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Attention Affiliate Marketers: You're Being Ripped Off...And You're Doing It To Yourself! And it's all because of a simple lack of knowledge...

Dear Fellow Affiliate Marketer,

We've all been there. You earn an affiliate commission, but you have no idea which marketing channel was responsible for the conversion.

This is a fatal lack of information. How will you know what marketing efforts are resulting in conversions so you can expand or duplicate them?

"You May Very Well Be Sitting On A Goldmine
And Not Even Know It..."

...a goldmine you could be exploiting, if you knew it existed.

On the other hand, you could be pouring time and money into marketing efforts, which are ultimately resulting in little or no actual conversions.

Let me stress that I said CONVERSIONS, not clicks.

How many clicks you get on your affiliate site is not important. Now, which of those clicks results in conversions is vitally important.

Affiliates using ClickBank and ShareASale have had no way to gather this vital information. There's been no way to track conversions back to the original click on your affiliate site.

But don't worry, because...

"I'm Going To Solve This Problem
For You Right Now."

Pay close attention, because I'm about to share one my private "secret weapons" with you, which I've now decided to release to the public.

Fair warning...I have a thriving affiliate business of my own. When I reach a comfortable number of users of this plugin, which I feel I can support without interfering with my main business I will pull down this offer. At that point I may, or may not start a waiting list.

All right...to put things another way, when it comes to visitors on your affiliate sites and what is making them click to make a specific purchase...

"You're Flying Totally Blind."

Are You Flying Blind?

You don't know critical things like...
Where did the click come from? If from a search engine, what keyword was searched for? What was the entry page? Which affiliate link on your site did they click on? If you're marketing through Adsense, what keyword and Ad Group results in conversions?
Again, without this knowledge, you're playing a game of Pinata with your affiliate marketing, blindly swinging at conversions with no idea of what ultimately works.

Such vital information has simply not been available. That is, until now!

[Click Here To Download ClickTrackZilla Now](#buy)

ClickTrackZilla is the first and only plugin to provide all of the following information about each and every hit to your site:

Conversion Tracking for ClickBank and ShareASale
What site the hit came from
What page on that site the hit came from
Which keywords were used in the search query to find your site
Which landing page the visitor entered on
The elapsed time from the visitor hitting your site until clicking your affiliate link
Which affiliate link was clicked and what page it was on
Which Adwords keyword phrase and which Ad Group resulted in a conversion
The conversion rate of an email campaign or newsletter
In case your promoting more than one product from a single vendor, which product was sold
Due to the nature of how the plugin works, it automatically cloaks all of your affiliate links.
No other WordPress plugin provides this level of drill down and detailed information about each and every click.

But, don't my word for it, click the big orange button below and start using it today!

"How Do I Know This Plugin Really Works?"

Let me tell you a little but about my partner and me...

My name is and I'm one of the original 200 Internet Marketing Warriors from back when Allen Says first started that powerful group back in the mid 1990s. People I met their back then are still my business partners today.

JB McKee

My partner in this project is JB McKee. You might recognize his name. He's the man who single-handedly deigned, built and marketed one the most popular affiliate tracking solutions in the last two decades, called Fusion Quest, which he's since sold to Share-A-Sale.

We're both long-time affiliate marketers and we built this plugin to solve our own frustration with a lack of information. We've been using this plugin for many months now and have found...

"The Information It Provides Is
Worth Its Weight In Gold!"

For example...

I have a WordPress site promoting a downloadable, digital affiliate product. The site is massive with about a thousand pages. After a year of operating the site in the dark, we installed the ClickTrackZilla plugin.

Here's what we found:

I was getting a great deal of hits to a deep page from a really obscure search term. So, the question was, "should I focus attention on ramping up promotion of this entry point?"

ClickTrackZilla gave me the answer...

Not one of those hits resulted in a single conversion!

On the other hand, I uncovered a pattern of clicks that were resulting in conversions. I had been targeting a popular keyword phrase.

However, until I installed this powerful plugin, I didn't know there were so many more people finding my site through a similar search term containing the word "download" than just the popular keyword alone, which is what I had really been concentrating on.

This knowledge enabled me to focus my efforts on this hidden, unknown entry point, an entry point I now know results in conversions!

Our new plugin really has me stoked and we couldn't wait to get it out to affiliate marketers everywhere. However, I realize you may not yet be as convinced of the value as I am.

But that's only because you haven't used it yet! So let's get you using it!

To make sure there's no risk to you, I'm offering you my 60-day, Ironclad, USB Lawnmower Guarantee...

"My Totally Crazy, 60-Day, Risk-Free
USB Lawnmower Guarantee"

I'm never satisfied unless you're more than satisfied, So, here's my simple "No Small Print" guarantee. Get the plugin now and try it on ALL your affiliate sites for 60 days. Really put it through the ringer.

If you aren't thrilled with the new power you possess to shape and increase your affiliate earnings, if you aren't happy with it for any reason, I'll promptly refund the entire purchase price and personally apologize for wasting your time.

After you receive your refund, I want you to express your indignation. Transfer the plugin to a USB thumb drive of your choice and throw it out in the grass in your front yard. Fire up the lawnmower and run over it several times until you feel absolutely satisfied. Fair enough?

"Go Ahead And Click The Big Orange Button Below
To Get Instant Access To ClickTrackZilla And
Try It Out Yourself Today."

"The ClickTrackZilla WordPress Plugin"
(Includes FREE UPDATES For Life!)

Single Site License Just $47

"Let Me Ask You A Question..."

If you don't get ClickTrackZilla and implement it today, how will you solve the lack of information and lost commissions you're currently suffering from?

You could be wasting a LOT of time promoting a particular keyword, even one considered popular, which isn't putting any money in your pocket, in which case it's actually costing you money!

On the other hand, you could be leaving a LOT of money on the table because you simply aren't aware of where your CONVERTING visitors are hiding.

"Stop Letting Yourself Be Robbed!"

If ClickTrackZilla helps you make even one additional affiliate commission it will more than pay for itself. And it will do SO much more than that for you.
Also, don't forget my 60-Day, Ironclad, USB Lawnmower Guarantee. There's absolutely no risk.

All Licenses Include FREE UPDATES for life!

Single Site License - Just $47

You may use the plugin on one site, personal or business.

Developer License - Just $197

You may use the plugin on an unlimited number of your client's sites and you may build and sell sites with the plugin included.

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