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Wednesday 09:05

From: Jeff Dedrick

Money makes the world go 'round.

And if you don't have enough of it, you're not going anywhere.





But totally true.

And we both know it.

So, how do you get going?

How do you get more of what you want?

How do you get more money?

How do you get more time to do what you love?

How do you get the freedom you've been dreaming of all this time?

For YOU...


You're lucky.

Because you just landed on the site that will reveal the secret to
getting everything you want without any real effort at all.

I have to tell you...

It's a LOT easier than you've been led to believe.

I say that from firsthand experience.

Because I developed the only system that literally automates
affiliate commissions where a few clicks of a mouse can generate REAL
income online.

What kind of income?

I've made as little as $50 a day and way more than $1000 in a day
using this system myself.

When I want to make MORE money each day.

I just turn the system 'UP'.

It's simple.

Because the automated commission system does everything.

I'll admit it.

I'm lazy.

Lazy with a capital 'L'.

And I never wanted to sit around my computer all day.

I never wanted to work hard or exert a lot of effort.

I just wanted something to promote other people's products for me.

And make commissions for me.

Hands Free.


So that my days would be mine to do what I please.

When I please.

And so I built something that does all of that for you...

Forget wasting the day away in front of your PC.

Forget burning the candles at both ends trying to make it.

My new system handles all the 'heavy lifting'.

So once you turn it on, set it up, and get your payment details in

That get sent directly to YOUR accounts.

So if you're like me...

You can spend the days being lazy.

Watching TV.

Kicking back and relaxing anytime you want.

Hanging out with family and friends.

But hey...

You're free to do whatever you want.

Whenever you want.

And there's no such thing as too much competition here.

In fact, the more people that get involved.

The more money that there is to be made.

And there is no other system with THIS kind of power.

You've not seen anything like it.



If you think you need to work hard to 'make it' and plan to do just
that, then this system may not be your thing.

This was designed for those that are sincere in their desire to make
a lot of money AND have the time to enjoy it.

I'm about to break some rules here.

And let you in on some little secrets that certain people never
wanted you to know.

First, let me tell you straight up...

I was never homeless.

I was never broke.

I was never on my last leg financially.

In fact, I've always done very well for myself.

The unspoken rule I've just broken?

Well, you see, what you don't know is a lot of these guys try to
endear themselves to you.

They try to create empathy by showing that they're just regular
people that made it big.

And hope to prove to you through these stories that "if they can do
it, anyone can!"

These wild rags to riches tales are getting out of hand though.

It's almost become like a competition to see who can come up with the
most outlandish story...

The ones where tell you they were living in squalor...

... about to get kicked out of their apartments in days.

All their bills past due.

At the end of their ropes...

And then they 'tripped' over some insane secret to success.

Some secret that was scribbled on a pizza box.

Or written on some napkin.

A hidden secret that brought them from poverty to riches.


And suddenly they had all they ever could have wanted.


I'm sorry.


I don't have that story for you.

And I won't feed you a line of crap like that.


I don't have a rags to riches story.

Because before I made my Lazy fortune I was already doing well in the
money department.

And you'll see why this TOTALLY works to your advantage in just a

But before I get to that...

Several years back my partner and I had built 2 thriving Gyms in
Janesville, Wisconsin that had more customers than we knew what to do

In fact, these are the Gyms right here...

At first I really enjoyed owning and running them.

With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears we turned these Gyms into a 2
million dollar a year enterprise.

Business was good.

And money was flowing.





After a couple short years I became COMPLETELY miserable.

Because I was working 18 hours a day, a total desk jockey, and 110%
married to my work.

It got the point where would I hit the snooze button 5 or 6 times in
the AM.

Each time the alarm would buzz again, I would dream up ways to call
in sick for the day.

But I couldn't call in sick.

Because if I didn't show up, then who knows what would have happened.

Finally, after an hour of fighting getting up and battling with
myself to get motivated, I'd force myself out of bed to go into the
Gym and start my daily grind.

And we're not talking 5 days a week either...

I was a slave.

A slave to my Gyms.

And a slave to working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managing weekly promotions.

Dealing with employee schedules.

Managing the trainers.

Buying equipment.

Processing monthly memberships.


I did it all.

All the while, my 2 young girls were at home growing up without their

One day, after I closed the doors to the gym for the night and sat in
my office doing paperwork...

It dawned on me that I had all this money and I didn't have the time
to enjoy it.

I didn't get to enjoy it with the ones I loved.

Or do what I loved.

I was on the verge of collapse.

That's not a problem anymore though.


And now I have all the time in the world to enjoy it!

Money like this...

If you're juggling bills right now.

If you're barely getting by.

Even if you're doing alright but just want to get some freedom.

Freedom from your commute.

Freedom from your 9-5.

Freedom from the daily grind.

Freedom to live the life you always dreamed of.

You deserve that.

_Don't you?_


And even after ALL your bills are paid...

You got a massive windfall sitting in there, ready for you to do
whatever you want with it.


And those payments are cash.

Sent directly to your bank account.

So you have immediate access to spend it however you may please.

That's a game changer.

Isn't it?

I mean...

Forget about some annoying alarm clock shocking you awake each

Forget about bumper to bumper rush hour traffic each day.

Forget about putting in overtime and not getting paid for it.

Forget about juggling bills and worrying about obligations.

Forget about answering to anyone else but YOU.

And most of all, forget about doing anything that you don't want to
do, because now your time is YOURS.

You have the freedom of time and money to do whatever you please.

WHENEVER you please.

And if you decide you want MORE money?


You ever hear that old saying, "_quitters never win_"?

It's an outright LIE.

That's right.

The ONLY way you are going to win in this race to get more money and
more time to enjoy it is to quit right now.

Quit everything they're telling you to do.

Quit trying to PPC

Quit trying to PPV

Quit trying to SEO

Quit trying Social Media

Just quit.

Quit going from this method to that method and then onto the 'next
big thing' method every week...

Never finishing what you started and never succeeding...

... the way you deserve to.

Now you finally have the chance to start AND finish.

To achieve the success you always wanted.

Without doing any of the work.

So, yes.

Quit searching for the answer.

Because you finally found it right here.


I'm Jeff Dedrick.

I spent years running my own offline businesses.

And __I used to waste my days away at the office, from the time I
woke up to the time I went to sleep.

Never getting time for me.

Never getting time for my family.

And never getting to enjoy my successes.


Now I wake up whenever I feel like it.

Now only get out of bed when I'm ready for the day.

Now I spend my days hanging out with family and friends.

Now I spend weeks at a time traveling all over the world, vacationing
whenever and wherever I please.

Now I can be lazy all day.

Now, I am FINALLY living life by my rules.

Money is no object.

My schedule is whatever I want it to be.

And now YOU can be enjoying life like this too.

The way you always knew deep down inside that you would.


Sunday through Saturday, I would get up in the morning, grab a
coffee, and head straight to my office at the Gym.

No time for relaxing.

No time for messing around.

No time to waste.

Just wake up and go.

And man.

Let me tell you.

Those days were long.

18 hours a pop.

Quick lunch breaks at my desk.

Only leaving the office when it was late at night and time for bed.

And living 100% for the Gyms.

Looking back now.

It sucked.

And then of course, there was one thing ALWAYS in the back of my
mind, making those long days even harder to stomach.

My daughters were at home.

Growing up without me.


That's how I watched my daughters grow up...

...during the time I owned those Gyms.

To say I missed out is an understatement.

Soccer games.

Basketball games.




I missed it all.

I only had pictures to see what happened in their lives.

This was a period where I was 'around'.

But I really wasn't THERE.

One day my youngest grabbed me before I walked out the door to head
over to the office and asked me if I'd make her basketball game that

I told her, "Honey, I can't. I have to work."

She told me she understood and gave me a hug, and I headed off to

As I drove in, it dawned on me.

What was I doing with my life?

What was the point of making money at all.

If you couldn't have the time to enjoy it the way you want or with
the people that you truly care about.

It occurred to me for the first time clearly.

Everything I was doing.

With the Gyms.

Was pointless.

And it was wrong.

Would you rather be rich...

Or rich and happy?

Because you can have both.

And I can show you how to have money like this and the time to enjoy
it too...

That day when my daughter...

When she asked me to see her game and I told her I couldn't go.

All throughout the day I could not think about anything but her and
her sister.

I couldn't work.

I couldn't concentrate.

I couldn't focus.

I couldn't do much of anything.

I just sat by myself in my office.





All the money in the world wouldn't make up for the time I had

... and would continue to miss with my kids if this went on.

This wasn't what I wanted when I got into this.

I was doing all the things I thought were 'right'.

My family was financially comfortable and taken care of.

They never worried about bills or where the next meal was coming

But I also wanted to be with them.

I wanted to see them grow up.

And not just see it through pictures.

I wanted to be THERE with them.

And not wasting my life away at the office every single day.

This was NOT what I wanted in my life anymore.

Then, sitting there alone in my office surfing the Internet.

Around 11:30 PM.

It dawned on me.

Funny how we push things out of our mind until the time is right to
TRULY process them.

Well, apparently the time was finally right for me.

Because what I had thought was a fairly meaningless but fun
conversation over a year ago at a hotel lobby bar had suddenly become
incredibly meaningful.

You see.

For a little over a year I had been dabbling in the Internet.

I had invested over $100,000 in seminars, books, DVD's, courses, and
everything I could get my hands on about Internet marketing.

Trying to learn how to get more Gym business with the Internet.

One seminar I had been to was looking to be a total bust. No new info
and nothing I hadn't heard before.

So, I cut out of the training early and hit the hotel lobby bar.

A dude comes up to the bar and grabs a spot a couple seats down from
me. We nod but say nothing.

After a couple of drinks in silence, he looks over and extends his
hand. "I'm Mike. What do you do?"

I replied, "Hey, I'm Jeff."

And I went into my business and why I was there -- and he listened to
me talk for about 10 minutes.

Finally he said, "_Wow. Sounds like a hell of a lot of work._" "_I

He definitely caught my attention with that and I proceeded to buy
rounds of drinks until neither one of us could even stand.

We laughed and talked about everything Internet marketing.

He told me all about how he was milking affiliate marketing for
millions a year and how it was so easy.

But how it could be even easier if someone had the foresight to
automate all the manual stuff.

We talked forever.

In fact, we closed out the bar that night.

When it was over, I handed him my card.

He gave me his.

And we promised to keep in touch.

For quite some time I had been getting paid a commission to move a
certain health juice to my Gym members.

Without even thinking about it, I had been an affiliate for years.

That night, there in my office, as I thought back to my conversation
with Mike at the hotel bar.

I had a true life epiphany.

He had remarked about how easy it was to be an online affiliate.

I had been studying Internet marketing for a year, had invested over
$100,000 into my education, and had already seen the benefits of
affiliate marketing firsthand.

Doing this online...

Well, I wouldn't need an outside office.

I wouldn't need a staff to manage.

I would only need a computer and an Internet connection.

No overhead.

My hours were what I wanted them to be.

I'd work as much or as little as I pleased.

And clearly, based on what Mike had shared with me, there was an
opportunity to make incredible income.

Right then and there.

I made a decision.

I would call my partner in the morning.

And sell my stake in the Gyms.

I was about to become an affiliate marketer, getting paid
commissions, simply for selling other people's products online.

As I began my new venture as an affiliate the next day.

I had one thing in the forefront of my mind.

One thing that Mike had said to me back at that hotel bar.

Everything would be easier if it was automated.

Milking affiliate commissions for 7 figures was not a problem.

But automating it...

That would change the world.

So, I began my search for the best team of software programmers,
systems analysts, and computer engineers I could find.

I had money in my pocket from the sale of my stake in the Gym, and I
intended to use it to build the best automated commission system that
could be.

I knew I wasn't just gonna find these guys in the Yellow pages.

Guys like the ones I would need wouldn't just advertise in Craigslist

So, I hired a high priced headhunter to scour the Internet for the
best elite programming squad they could find.

Price was no object.

After a few weeks my guy hit me up.

He found my guys.

I had to pay a TON of money over the course of a year to develop my
dream system... in fact, that's just a hint of the money I wired to
these guys;)

These super elite programmers told me they could give me anything and
everything I wanted.

I had the cash.

And I was willing to use it.

Knowing that in the end, my system would literally create affiliate
commissions for me, while I did nothing.

I mean.

This program had to do it ALL.

It had to:

Create cash sucking web pages instantly

* Build web sites that extracted money out of thin air
* Build buy-happy subscriber lists automatically
* And then deliver cash commissions to my accounts
* All automatically
* All easily
* All without need of technical savvy
* All without any effort
* And of course...
* All legally and legitimately

So they set out to build for me.

And over the course of the next year, and many tens of thousands of
dollars later, this is EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID BUILD FOR ME.

Finally, after a year, my team of genius Ukrainian programmers sent
me the email I had been waiting for.

And I opened that message with an excitement I had not felt in a LONG

My new system was ready.

And so was I!!!!

I simply had to set it up by filling out a few fields.

Enter the payment details for my accounts.

Click a few buttons.

Hit submit.

And let the system work for me.

I wouldn't watch my numbers.

I wouldn't stay glued to my PC refreshing stats.

I would just let it do what it was supposed to do.

And I WOULD start enjoying my life.

And my family.

Like I always wanted to.

The system would do the work, generating new affiliate commissions
out of thin air for me.

And I would go live my life.

Those days were great.

I spent more time with my kids than I had in a LONG time.

But they were also tough.

Because I was DYING to know how my new Lazy Affiliate System was

So, I logged in to see what had happened.

And I was NOT disappointed at all...

This was not quite what I had been making with my Gym just yet.

But as you can see, it was damn good by anyone's standards.

And BETTER yet...

I didn't have to work for it.

The system I had built did it for me.

The system did the heavy lifting.

The system created cash out of thin air.


It was time to really put it to the test.

I wanted to kick things up a notch so I let the system work for me

And even though it was difficult not to check my stats every day, I
forced myself again to stay away from my computer so it would be

And what a surprise it was!

When I logged into my accounts again, AND THERE WAS ANOTHER

As you can see.

Things were coming into place.

So, I had my guys in the Ukraine make some adjustments.

Run some tests.

Add some new elements.

'Spin' things a little differently.

So I did this over and over and over again.


And perfecting.

And the results.

Grew bigger.


Each week.

My system just kept creating more and more affiliate commissions for

And after just a few short weeks I was generating more online in a
month than I ever had before at the Gym.

What's more...

I didn't have to exert any real effort to make it happen.

The system did the hard work.

And got the affiliate commissions for me.

All automatically.

And without any real experience or any technical skills at all.

Forget breaking your back.

Forget working hard.

Forget slaving away for someone else.

And get Lazy.

With this proprietary system that until now I have kept just for
myself, you'll finally know the unadulterated pleasure...

Of getting no effort affiliate commissions out of thin air...

And cash (real spendable cash) sent right to your accounts.

With this system...

And a few quick clicks...

You can finally get the money you deserve.

And have all the time in the world.

To spend it the way you want to.

Your life is yours again.

Free of worry.

Free of burden.

Free to do anything and everything you ever dreamed.

The Lazy Affiliate Riches system does the work for you.

A few hours a week of your time is all it takes to keep this machine
running at full speed and generating insane affiliate commissions for

No more wasting your life behind a computer.

No more late nights or early mornings.

Fill out a few fields.

Click submit.

And the system goes to work for you.

And this is not something that will get overrun by too many

In fact, the more people that get involved.

The more money that there is to be made.

There is limitless opportunity here in a space that doesn't know the
meaning 'enough'.

They keep wanting.

They keep buying.

And now they'll be buying from you.


And lazily.


Work is a dirty word.

The 'good old days' where you got a job and worked hard and showed
loyalty to your employer to advance in life...

Those days are gone.

Today people are lucky if working hard even gets them by.

Paycheck to paycheck.

Juggling bills.

Does that seem rewarding to you?

Why do that?

Why wake up early everyday and bust your ass making someone else rich
while you continue to struggle?

Because now you have the opportunity to create a real life...

With REAL income.

While doing no work at all.

I'm giving you the only system that works for you to create affiliate
commissions while you kick back and relax.

Plus I'm handing you the secrets to my own success.

The exact step by step methods I use to generate a massive online
fortune each month so you can expedite your own personal income.

Whether or not you have experience.

Whether or not you have technical skills.

And even if you have:

No website

No list

No JV buddies



Imagine walking into your bank.

You ask the teller to check your balance for you.

And you can see it in their eyes.

They literally bulge out.

And their jaw drops.

As they print up a balance so big it's not even fully covered by the

There's just too much money in there!

You walk out and you can literally feel the teller staring at you as
you walk away, wondering just how you're making all that money.

Finally you have the satisfaction of a jam packed bank account.

No worries about bills.

No worries about money every again.


I'm giving you the keys to the car, the big house, and the lifestyle
you've been dreaming of.

I reveal ALL.

I'll show you the EXACT methods and strategy that make me so much
money they allowed me to sell my multi-million dollar business and
walk away from it forever.

Without looking back.

Plus I'll give you full access to my proprietary software system that
LITERALLY creates affiliate commissions for you.

There's nothing this system is lacking.

There's no unanswered questions.

It's ALL here for you in an easy to follow format that allows anyone
to get started today, regardless of experience...

And even with NO technical skills.

I guess...

If there was a question...

_.. it would only be this..._

It's tough.

I mean, the only easier way to make money is to have someone just
deliver free money to your house.

And even with that...

You'd still have to go to the bank to deposit it.

With Lazy Affiliate Riches the cash is deposited straight to your

And never even have to move from the couch.

So, how do you place a value on this?

How do you place a value on a PROVEN SYSTEM THAT CAN TAKE SOMEONE
little to no effort at all?

How do you place a value on an automated cash machine that does all
the hard work for you so you can be lazy all day...

... or travel the world.

... or spend time with your family.

Doing the things you love?

I have been TRYING for weeks to figure that out...

And finally I came to this conclusion:

Anything I came up with wouldn't be enough to cover the value of Lazy
Affiliate Riches.

So, I decided just to make it easy.

For anyone that wanted Lazy money to get access.

I'm going to let you have instant access to my step by step methods
AND my COMPLETE automated affiliate commission system that has allowed
me to make up to $39,955.50 a month...



You're getting EVERYTHING.

You're getting my "all in" training where I hold nothing back and
show you everything you need to know.

And my game changing Lazy commission software system all for just $47

I know it's worth way more than that.

But if you get in now before I change my mind...

Then you get everything for only $47 one-time.

No recurring payments.

No monthly fees.

Just the one time investment in your future of only $47, RISK-FREE:

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