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Are You Tired of Eating The Same Thing Everyday?  Getting Bored of Every Meal of Every Day Looking Exactly the Same?  It Sounds Like You Need a Few New Cookbooks!


From: Svanfridur Hagvaag


Dear Friend,

Cookbooks help you make healthy and nutritious meals with ease, all in the comfort of your own home.  With seemingly endless varieties of cooking styles, flavors, and techniques offered, you could be eating a new and exciting dish at every meal.

It's now easier than ever to get new, quality cookbooks at your convenience.  With Clearout Cookbooks you can stock up on recipes for hearty and exotic meals at an incredibly low, discounted price.

It's no surprise that more people aren't eating healthy with the current price of cookbooks.  In some cases, the cost of buying the recipe could be more than the cost of the meal.  With this standard, those who can't afford quality cookbooks may suffer from poor variety and unbalanced nutrition.

Cookbook Clearout is here to solve that problem, and we offer quality recipe collections at an affordable rate.

We're offering TEN new cookbooks for an initial price of only $7.95; savings that almost seem too good to be true when you consider these books are offered on Amazon for $14.95 each.  These 10 books are:

The Good Almond Cookbook The Good Appetizer Cookbook The Good Apple Cookbook The Good Artichoke Cookbook The Good Asparagus Cookbook The Good Bacon Cookbook The Good Banana Cookbook The Good BBQ Cookbook The Good Bean Cookbook The Good Beer Cookbook
After this initial purchase, a great deal, you will continue receiving great prices every month, with two new books for the same low price of $7.95.

These savings are hard to ignore, and they will only continue.  After only two months, you will have saved almost $200 when compared to the standard market rate!  This offer makes it possible to recharge and enhance your diet with high quality cookbooks at a price that everyone can take advantage of.

Cookbooks offer many benefits; both to those who are in the habit of fine cuisine, and new cookers, alike.  Good quality cookbooks, in particular, can be incredibly useful.  Some of the benefits offered include:

Exploring new tastes and flavors Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions Better nutrition and a more balanced diet More variety in your meals Impress your friends with exotic dishes Enjoy professional meals in the comfort of your own home Save money with efficient cooking and menu planning Easy fat, caloric and nutritional tracking And more!

The advantages of adding high quality cookbooks to your lifestyle are endless.  When you eat better, you feel better, not to mention the pride that comes with preparing a delicious and nutritious new dish.  Your family and friends will thank you for the increased variety of your cooking, and your body will thank you, as well.

With our discounted rate it is now possible to receive all of these benefits at a mere fraction of their competitive pricing.  Our initial ten books offer a great variety of cooking styles, incorporating different ingredients for efficient meal preparation.

Learn more about our cookbooks, and what they can offer to your home and diet.  The first 10 books you can look forward to enjoying include:

1)      The Good Almond Cookbook

Almonds are far underrated in the world of quality cuisine, but they can be used in many different recipes.  Not only do almonds add a unique and earthy flavor to a boring dish, but they have many health benefits to offer those who eat them, as is the case with a recipe for chicken with an almond and berry relish.  This is a complete and filling meal that is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised.

This cookbook also features a number of almond based deserts for those who like to indulge their sweet tooth.  Unique creations like almond peanut butter squares, and an apricot almond loaf, will be at the tip of your fingers when you have this well-researched collection of almond recipes.


2)      The Good Apple Cookbook

Apples, like almonds, are nutritious and delicious.  Explore the various ways they can be used with this unique cookbook dedicated completely to apples.

Popular recipes in this edition include applesauce bars, German apple dapple cake, apple-stuffed acorn squash, and herbed pork and apples.  Apples make a great accessory to both sweet and savory dishes alike, making this cookbook a diverse and useful addition in the kitchen.

3)      The Good Appetizer Cookbook

Appetizers are an exciting way to start a meal, and range in culinary style and taste.  For those people who prefer the country favorite appetizer classics, this cookbook features recipes for sausage balls in blankets, tomato and mozzarella appetizers, and sausage stuffed mushrooms.

For more adventurous tastes, this book also offers the opportunity to make Bagna Cauda (an Italian appetizer), and Crab Napoleons.

4)      The Good Artichoke Cookbook

This cookbook features incredibly unique recipes such as artichoke orzo pilaf, vermicelli chicken salad, and cream of artichoke soup.  Also featured are classics like artichoke dip, garlic and artichoke pizza, and Mediterranean chicken and artichoke.

Artichokes are a beautiful and nutritious vegetable that offer many culinary opportunities.

5)      The Good Asparagus Cookbook

Asparagus isn't everyone's favorite side dish, but that's why you need a good cookbook to add some spice and flavor.  This cookbook provides flavorful asparagus dishes like asparagus fajitas, creamy macaroni with asparagus, and a Xavier steak dish.

6)      The Good Bacon Cookbook

Everybody loves bacon, and with this cookbook you can incorporate it into multiple meals in a wide variety of ways.  Those who prefer bacon to stay with breakfast will appreciate recipes for Sunday brunch eggs and bacon and the hungry man's hash browns.

Those with more adventurous tastes will enjoy corn with bacon and chili powder, penne with pancetta and tuna, and the Iowa corn casserole.

7)      The Good Banana Cookbook

Bananas have been used in recipes for ages, adding a unique texture and sweetness to failing combinations.  This cookbook includes traditional favorites, like banana bread and pudding.  In addition, it offers unique dishes like sour cream banana cake, banana pancakes, and banana-stuffed French toast.

8)      The Good BBQ Cookbook

BBQs are a classic excuse for friends to get together and enjoy good food.  Impress them with recipes from this cookbook, which include BBQ chicken pizza, honey mustard BBQ pork chops, and Korean BBQ short ribs, as well as many varieties of BBQ sauces and marinades.


9)  The Good Bean Cookbook

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart!  And with this cookbook it?s easier than ever to make sure you're getting a healthy amount.  Popular bean recipes include curried hummus, black bean soup, sunflower soy butter, and BBQ baked beans.


10)      The Good Beer Cookbook

The last cookbook we'll discuss is also the most unique.  Who would've thought that a whole cookbook could be dedicated to beer?   But here it is, and quickly gaining popularity.

Delicious recipes included in this book include slow cooked pork tenderloin with beer, beer batter crepes, and harvest beef stew.
You can get all of these books for the low price of $7.95, and then $7.95 per month for two books per month  for up to 24 months. Of course you can unsubscribe anytime.  Cookbook Clearout wants you to eat well, at an affordable price.  And now you can!


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To Your Success,

Svanfridur Hagvaag


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