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Version 1.0 Of BRINK Domination Out Now: Get the Full Walkthrough Videos  (Coming Soon) of Single Player Missions, the Ultimate Multiplayer Guide, and FREE Updates for Life!

Dear Brink Player ,

My name is Jeff Folex and welcome to Brink Domination!

So, you want to plow through the campaign missions, get all the unlockables, and dominate your friends and foes in multiplayer?

You've come to the right place because Brink Domination is the most complete BRINK guide available anywhere.

I have spent countless hours playing through each single-player mission for the walkthrough Videos (Coming Soon), perfecting each weapon combination, and developing pro strategies to PWN the competition online. The result of all this hard work is Brink Domination – the fastest way to dominate Brink both online and offline – Guaranteed.

Brink Walkthrough and INTEL Guide

Step-by-Step Video (Coming Soon) Guides

The Ultimate Brink Multiplayer Survival Guide

Custom Class & Weapons Guides

Single Player Cheats and Unlock Codes

Free Updates for Life

Increase Your Kill/Death Ratio 100% Guaranteed


Single Player Campaigns and Intel Gathering Made Easy

Each walkthrough Video (Coming Soon) provides you with step-by-step instructions to completing each mission of the campaign with flying colors. But that's not all. You also get screenshots to use a reference points, complete maps, where to get the 3 pieces of intel on each level, and ideal weapon classes for each of the 15 missions.

Once you've completed the single player missions, with the help of the BRINK Domination guide, your skills in the game will increase tenfold, preparing you for the outright PWNAGE that you are about to unleash online.

Everyone knows that the best part of any First Person Shooter game is the online play.

Say 'goodbye' to the days of painstakingly slow prestriging, getting pwnd by high ranked enemies, and the control-smashing frustration of not being able to pull off a win.

The Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Guide equips you with the pro gamer knowledge and advanced strategies to hit the ground running in multiplayer, all while rapidly unlocking weapons, developing your own unique gameplay style, and creating the ultimate player class.

After putting this pro gamer knowledge to use, you'll quickly develop the pure skill you need to propel yourself beyond just being a 'good' player, and become the dominating force in every game you join.

BRINK offers the most sophisticated weapons system of any other First Person Shooter game to date, meaning choosing the right weapon combinations, gadgets, and attachments is more important than ever in those life or death situations. BRINK Domination has you covered.

Rack up kill streaks time and time again, while leading the ranks in every match and gametype you play. Drop jaws as you pull off kills and scores that you never thought were possible until now.

Before we go any further, let's get one thing clear...

This is not a hacking guide. Although we'll give you all the single player cheat codes you could ever want!

You won't be expected to rely on hacks and cheats as you progress to becoming the ultimate warrior in multiplayer. I don't condone hacking in any way, but I'm definitely not opposed to giving you an unfair advantage over your competition.

In fact, you'll learn the techniques and strategies needed to climb to the top of the ranking charts, to lead your team to victory time and time again, and to make a name for yourself on the online battlefield – 100% legit and at record speed.

“Hey Jeff, There's No Way BRINK

Think again! After dedicating many sleepless nights to recording all the walkthrough Videos (Coming Soon), and creating the 2 written guides that accompany them, I can personally tell you that this is the most complete, and well updated guides to Brink out there!

Don't just take my word for it, see what others have said about Brink Domination:!

"Wow...I can Now PWN my Brother"

I am awe stricken. You have managed to put these guides together so fast and the game has only just been sold!

I don't play as often as I want which is why I bought the guide to help me get a higher Kill/Death Ratio!

All I can say is THANKS - now please stop selling this guide so I can PWN Everyone! 

Gary Matterson


"First FPS game And It Is Great!"

I wasn't Going to buy this guide but I couldn't win any of my Games!

I must say you KNOW your stuff! Where do you find the time?

I have now bought all the weapons possible, due to just OWNING people in Multiplayer

Thanks Again,

Craig Jefferson


BRINK Domination is unlike any other strategy guide you've ever seen before.

Video is the future, and we totally embrace it. Our Video (Coming Soon) walkthroughs make it easier than ever before to follow along as you plow through the various missions that are described in full detail in the Brink Walkthrough and INTEL Guide.
Then take your abilities to the next level and quickly work your way to prestige online with the Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Guide.


12 Play-by-Play Videos (Coming Soon) Walkthroughs!

Gain instant access to the Brink Domination Members Area where you can stream and follow along with our collection of 12 Videos (Coming Soon) walkthroughs and download exclusive bonus material. Just think, in the time it's taken you to read this page, you could be nearing the end of the campaign with these Videos (Coming Soon).

Brink Walkthrough and INTEL Guide

For those that like to keep it old school, and want to follow along in print, the Walkthrough and INTEL Guide is your complete resource for everything Brink. Everything you need to know about finding pieces of intel, building classes, choosing weapons, in-game characters, new game types, cheat codes, and much more.

Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Guide

Online play is where the real action is, and what kind of strategy guide would this be if it didn't offer to teach you the ropes, as well as advanced techniques, for pwning in multiplayer? Check out map overviews and tricks, explore the new games types and point system, and a complete guide to perks, killstreaks, and other online in-game goodies.


Click The Button Below To Order The BRINK Domination Guide And Free Bonuses!

Order Today and Get in Early for $27.


Price will be increased on June 1 to $37.

Buy the guide and use the strategies for a full 60 days risk free - if it does not do what I claim or you are unhappy in any way with your results let me know and I will issue you a FULL NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND!

Take a breath, you've got some freebies coming your way too!


Lifetime Updates and No Extra Fees


Your membership to BRINK Domination never expires, and you'll get every future update of our guide, which we plan to release with each new game update, 100% free.





10 Multiplayer Survival Tips


How can you become a force to be reckoned with in multiplayer? Simply follow these 10 survival tips, and you'll quickly crush your opponents.




How Do You Stack Up Against the Competition?

Whether you've just unwrapped your game or if you're a seasoned Brink veteran, there's something here for everyone. Regardless of your situation, the number of Brink players is expected to double this holiday season! Most of these new players won't be giving you much trouble. However... You, and others that get early access to this guide, will rise to the top of the charts, as the winners are separated from the losers. What side do you want to be on?

Guaranteed to Make You a Better BRINK Player or Your Money Back

Use the guide for a full 60 days risk free and if you are not happy, or are not getting the results you would like let me know and I will refund your full purchase price no questions asked!

That's Not All...

I understand that Brink is a brand new game and will be constantly adding new maps and changing so I am going to offer FREE updates for a Just a one time fee!

No paying again. No hidden fees. Not another cent ever!

"Here's my promise to you:"

After you've downloaded and tested these 3 powerful guides, if you don't see great results in a short period of time...

If you try just SOME of these weapons classes and don't see a rise in your multiplayer game play...

Or...if you suddenly quit Brink Online rendering this information totally useless to you...

If for any reason whatsoever in the next 60 days you want a full refund then just email me and I'll have it back to you within 48 hours.

No questions asked, you get back every single cent, as simple as that!


Special Introductory Price: $27.00


Price will be increased on 1 June to $37.  Hurry Now and Get on the List for all the FREE UPDATES for the life of the GAME!!!

Will You Rise or Fall in the Ranks this Christmas? Get instant access to the members area for only $27.00 – Today Only!

Take your BRINK experience to the next level. Let me show you how EASY it is to Prestige fast!

Get Ready To PWN BRINK!


P.S This is one of the ONLY guides out there that will guide you through the whole game with maps and screenshots - Prestigel fast in BRINK today!

P.P.S The Brink Domination guide includes free updates as they are made available for the game so you will NEVER be left behind!

P.P.P.S It all comes down to this - you want to be considered one of the BRINK Elite? Pick up the guide and see how easy it is today!

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