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Pass Your Motorcycle Test FIRST Time!

"Over 50% of People Fail Their Motorcycle Riding Test 1st Time"

We Can Show You What Your Instructor is Looking For and How You Can Ensure a Safe and Successful Ride Today.

Why Do You Think Over 50% of People Fail Their Motorcycle Riding Test the 1st Time?

             Maybe...they don't know the road rules?

             Maybe...they got nervous?

             Maybe...the road was wet?

             Maybe...they didn't get enough sleep?

             Maybe...they didn't clearly take safety into account?



How Can We Help You?




Hi everyone! I’d like to share my story with you quickly…


My partner has been riding for many years and he wanted me to get my motorbike licence so we could ride together.


I had absolutely no idea where to begin – I new it felt great being a pillion passenger but wouldn’t have had a clue how to even turn the thing on!


This is why we created Safe Ride! It’s for people like you and me, who are ready to take on the world of motorbike riding, but want to ensure a Safe Ride for themselves and other unbeknownst drivers on the road as well!


Safe Ride will take you through the basics of your bike (from tires to fluids and brakes), how to get your licence, 11 crucial elements and amazing techniques for perfecting your ride, riders mindset, safety tips and precautions and sooooo much more.


We put a whole lotta love into this book and hope you enjoy reading it an gain a lot of knowledge and skills as well!



We are going to be completely transparent, clear and simple. 


We don't need to spend pages and pages telling you about Safe Ride.  


Basically, we want you to ride. We also want you to ensure a Safe Ride.


So here it is, plain and simple. 

What You'll Receive

11 Detailed Techniques to Help You Pass Your Test 1st Time 

Step-By-Step Guide To Difficult Manoeuvres

Bike Mechanics (liquids, tires, brakes & controls)

Motorcycle Riding Tips (these are GREAT!) 

Hazards to Look Out For on the Road  

Motorcycle Riders Mindset 

Simple and Clear Language 

Written by Instructors and Riders With Over 15 Years Riding Experience 


Recommended Motorbikes For Beginners

A Questionnaire To Make Sure You Really Know Your Stuff!

How Will This Help You?

Wouldn't you like to go into your practical motorcycle riding test: 

Prepared and Confident 

An Upper Hand with New Skills and Knowledge  

The Ability to Pass your test 1st time - no worries?! 


Save your precious time, energy and money!


Read this information before your motorcycle test.


How does that sound to you?

What's Next?

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We told you it would be clear and simple!




Safe Ride (and your bonuses) are valued at over $89 (more if you consider the value of your safety).


We put a lot of love into this book and the bonuses!


Safe Ride is a downloadable product, so you will receive it straight away.


You will need Adobe Reader to view the files. You can download a free copy [here](http://get.adobe.com/reader/).



We value your privacy and will NEVER sell (or give for that matter) your email address to any third party.





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Just a Reminder...

If You Download Safe Ride Today, you will receive 

TWO Incredible Added Bonuses Straight Away!!




Seriously Safe - Riding Tips!

This Book is a GEM on its own!

We'll show you:

Invaluable Safety Riding Tips

Ideas For Your Theory Test

Ideas For Your Practical Test

Written by Riders With Over 10 Years Riding Experience






We've Included a Great Questionnaire to Check:

Your Knowledge of Safety

Your Knowledge of Test Elements

Your Understanding of the Riders Mindset

Your Understanding of Useful Road Tips                         






Because we can :)


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For Those of You Who Need More Information...


Learn to Ride | Motorbike Safety |  Motorbike Driving Licence


Do You Know What To Expect When You Go For Your Motorbike Driving Licence?


Your Safe Ride eBook will act as your Motorcycle Test Study Guide. The useful tips contained within Safe Ride will be sure to help you pass your motorcycle theory test and your motorbike practical test.

The 40 page eBook is so comprehensive, you won’t need any further information, except where to go for your motorbike theory test and practical test information in your particular state (you can Google that!).

We go into great detail about:

What is expected of you when you go for your bike licence

How to change gears on a motorcycle

Motorcycle Rider Safety

Motorcycle Hazard Perception Test

Information about Module 1 and Module 2 Bike Test in the UK

How to Go For Your Motorbike Licence UK

That goes for your scooter licence UK as well!

Information on Australian Motorcycle Licences

Information on USA Motorcycle Licences


There it is my friends, your Safe Ride eBook has been designed with new riders in mind. Even if you have taken a break and want to brush up on your skills, it will be a valuable read!


Like I mentioned above, my partner wanted me to go for my motorcycle test but I had no idea where to begin. This is why we’ve created Safe Ride! For other people in my shoes who are ready to take to the road but want to ensure a Safe Ride for all!


Please get in touch if you would like to know more or have any questions.

Better yet, if you have any pics you'd like us to display here, send 'em through!




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About Us


We'd also like to share with you a recent motorcycling trip we took with some friends...



Our Weekend Riding Trip :)





 REMEMBER - Motorcycle riders are less protected than car drivers and have a greater chance of being killed or injured in a crash.

This Ebook (Safe Ride) is only an interpretation of motorcycle riding and practical tests made easy to understand by using plain English. Laws change often so make sure you know the laws regarding motorcycle riding in your country and given state. Take your own safety seriously.


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