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Raising and Understanding Children of the Divorced came about after a Divorce Support Group noticed that their children needed some answers. We set up teams to interview Children of the Divorced at a College level. We felt that this particular age group was away from home and could relate to the problems that were bestowed on them. We worked in groups of 5. This was small enough to not be afraid to talk and still large enough to be able to feed off each other. We interviewed 100's. After all of the data was compiled and catagorized, we started to write.

The local newspaper picked up the story. As we began this writing we were contacted by a number of "30 somethings" who were having problems with the divorce of their parents when they were in their early teens and younger.

That's when we realized that this is an EPEDEMIC that has never been recognized. We condensed the book into a booklet for quicker reading.


"The data we collected will, in most cases, help children and young adults who are in the same situation to find closure on the divorce. This will, also, help parents, close family members, and friends to better understand how they should handle these children."

Our book will be sent to you in Microsoft Wordpad. You should receive the downloadable e-book within 24 hours of purchase.

[color>](mailto:info@childrenofthedivorced.com) Testimonials
THIS was submitted by a 19 year old who just happened to drop by as we were finishing the manuscript. His parents were divorced about 5 years earlier:

"I am 19 years old. I read this booklet with skepticism. The farther into it I got, the more I realized that they were mirroring my life in this booklet. I couldn't help myself when I screamed out: THAT'S ME!!!!!! THAT'S ME!!!!!!" I carried a cloud over my life for the last 5 years and now I see light once again. Thank you for helping in a way that I didn't think would be possible!" Lance P., Ga.

A troubled young lady in her mid-thirties wrote this comment:

"I am in my mid-thirties. My parents divorced when I was in my low teens. This has bothered me all these years. I felt that I was some of the cause for the divorce. I am now married and have 2 children of my own. I know that my marriage has been jeopardized because I keep thinking that my marriage is going to end up in divorce. After reading Raising and Understanding Children of the Divorced I have a whole new outlook on life. I want to thank Knowmore Publishing Co. for taking the time to research and write about us who have been through it." Sandy K., Ohio

This was submitted by a Pastor in the area who is highly respected in his profession:

"I am a Pastor. I belong to a Pastor's Association. Most of us have not been through a divorced, so we cannot counsel on a "first hand" basis. We have adopted "Raising and Understanding Children of the Divorced as our "bible" when counseling troubled families. I/We definitely feel that every Child of the Divorced, their Parents, and close friends and family members should obtain this booklet. Parents who are not getting along should get this and read it thoroughly before they even think about divorcing. It does effect your child whether you think so or not." K.W., NC

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