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Binaural Beats
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Binaural beats

are two unique sound frequencies introduced to your brain via headphones. Each frequency, one through each ear, is received by your brain. Your brain takes the difference between the two frequencies and produces brainwaves that fall within that range. This allows you to induce altered states of consciousness, from deep, trance-like meditation, to relaxation, energy production and even euphoria.

There are five known brainwave frequencies in your brain: alpha brainwaves, beta brainwaves, theta brainwaves, delta brainwaves, and gamma brainwaves. Each of these brainwaves corresponds to a particular state of consciousness. For instance, beta brainwaves are present in your waking state, while delta brainwaves are present during deep sleep. Using binaural beats, you can induce whichever brainwave you desire, and thus alter your state of consciousness while you’re still in a waking, conscious state.

While many people use binaurals to meditate and place themselves in deep, trance-like states, they can also be used to reinvigorate your mind and body, and even help reduce or eliminate anxiety, fatigue or bad habits (like smoking). They rely on extremely powerful, mind-altering science to help you achieve your desired state of consciousness.

Our binaural beats are expertly made and designed for maximum effectiveness. We offer a wide range of beats to suit everyone’s needs. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our binaural beats that we offer a 60 day money-back guarantee! We know our beats will help you achieve your desired result, whether it be concentration, relaxation or invigoration.

Listening to binaurals can help you reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and many other things. In fact, one of our most popular binaurals is “concentration.” Many of our customers report to us with awesome success! Many of these people are students or professionals who require serious levels of concentration for extended periods of time. This is just to highlight how versatile brainwave technology can be, whether you simply want to relax, or if you need to “get in the zone” for extended periods of time.
Look at what some of our customers have said!

“I have spent years in school trying to concentrate! I almost want to cry thinking about how difficult it has been for me to get by. your concentration beat has helped me so much. for the first time i am able to sit down and finish my work without fiddling with my pencil or getting distracted. thank you so much.”

“I work a pretty demanding job that leaves me utterly exhausted and stressed out of my mind. Nothing, absolutely nothing (other than a lot of booze,) could help me relax. I’ve listened to your relaxation track with incredible success. It blows my mind to think that this sort of thing exists, but it puts me into a very deep, completely relaxed state. After about a week of listening to it every day, my anxiety started to drop like a rock, and i’ve been suffering from near-paralyzing anxiety for years. this stuff is incredible. will buy again! thanks!”

“Hi there, just wanted to tell you that your binaural music has really helped me move deeper into my meditation. i have been meditating for over 15 years now, but never used any sort of tool like this. after a few days I was going deeper than I have ever gone before (with some very strange, but very interesting and relaxing sensations/experiences in between. just wanted to let you know how pleased i am!”

Please feel free to browse our selection of beats, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns! support@binauralbeatsbrain.com

Lucid DreamingEuphoriaAnxietyRelaxationConcentrationCreativitySleepSerotoninMeditationEnergyStudyingPainSocialChakra BalancingAstral ProjectionLoveGamma PerceptionAdhd

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