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 Gold in 7 Days      

"Learn how to enter the gold markets quickly and easily for as low as ten bucks!!!"



Are you serious about protecting your financial future?
Hello friends, 

Time is running out. That's right. If you clicked on this link, you probably fall into one of the following categories:

      You know there is a troubled economy, and you may or may not be wondering why there is a man with a "WE BUY GOLD" sign standing on every corner in the U.S.  (I will explain why in my free report.)    

  You have heard all the rumors; inflation, funny money, China, but do not have a clue about what to do about it. 

  You have some investor experience, maybe own some stocks or annuities, but really don't now how/where to invest in gold. 

     You are doing well, know all about the upcoming economic crisis, but don't want to spend all your spare cash on physical gold @ record high $1,500.00 per ounce and climbing.

In any case, my 'Gold in 7 Days' guidebook is for you.......

You see folks, the American dollar is on its way to ZERO. Soon, there will be two kinds of people in this country:

            Those who have gold, and those who don't!!!!!!!

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        First, let me tell you my story....
Years ago, I took a home study course on the futures and commodities markets. I'm not gonna lie, it was hard. It is very much like learning a new language. However, I persisted and eventually understood the movements, the lingo. It was empowering, exciting, and fun. My friends were even impressed. After all, I was in my 20's and I was ordering truckloads of coffee and soybeans over the phone! Then one day it happened. Off the advice of my broker, I bought 3 little gold options at a cost of something like 400 bucks. Just 2 days later, I checked my account:
                   It was worth over $20,000.00 dollars!!!

WOW!  I ended up using these profits to buy a beautiful condo off the coast of Florida. (In fact, that's where I am writing this as we speak):


I soon, however, moved on from the gold markets to fulfill my dreams and aspirations of being a successful musician. I surpassed my own expectations, joining a band and playing on several TV shows, including Jay Leno, and playing in front of millions of people nationwide....  

Fast forward to today.....
     Financially, I also got hit pretty hard by the crash of 2008. My band wasn't touring much, and the economy was slow, to say the least. I didn't understand the financial pressures forcing in on me, but I sure could feel them. So, like most others, I just went on feeling like a victim and 'hoping and praying' things would just magically get better. Actually, the signs were everywhere;  'we buy gold' commercials constantly, and men holding 'we buy gold' signs on every street corner in my city.


At the time, I didn't get it....you see, my financial education had fallen way behind. Then one day it happened; I clicked on a link for a wealth building video. It was an hour long, however my eyes were glued to the screen:      

                           "American dollar going to zero?"
                           "Federal Reserve?"
                           "Fake money?"
                           "Gold rising to $56,000.00/oz.?"
                           "Greatest transfer of wealth in the history of                                     the world coming?"        

             My palms were sweating and I was concerned to say the least. Over the next several days, I scoured my local library digesting all the information about this that I could find. To my horror, it was all true. Suddenly, all of the 'we buy gold signs' started to make sense. It all fell into place; now the evening news made sense to me as well: 

You see, those who 'know' are preparing for what is coming- they are buying and hoarding gold!!!

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      Folks, this is real, and there is not much time left. If you do not believe me, here is a link that I found at Kitco(a very dependable source of precious metals):

[](http://www.kitco.com/reports/KitcoNews201103220DeC_focus.html)                  [    Click here ](http://www.kitco.com/reports/KitcoNews201103220DeC_focus.html)

       Shocking, right??? States making their own currency???   I was sitting there, just like you, wondering "what the heck do I do?"
         Then, if by magic, it hit me:

                I know how to trade commodities and the gold markets!!!  

I had actually forgotten that long ago I learned the strategies of how to purchase gold options. It took me a few days, long days, of re-learning the lingo of the charts and patterns. However, it was like riding a bike, and once again I felt empowered and informed.
Then, I checked gold prices, and figured they would be way out of my price range. To my amazement, there were gold options going for ten bucks!!!   I was excited, awake, and alive; I made the calls, set up a broker, and WHAM!...In 7 days flat I held 5 gold options costing me from $10 to $50 each. Keep in mind that these are 'catastrophic' type insurance options, however, if the bottom falls out and gold shoots up to $5,000/oz or more I will make a small fortune, enough to provide for me and my loved ones through hard times.

               Can you imagine the change this made to my life? It was remarkable. Instead of feeling like a victim, I felt empowered. Now, if there is negative financial news, I even feel a little excited wondering how much my gold options went up!  Well, upon telling some close friends about what I was doing, they said "John, you need to teach me this!". So I did. I showed them the few easy steps and they were were set-up. Then one of my buddies' said "John, this is cool, you should put a book on the internet showing people how to do this". I agreed. It is so easy to learn with my 'Gold in 7 Days' guidebook, anyone can do it.

        Folks, you are in a lose/lose situation right now. If the bottom falls out, like some experts are saying, you will probably lose your wealth, and also lose because you do not own gold.  Lets' reverse this. Lets' change this to WIN/WIN.  You win everytime you hear some scary news about the economy, and win if gold does jump to dizzying heights of $5,000/oz. and more!
       Imagine how you would feel at work. While others are stressed about the terrible financial news, you are calm and relaxed knowing you are covered if the bottom falls out!

            It is up to you now.  You can get the tools. It is time to take action. The 'we buy gold' signs are everywhere. They are preparing. I made the 'Gold in 7 Days' guide so easy that you will be in the gold markets in 7 days flat.
   You need to act. Once gold takes off it will be like trying to catch a runaway train.
   You probably don't have time to learn all the theories and principals of the markets.
 I will walk you through a series of  '7 easy steps' so you can get in, and be protected.  
    Introducing the Gold in 7 Days guidebook:



  In this course you will learn:
How and where to find the lowest cost broker. (I found them for you!)
How to fund your account
How to spot and find low cost gold options for as little as ten bucks!
A long forgotten options strategy that could make you RICH
And more!

I know what you are thinking. These courses can be outrageously expensive. I've seen these investment strategies going for over $900 dollars!  Or, they recommend buying gold and silver, then leave you saying "now what?".    Folks, I made this course so you can get into the markets FAST. I don't want you to get left behind. This guidebook is easy, concise, and to the point. Try it for a full 60 days, and if it doesnt get you in the gold markets quickly, safely, and easily, just return it for a no questions asked full refund!
                                                                    How much would you expect to pay for a 'take you by the hand' approach to purchasing gold options?                    
                      $197 ????    
                                                     $97 ????

                                                        $47 ????

                         Order today and get the 'Gold in 7 days' guidebook for just $27!   Thats right just $27 to learn how to protect yourself in the gold markets quickly and easily!
                You will receive your guidebook instantly, anytime of day or night in an electronic book format.  Use the guidebook for a full 60 days, and if it doesn't get you in a gold position quickly and easily,  just request a full refund!                                                      Free bonus!!! Order now and get a free copy of the wealth building classic 'Think and Grow Rich' !!! ($12.00 value.)              

   If you have never read this classic, now is the time! This book is responsible for creating more millionares than any other book...

    Get the 'Gold in 7 Days' guidebook and the classic 'Think and Grow Rich' both for the low, low price of only....


P.S.       I won't be able to sell this course for long, unfortunately. You see, once gold really starts to skyrocket, you won't be able to get in these markets. No one will be willing to sell their gold options and it will be like trying to catch a runaway train. We are committed to your success! If you have any questions or concerns please email us at support@goldin7days.com.Order now!

Disclaimer and Disclosure of Risk Statement
You should understand that trading in the futures and or options markets is not for everyone. There is substantial risk of loss when trading futures and or options. Carefully evaluate whether trading in the futures and or options markets is appropriate, as such trading is speculative in nature. When trading futures, you may sustain losses which exceed your margin deposits. Purchasing options may result in the entire loss of premiums paid for such options. Options sellers should understand that they may be at risk of assuming a long futures position in the case of selling a put or a short futures position in the case of selling a call from the respective strike prices of such options. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.






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