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Teenagers & Up - Tough Love

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Helping thousands of families
with the "challenging child".

The Dad Camp System is a non-fiction story about two families with "challenging children".  One family with a 17 year old boy who is always getting in trouble, even with the law, and the other a 22 year old daughter sill living at home as the world's worst nightmare.  Military is suggested, but both refuse because of fear of how they will be treated in boot camp.  They soon learn that boot camp is a picnic compared to Dad Camp.  Live the experience with the families as they learn to develop the proactive Dad Camp System complete with all the lessons and how the parents present them.   The outcome... you'll find out.

                       MORE THAN JUST A STORY BOOK

                    WHAT TO SAY, HOW TO SAY IT AND
                           HOW TO FOLLOW THROUGH.

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About the Author and how this book evolved.

Lynn is the author of 15 books as of the release of this book.  His topics were primarily related to the business world such as “The Guaranteed Profit System”,  “ Understanding Contracts”,  “I Love My Employees” and a few others.   For the general public, he wrote “The Guaranteed Wealth System”, “Romantic Rendezvous” and now "The Dad Camp System".  He has been a professional small business consultant and motivational speaker at trade shows and conventions all over the U.S. since 1991.   

Events took place in his personal life where he was able to meet with friends and apply some business techniques and teaching techniques to fit the need of his friends challenging children.  The Dad Camp System was created.   Yes… the story of these two families are true.  And, yes, Lynn had to change the names and a few situations to protect the people therein.   Lynn has had many people ask him about his Dad Camp concept and asked him to help them with their respective situations.    Most had ‘phenomenal results’.  Yes… a few people learned, started, but didn’t stick it out to the end.  Can’t help those people.  Friends and family members encouraged Lynn to write a book to help countless thousands who had similar situations, or just as an entertaining book.  Poof!  The Dad Camp System was born.

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Check out the YouTube video

We've put together a YouTube video to give you a little more information on the story and the illustrations that make this book both entertaining and an essential tool for anyone who has a "challenging child".  Take a look.

Reader Reviews & Real References

"We have one of those "challenging children" you refer to, or should I say, we had one.  It only took our child 4 weeks to completely transition into the "perfect person" thanks to your book "The Dad Camp System".  I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs help with their challenging child..."  Carol W.  Tacoma, WA

"I was given a copy of "The Dad Camp System" before it was even released.  Lynn asked me to look it over so I can give my opinion.  I had a daughter that I lost to alcohol, so when I read this book, I kept thinking, "Oh how I wish I had this book before it was too late".  I know it would have helped her.  For anyone out there who is considering buying this book, please, don't let it be too late for you..."  Sherry P.  Denver, CO

"I bought one of the first copies thinking it would be an interesting story.  Within the first two chapters, I called my sister who has a problem child and told her about the book.  We read it together and started the system with her daughter.   The visit to the homeless shelter seemed to have the impact we needed to start the process as outlined in the book.  Her daughter now has a great job and is learning to be a responsible adult.  Now, we are all very proud of her..."   Ann J.  Oakland, CA


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