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IT TOOK ME 48 YEARS TO STOP BITING MY NAILS. I TRIED EVERYTHING UNTIL I FOUND THE CAUSE.   Read the Book STOP NAIL BITING ADDICTION   NAIL BITING IS MORE THAN A HABIT OR COMPULSION IT IS A CHEMICAL ADDICTION CAUSED BY A CHEMICAL REACTION.   FOR YEARS NOW, I HAVE ENJOYED BEAUTIFUL NAILS. YOU CAN TOO IF YOU FOLLOW MY FORMULA    [BUY NOW](http://1.exbiter1.pay.clickbank.net) FOR $9.95   You can find 100,000 so-called causes on Google from habit to genetic disposition, but ONLY one is works—the one I discovered. Lots of ads promise that you can stop in minutes, that you can be cured, that it is EASY to stop. You have tried them all and NONE have worked. That’s why you are reading this.   Nail biting is an addiction, not just a habit or compulsion. You will NEVER be cured. You will always desire to chew, but once you make the SELF-DISCOVERY through my method, you will stop chewing forever.    [BUY NOW](http://1.exbiter1.pay.clickbank.net) FOR $9.95  If you have any questions email us at support@fortheunderdog.com LIKE YOU, I TRIED EVERYTHING TO STOP UNTIL I DISCOVERED THE CHEMICAL REACTION THAT CAUSED THE ADDICTION. YES—ADDICTION—NAIL BITING IS MORE THAN A HABIT OR COMPULSION. THERE IS NO CURE. YOU WILL ALWAYS DESIRE TO CHEW THEM. I DO NOT CHEW MINE ANYMORE BECAUSE I HAVE LEARNED SELF-MASTERY AND THAT SELF-MASTERY HAS CARRIED OVER INTO EVERY AREA OF MY PERSONAL AS WELL AS BUSINESS LIFE. THINK OF IT, NO MORE FEELING ASHAMED OF YOUR NAILS NO MORE HIDING YOUR NAILS FROM OTHERS’ EYES NO MORE PAINTING NASTY TASTING STUFF ON YOUR NAILS NO MORE BEING ACCUSED OF BEING IMMATURE NO MORE BEING ACCUSED OF BEING INSECURE FOR THE PRICE OF ONE BOTTLE OF NASTY TASTING GOO YOU CAN BUY A METHOD THAT REALLY WORKS.  [BUY NOW](http://1.exbiter1.pay.clickbank.net) FOR $9.95

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