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We few friends are on a mission To make $1.6 MILLION in less than 70

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Let's think differently for once, let's think out of the box and
trust our hearts that we can touch the sky. To make something big you
just need to have a bigger dream and go after it with true faith. And
that is exactly what we are doing in this website.
With the internet ever evolving and yielding thousands of
opportunities to our grasp let's take advantage of them more
aggressively. Let's ride together to victory. We have been working
online for a decade. And have seen people achieve great success and
face bitter failures at their own hands. Sometimes things that you
have been doing for a long time and methods that have always worked
fail to bring enough profit. With all these observation and years of
experience we decided that this time we must unite the good forces
amongst all of us and march united to 1 big goal - THE $1.6 MILLION

This money is for you to enjoy!

We made a difference this time, this time we thought out of the box
and made ourselves believe that Together We can Touch the Sky. We can
by all means do what we usually do, launch a website, call just our
friends, sell products, make huge amount of money in less than a month
and party over our success. But where’s the fun in that, we’ve
been doing that for a long time.

It has always been us few guys, there has been no difference, nothing
new has happened in the past years. So we decided to do something new
this year, we decided to open up the privilege of joining our group to
the public. So that everyone can make money online now.

This time, for the first time in the history of Internet Marketing
thousands of people all over the world will TOGETHER FEAST ON $1.6

This time it will not be just us few friends dancing to success
and getting wasted on finest food in luxury of a beach house. But it
will be a world community tasting the spoils of Ultimate Victory.

This time you will not have to stand outside and watch us make all
the money because we are sending out AN OPEN INVITATION TO EVERYONE
out there.

It does not matter if you are a pro or a novice you will have an
undeniable surge in your daily profits just by being a part of our
group. Because we will do just what we have been always doing and as
we struggle to reach the target of $1.6 Million, you being on board
with us will get to taste the fruits of online fortune.

If you are a pro and have great amount of experience then we will
definitely enjoy your company. In case you have starter skills please
do not be worried, just hop in and allow us to be at your service.

Every one is welcome aboard because, _IT IS FUN TO SHARE, AND IT IS

Why such a huge target?

Your attitude determines your altitude. It means the way your
attitude is decides how high you can reach in your life. A winning
attitude needs a winning strategy. And a strategy is incomplete
without a fine target and hence such a massive target - $1,600,000.
THE WAY WE SEE IT: What is the worth of all the trouble if we are
not going for something good enough?

The $1.6 Million sum specifies the amount in total sales that we will
struggle to stack in less than 70 days. Yes you heard it right $1.6
Million in less than 70 days. Come’ on! we do not want to keep doing
this for the whole year. There will be no point in it, we are here to
have fun and make money.

Take a look at the timer below. You are wasting your time if you have
not joined in yet.

Hurry! Time won't wait for you.

6/15/2011 7:00:00 AM

8/15/2011 7:00:00 AM

49 Days, 0 Hours and 52 Minutes

(MM / DD / YYYY - HR : MIN : SEC)

Right now we are stacking up our power, informing the world and
collecting enough force to cross the target in one smack. We will make
the run on 15TH OF JUNE 2011 and drive beyond $1.6 Million before 15TH
OF AUGUST 2011 which is actually 61 DAYS to be exact.
Interesting thing though, couple of our members are already earning
and they just made the Money Counter turn. Now we have a fair chance
to cross half a Million before the chosen date of launch. You can
never really stop some guys from making money, Three Cheers to these
chaps. Truth is you can also join in to earn some easy cash while
people are tucking in for a Mega Cash Fest.

May I join you as a marketer?

Yes of course, it will be fun. We would love some extra fire power
and we are willing to reward you handsome for your courage and service
in this battle of glory. We will gratefully offer you 70% commission
for every new JV Partner you introduce to this feast.

And not just that, we will also give you a MEGA CASH PRIZE OF $34,000
at the end of the run on 15th of August 2011. We have brought along
with us a cash prize that we will present you as token of thanks on
top of all the money you make out of $1.6 Million. You do not need us
guys to tell you where you stand, you will be able to track your
status from your account.

1st Cash Prize:

2nd Cash Prize:

3rd Cash Prize:

4th Cash Prize:

5th Cash Prize:


We do not want to offer the amount to 20 people, that is why we are
giving it out to only 5 people so that you can have a bigger chunk of
the Cash Prize.

You qualify for the prize money if you introduce just 250 JV Partners,
yes that’s it. You need not worry about bringing in a thousand
people. But if you are planning to make it really huge than it will be
definitely great for your bank account because we are offering you 70%
Commission on both Up Sell and Down Sell.

Meet the fortunate people who have already joined us and are making
the Money Counter turn.

DISCLAIMER: ClickBank.com is not responsible for the Prize Money in
what so ever way. The Prize money will be solely monitored by
iHomeJobs.com and paid via PayPal.

You will march with 1 Super Marketers.

Jenny White

What is it all about? It is about Pride, Power and Passion


Something that you have makes you special, something you have puts
you on top of the world, it is always worth to hold on to that thing.
If you wish to live a life you have always dreamt of, we dare you to
buckle up with us and claim what is rightfully yours.

When you stand alone you might fall but when you stand united with
thousands of other marketers we will help you to keep standing strong.
Hence we are here united by faith and friendship.

What will I gain as a member?

There are 5 solid ways in which you will benefit from your
membership. We are here to present an array of opportunities to you so
that you can make maximum money as fast as possible and cross the
target of $1.6 Million. Our mission here is to cross $1.6 Million in
Net Revenue generated by this website on or before 15th August 2011
and we are tearing the web apart to see that happen. It means this
time we will deliberately struggle to let you make money, just to keep
our flag high.

MAKING MONEY: You will receive OTO commission at 70%. At the end
of the event you will receive Prize Money up to $10,600 if you make it
to the top 5 marketers. Plus privileged members will be able to upload
their own products to sell on this website.

COLLECT LEADS: You will be able to upload Gifts as a privileged
member. When people download your gifts you will gain leads. And then
sell more products to them.

MARKET YOUR WEBSITE: We will allow you to put ads and draw our
traffic to your website. You will be able to send keyword reach
traffic to your website directly.

DOWNLOAD COSTLY PRODUCTS: Grab all that you want. Download
unlimited number of fresh and costly products FOR FREE so that you may
use them and reach the $1.6 Million target fast.

FAME AND RESPECT: The very basic reason why everyone is here is
– RESPECT. Yes my friend on 15th August 2011 we will declare the Top
5 marketers and publish their profiles on this index page so that the
world may praise their power.

Costly products that you will Download Free:


Can I also put Gifts?

Yes please, this website is for you so that you can have the freedom
only pros get to enjoy. You may take the collection of items that we
offer and make your life lot easier. This collection contains eBooks,
Scripts and Software that you may sell or put out as free gifts as per
your wish. Alternatively:

If you have a SOFTWARE COMPANY you may offer strip down or trial
versions of your software.

If you are from a WEB DESIGN Firm you may present free templates,
headers and buttons.

WEB DEVELOPMENT companies may give out free samples of code (Java
Script, AJAX, PHP).

WEB HOSTING companies may offer first 3 months free domain or
hosting registration etc.

If you are an ONLINE MARKETER you may provide free subscription to
a 7 days crash course.

If not anything you may give out guides related to your AREA OF
BUSINESS. (Ex: Forex Trading)

I want a share of $1.6 MILLION!

Well it is pretty easy, just join in. Fill up the form below and hop
in to rip huge profits online along with us. It is not a regular thing
that a group of Pro Marketers offer open invitation to public to step
inside irrespective of their level of skills. You may not get an
opportunity like this again. So don’t loose it when you have one.

You are about to make good money right here right now. There is no
hidden agenda, no ultra powerful top secret or whatever. It is right
in front of you, it’s open and common people, most of them with no
prior experience are making huge money each day. Truth is you can do
the same and taste real fortune online.

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN THE GAME IS ON, it’s happening right here and
right now. Whether you are coming with us or not we are going to make
$1.6 Million at any cost. Make a choice right now.

It's time to Make Money


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DISCLAIMERWe do not make any promise or guarantee of income to the
members. The amount of money you make in this website is dependent on
your effort. We do not take any responsibility of that what so ever.
Your personal information will be kept secret and never shared under
any condition.

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