’t a choice! Attraction is biological. Once you learn how to be everything she is genetically born to find attractive she will have NO choice but to find YOU attractive. Regardless of how much money you make, or how you physically look.

In fact less than 20% of what she’s genetically born to find attractive has anything to do with your physical appearance. Meaning looks DON’T matter. As long as you flip the right attraction switches at the right time, she’ll be yours.

I’m going to teach you how to flip her switches and get her turned onto you quickly and easily.

Yes, this works with ANY woman. Any age. Of ANY ethnical background. They are all born with the same emotional hardwiring.

You’re about to learn the simple steps I used to transform into a Casanova almost overnight.

I’ve received hundreds of success stories from all types of men.
I have women begging to know when I’m available, and you can too.

Thousands upon thousands of guys all over the world are using my methods right this instant.

Meeting women doesn’t have to be painful or hard! It really can be an easy process.

It all starts when you learn to incorporate these simple steps.

Here’s how I discovered Easy Attraction:

What you're about to learn is a proven method to meet as many beautiful women as you want...

It's not a gimmick, But a series of simple and easy to master principles you have to incorporate into your daily life.

It's devastatingly effective, and allows you to meet gorgeous women everywhere you go…

It automatically destroys the SEVERAL mistakes nearly all men make when it comes to dating. It’s completely counter intuitive to everything you think you know about women, and relationships.

So what is it?

4 years ago I learned about a “creepy” secret society of men who claimed they could meet beautiful women easily and effortlessly.

So I infiltrated their system.

After putting all their material to the test, I learned how utterly useless 90% of it was. In fact 90% of their method only worked for wanna-be magicians or on ridiculously troubled insecure women.

If that’s not bad enough, most of it was pure marketing garbage to trick the consumer, you and me, into buying their trashy advice.  
After wasting thousands of dollars on this garbage material, I decided to go out and meet girls by just “being myself.”

Over the next 3 years I approached thousands of women. Most of what I tried didn’t work… But a few things did! I took what worked and did it over and over again until I perfected my system.

The principles I learned are so powerful that you can use them to effortlessly pickup women as you go about your day, from the gas station to the grocery store.


Before I tell you exactly how you can do it, I’m going to share with you a slice of my own story.

As a young man I fell in love with my first and only girlfriend. We dated for 5 years, and even had a child together.

She cheated on me over FIFTY times, with more men than you can count on both hands and both feet.

When she’d leave me for a new man, I’d sit at home head in my hands crying, waiting for her to come back. I was convinced if she ever left for good I’d NEVER meet another girl again.

I thought that if she left me I’d never have sex again in my entire life.

Finally it ended for good.

After severe depression and endless counsellors, I decided it was time to take my life in my own hands.

I stepped outside of my house and began approaching thousands of women. I tried every technique you could think of, every pickup line invented, and finally I cracked the code.

I now have a date with at least 3 new women every week.

I got so good at meeting women, other men started e-mailing me and offering me large sums of money JUST to tell them my secrets.

I packed all my techniques into a downloadable e-book called Easy Attraction.

It contains my never before revealed secrets... Things you can only learn by hitting on thousands of women.

I break down into crystal clear clarity EXACTLY what you must do to attract the type of women you desire. Everything is outlined in a simple step-by-step formula to avoid ANY confusion.

You’ll learn mind blowing techniques to give you constant never ending results with women.

I’ve already done all the painstakingly hard field work. Now you get to learn from all my trials and tribulations.

My techniques have been practiced on thousands of women, and have been proven to work for not only myself, but thousands of men all over the world.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside:

How to move, walk, and talk to demonstrate the qualities that drive women into wild lust. Women will find you attractive even if you’re not TRYING to pick them up.

Exactly what to say and how to behave when she acts like she’s too good for you or rejects you. Using this simple technique will turn any cold woman around and have her chasing you.

How to structure your conversations with women so You are the one doing the screening, not her. This incredibly easy trick will have women passing your tests, and jumping through YOUR hoops to win your approval.

Learn why women hate Nice Guys, but appreciate and lust over chivalrous behaviour. You’ll learn how to never fall into the “nice guy” trap again.

My fool proof way to heat up any bland conversation making her instantly hot and bothered by you. You’ll learn how to escalate her buying temperature and cash out before it’s too late.

You’ll learn why teasing equals flirting. But more importantly you’ll learn HOW to tease women successfully without being rude or intrusive. Women Love playful men, learn how to be fun and playful by applying these simple to master principles.

And of course, much, much more.

Picture how different your life would be if you already had a beautiful girlfriend. All the places you would take her, how your friends and family would look at you differently, how satisfied you’d feel with yourself and your life.


Click the button below to get started right away.


What people are saying about Easy Attraction:

"I’ve read pickup type books before but they were always the same garbage. Trying to get me to follow some weird “method” to get from point a to point b. All I really wanted to know was how to have the confidence to just go up and approach her! And that’s exactly what your book did for me. I’ve got a date set up tonight with a girl I met at block buster while browsing for a movie to rent. Wish me luck man, I can’t thank you enough!"

-  Jeremy S.

"Thanks for everything jack. I just want to let you know that you saved my life dude, i feel like I'm in control of my life. I can't wait for a sequel to your book man."

- Will D.

"Hello Jack I’m a 46 year old who lives in the UK. I’m of Indian decent and my whole life I’ve only ever had one girlfriend who was forced onto me due to my heritage. I’ve never felt that I was able to attract any kind of average looking woman, let alone a pretty one. But after reading your book I truly feel like I can take on the world. I’m turning over a new leaf and approaching women everywhere I go. I’m not throwing anymore life away being afraid. Thank you so much Jack. Your book truly inspired me to take what I want from life."

- Bansi P.

"Just amazing! No other word for it. I especially liked the part where you described the core emotional needs of women. It shined new light on why my past relationships failed, and what I need to be doing different in the future. I’ve already recommended this book to two of my buddies who are also having issues meeting girls. Thanks so much Jack, you’re a real inspiration!"

- Paul H.

"First of all I hate anything “pickup” related. So me even reading your book was a huge fluke. But that’s exactly what I liked about it, it’s not really about “pickup,” but about pulling out the attractive qualities you already have inside and bringing them to the surface. I have to be honest Jack, I’ve never felt like the type of guy a beautiful woman would ever find appealing. But you finally hammered it home that my looks aren’t my problem, it’s my attitude and my demeanor. I’ve taken a 180 and started to take a new confidence in the way I look and dress, and women have noticed! I just went on the first date I’ve had in years! And following your strategies for teasing and being playful I have her in my reality and chasing me! I’ve never had this kind of success with women before, I really owe you a lot. If you’re ever in California don’t be a stranger!"

- Dan P.

"Hands down the best book about meeting women I’ve ever read in my life. I’ve already read it twice!"

- Steve J.

It really isn’t too good to be true.

You CAN learn exactly how to attract the woman of your dreams. And it REALLY is easy.

If you can say HI to a stranger - you can pickup beautiful women. And I'm going to teach you exactly how!

You’re just a click away from achieving all of this, and getting it all FOR FREE, if you like.

If for ANY reason you aren’t 100% satisfied e-mail me within the first 30 days and receive a no questions asked full refund.
The only reason I can offer this solid guarantee is because I’m 100% convinced my material will break you out of your shell and get you into the beds of women.

With my 30-day money back guarantee you can order now with full confidence.

Start puting my system to work today. You really can't afford to waste anymore time waiting. The right girl isn't going to just appear, you have to make it happen.

If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing and expect a different result you are by definition insane.

This material isn’t available ANYWHERE else. Not in a book store, or on another website. It’s only available Right Here.

If you act now and order my e-book today you'll get it for the low cost of $39.99

Less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day for a month!



Why have I cut the price almost in half?

I want EVERYONE to be able to access this material. When I hold seminars I charge upwards from $1000 for a weekend course.

This way men who can't afford the weekend course can still learn how to meet women easily and effectively. But It WON'T be available at this low cost for much longer.


*You will be instantly taken to the download location after your purchase! The e-book is in .pdf format and will run in Adobe Acrobat*


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