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Right Brain Kids Art

"Dear Moms, are you tiring of fetching your children from class to
class, but yet to know what they are
learning ? Ever considering DIY art teaching at home? "


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See you on the inside... Jas Ng

"Circle's of Parents with Lovely Children"

Here I share my video on how I D.I.Y teach Selina how to darw at
home... Topic about Color Reflexion..Enjoy ! :)

From Jas Ng

Subject : How to DIY art with my young toddler at home ?

Dear Moms,

How are you ? My name is Jas Ng. I'm very passion in art. Since
young I love and enjoy drawing and painting.... After I graduated from
University major in Computing, I'm still searching my soul in art....

I decided to take Fine Art and Visual Art courses in 2001 to 2003.
After I left Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, I become more involve myself
in my art...

2004, I gave birth of my 1st child, Selina. I became very concern for
my children education, but having problem on how to start teaching the
child in her interested way of learning...

I found it is very critical to take advantages of children talent to
teach them different things at different stages. I started to do it
thru arts way, for example teaching my children linking memory, draw
from memory, observation, creativity etc.. and I share some of the
ideas thru my blog to benefit some of mommy around the world...

I received lots of feedback and query on some of my lesson plan and
here I finally share them here at affordable price for mommy..instead
of running for enrichment art classess weekly, I encourage mommy to
pick up this 20 lessons plan to DIY art at home...

The 20 Lessons Plan is simple and straight forward to follow

* 20 Step by step Videos demo how to do it

* Sample art work of students as reference

+Plus Extra BONUS worth $500

* Followup practising Right Brain Kids Art Parenting Tips of steps
by steps details

* Recommended further art reading for benefit of children

I understand by ordering now, I will have instant access to this
Package for a low,
one-time investment of only $500, $250, $100, $49

This package is suitable for age from 3 years to 99 years old...

YES! Adult like mom also can learn from these lesson plans...AMAZING!

Testimonial from Parents....

Yuxin started to learn drawing from Jas a year ago. She was exposed
to different forms of art e.g. still life drawing, patterns, shades,
charcoal drawing, free style etc, and a range of crafts like scrap
book, egg craft, clay works etc. Jas's lesson full with lots of fun
ideas. Yuxin's observation has improved the concept of perspectives,
angles are taught in class. Yu Xin is also very involved in her own
art projects, putting her ideas into reality. I think it is partly
because Jas never limit her imagination but guided her along the way
and imparted her the necessary skills.
Keng Chin - Mummy of Yuxin (5 years old)

Ker Ru started her art journey with Teacher Jas when she was about 2
years old. Many schools will not take in very young children. We are
very thankful to Teacher Jas for teaching Ker Ru. As Teacher Jas is
using right brain method to teach art, Ker Ru always looks forward to
her art lessons as they are full of surprises. An eye opener for the
parents too. Mummy becomes more creative after attending the lessons
with her. Teacher Jas has exposed her students to different forms of
arts and different medium. Ker Ru learnt a lot of art techniques from
her. They included different colouring techniques, acrylic painting,
canvas painting and even charcoal drawing. Ker Ru enjoyed the craft
works done at Teacher Jas's class. Some of them were mosaic art, kite,
mask, models etc. Most of all, she loved the outdoor drawing sessions
and Museum tours that Teacher Jas
Peck Hiong - Mummy of Ker Ru (6 years old)

My daughter attended teacher Jas's class from 15 months onwards. It
is really an amazing class for her. She learns how to communicate with
other children, how to draw different shapes, how to make hand craft,
how to differenciate colors, and art history as well. To me, it is a
quite a different lesson compared with other normal art classes. Jas
is not only teaching her art skills but also right brain development
and other skills, e.g. georgaraphy knowledge, English writing etc. In
addition, we have a lot of outdoor activities, which children can
learn and enjoy arts together. I think my daughter likes this class a
lot as she always asked me " when is teacher Jas art class ?".
Iris - Mummy of Casey (5 years old)

Here's one of the sample trial lesson...
(if you cannot see the video, click allow block content on the pop up
bar on top)

* The critical that for the children learning is process, not the

* Your child brain will the trigger to think while they are
involving the the lesson plans

* You will be amazed with the process of their learning by looking
at different interesting art work by the children...

* During the lessons your child will learn to solve the problem of
drawing and when they try to make their own solution, encourage and
reward them with stickers etc...!

YES! instant access to this Package for a low,
one-time investment of only $500, $250, $100, $49

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