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GREAT NEWS FOR PARENTS of young people suffering with low self esteem. An emotionally heart-wrenching story about how a teenage girl transformed her body and life to go on and live her dream.

People find it hard to believe that only a few short years ago, I was overweight and extremely miserable. I decided that I could not live 1 more day feeling this way! I changed my life and became slim and healthy. You can do it too!

I could hardly believe it myself after just 4 months on the program, not only had all the excess fat I had been carrying around completely disappeared, my body was entirely transformed and soon I was noticed and picked up by a modelling agency!

Now 3 and a half years later, I’m still slim, healthy and travelling the world as a High Fashion Model gaining International fame and living my dreams!

You can too!

My Story

My name is Brittaney Johnston and right now I am now living a life I could barely have dreamed of, as an International Model. It wasn’t some lucky break that got me here in fact it took me overcoming some rather large obstacles, the main one being “ME”.

You see I didn’t exactly start out as the pretty girl next door. In fact where I started out was quite the opposite, as a very unhappy teenager who was overweight and was teased and harassed constantly, I didn’t believe that I was good enough for people to like me and be my friend, because I couldn’t see very much to like, when I looked in the mirror.

When I was around 14 years old I made up my mind that I had to do something to change the way I felt about myself. I had hit rock bottom in so many ways, going shopping for clothes was something I dreaded, having to go to school and put up with cruel remarks like “whale” and “you could sink a ship” and having virtually no friends I didn’t want to leave the house anymore, and constantly found myself in tears at home about how I looked. I just felt absolutely disgusting.

Even going to family gatherings was embarrassing, as I often heard family members voicing their concern about my ballooning weight. They would say things like “haven’t you eaten enough Britt?” and they would say things to my mother like, “ Perhaps, you should be controlling what she eats”. My mother was concerned as she did say to me “ Can you actually feel when you are full?” I think she thought I might have been born with a birth defect of no feelings in my stomach.

I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror as usual and saw the familiar fat unattractive reflection staring back. My mind wandered onto it’s normal negative thoughts about me, and the horrible day that lay awaiting for me ahead.

At that moment, I decided enough was enough…

I Could not live like this anymore

I made a decision to change the way I was thinking. I believe this was one of the Most Powerful things I did.

I started noticing my eating habits, the way I looked at and thought about food. I became aware of how I was looking at my body, and judging it every second of every day. I noticed how I was looking at EVERYTHING… And decided I needed to do something about this…

I Asked myself “How can I Change this?” AND…

By pure accident I Stumbled upon some key factors…

That: Literally ate the fat off my body Reshaped my body remarkably Left me without Stretchmarks or any Loose skin Gave me boundless energy Completely altered my outlook to become a more Positive, Outgoing and Happy person
All this happened very quickly, WITHOUT DIETING


After 4 Months


Have you ever considered that DIET companies want to keep you on diets so they have a paying customer for life?

This was a question I asked myself when everyone I met or knew who was on a diet never really seemed to lose, or at least keep the weight off for long.

Most gained even more weight, than they had lost! They seemed to be on a continual diet, always worrying about what they could or couldn’t eat.

Looking around at the large amount of the population that were continually struggling with weight problems & noticing that things seemed to be getting worse not better, it occurred to me that there was SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG HERE…

People keep telling me that what I discovered is Revolutionary

and has the ability to turn our society from a growing overweight population to a slim, healthy happy world filled with people, who are able to enjoy and love food.

I’m really excited about helping people to achieve this reality! By following the steps that I took, I really believe that this is possible for you, and especially after seeing that so many people have also achieved extraordinary results through doing what I did!

Just imagine what life would be like for you if you didn’t have to deal with your weight issue and low self esteem.

I want to share what I discovered, with YOU!

When I look around at the world, I see so many amazing people and things. I also see too many people who are suffering from what I call the dis-ease of Low Self Esteem. I totally believe all negative decisions people make, come from this dis-ease and if these people could change the way they feel about themselves, and the food they eat, then amazing life altering experiences would happen for them, just as it happened for me, and can happen for you too.

I decided that I would do whatever I could to help people, especially young people who suffer from Low Self Esteem and so I have written an eBook about the Journey that changed my body and my life, including step by step instructions and advice about what I did to change, not only the way I looked, but more importantly how I viewed and felt about myself.

I have included what details about what I ate, how I thought, exercise I did and lots more. My eBook takes you completely on my journey from when I started, as an overweight miserable teenager, through every stage of transformation ( I have even included a chapter on Modelling for those young people who are interested in this) right up to the dream life I live now. You will learn what I did with step by step plans for you to follow yourself.

If at this point you have already read enough, and you’re ready to give it a try [Click here to Buy Now](http://1.brittyj.pay.clickbank.net) Just $29.97.

No Diet Needed

So now I’d like to take this opportunity to share my eBook with you ‘No Diet Needed’. It is available immediate for download. I’ve deliberately kept the price low at just $29.97.

I will be donating 10% of all proceeds to the Amira Project, to support young girls at risk.



To ensure there is no risk to you and because I am so confident that this can work for you that I am offering a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you read “No Diet Needed” and you’re not convinced it will help you or you’re not happy with the results that you achieve through this program, in the next 60 days simply come back and with a few clicks you will have your money back.

You can pay for it online and download it immediately. You can literally be reading the book in less than 5 minutes.

To keep your credit card details safe, we use Clickbank’s secure server. That means that we never get to see your credit card details – you deal directly with Clickbank (the internet’s largest seller of e-books). Clickbank also honors the money-back guarantee.


Please click on the link above to get your copy of this amazing book. Within minutes you can be getting your questions answered … within minutes you’ll be discovering how you can live your dreams too!

I would love to hear your results you achieve out of following what I did and also if you have any questions, please contact me via the ‘Contact Page’
Thank You,

Brittaney Johnston.

I Lost 36kg by following Brittaney’s advice!

My name is Tayla-Lee Robinson and I used to be very overweight. At school I was bullied so badly that I became scared for many years. I had no confidence because of my weight and couldn’t make friends.

I had met Brittaney before she had lost her weight and when I saw how much Brittaney had changed, it really inspired me to change my life to look and feel as great as she did now. I asked her how she had done it and she told me about how she changed her thinking and changed the way she ate and how she now viewed food.

After talking to Brittaney I decided that I was also going to change my life, so I joined a local dance school where I would dance 3 times a week. Along with this and my new way of eating and looking at food, I started losing weight quite rapidly and non stop.

My Incredible Transformation



I want to thank Brittaney for her inspiration and advice and also my friend Abbe Bradbury for her motivation and support to keep me going. I lost 36kgs and made lots of wonderful friends along with my new found confidence. Happily, I can walk up to anyone now and have a long conversation with them.

I am following my dreams and have the confidence to know that I can accomplish anything I set out to do.

My advice to teenagers is not to listen to your local peers but to listen to yourself and find and love the inner you.

With Love
Tayla-Lee Robinson

It was SO easy, ANYBODY can do this!


I am Donating 10% of all Proceeds

I am donating 10% of all proceeds to the Amira Project to sponsor young girls. The Amira Project, wasn’t around when I suffered from Low Self Esteem and I have looked into what they are doing for young girls.

I am so happy that there are groups like this out there doing so much to help these young girls and give them the experience of what it feels like to know that they are worthwhile and special. All the wonderful volunteers give of their time to create this amazing experience, and I’m proudly supporting them.

Dear Brittaney

I have to admit that when I first read your story, I was quite sceptical that your program would even work for me. You see I have struggled with weight issues for many years and I thought perhaps it might work for a young person like yourself, but I am 41 and thought maybe it wouldn’t work for someone older who has hormone issues and is going through a different stage in life.

I have been one of those perpetual dieters and I have certainly become bigger after every diet I have gone on. I so totally agree with your belief that Weight Loss companies want to keep us as a paying customer for life and up until your program, I was one of them.

I was feeling pretty depressed about the whole weight loss thing and had pretty much given up hope, when a girlfriend of mine told me about Tayla and how she had totally changed herself by following your advice. She said she had been so shocked when she had run into Tayla and her mother after not seeing them for a while and that Tayla had gone from this timid girl with a serious weight issue to a beautiful and confident young lady. I got on the internet and found your book and even though, as I said, was sceptical it could work for me, I decided I had nothing much to lose except a whole lot of weight.

Not only have I now lost 17kgs in just over 2 months, but my energy levels have sky rocketed. My body shape is changing so dramatically and I feel like I have a totally new lease on life. People I know who run into me at the local supermarket are apologising to me because at first when I speak to them, they don’t even recognise me.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have given me and to think it was so simple and easy and yet effective and the best part, NO DIETING. I so want to support you in your quest to help young people, especially girls with self esteem issues, as there are so many who are setting themselves up for a life of misery. I have felt compelled to write to you and let you know that your information can also help people of all ages. I do now honestly think that weight loss companies have set us up to be an overweight society, to keep us in the trap and keep them making billions.

“Thank you, Brittaney, for giving my life back to me”. It is so good to see a young person taking steps to make a difference in other peoples lives and from one of them that you have made a difference for, all the best.

Yours Sincerely

Janice Dalton

Brisbane Qld Australia

Hello Brittany
I wanted to write and let you know how much you have helped our daughter Emily. Only a short while ago Emily would shut herself in her room as soon as she came home from school and hardly spoke to my wife and me. She had gone from quite a slim outgoing girl a couple of years before, to this angry and very bitter girl, who developed bad eating habits and was getting bigger and bigger. Neither my wife or myself had ever had weight problems, so we really didn’t know what to do to help her and she seemed to be spiralling downwards at a lightening rate. She went from an A student to an uninterested one with poor grades.

We took her to doctors and psychologists and tried to find out what was going on for her, but felt helpless and terrified as to where this might end up. I sat up late at night searching the internet to find some information which might help and I came across your story. I immediately bought it and read it and felt so touched by your journey that I felt hopeful that it may help Emily.

I printed it out and left it on her bed and said nothing about it to her. As usual she came home and shut herself in her room and we didn’t see her until dinner. Of course nothing seemed different that first night, nor for the next few nights. I still didn’t mention anything to her.

Well within a week, we noticed Emily was starting to be a bit more social and we noticed her relationship with food had changed a bit. She was becoming more active and helping around the house more and actually talking to us again. I knew she had read it and felt a surge of hopefulness fill my heart.

It is only one month since I bought your book and Emily still has a way to go, however the changes in her are remarkable and she is so much happier and getting slimmer quite quickly too. I really think your book should be in schools, as it may curb a lot of problems that young girls seem to develop in that environment. My wife and I are so glad you decided to share your story and how you changed your life. It has helped our daughter enormously and I want other parents to be aware that this book is not only for overweight teens but for any teenager who has a self esteem issue.

Kind Regards

Michael, Sally and Emily Hanover

Melbourne Australia

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