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Harness the real power of of Article Demon by learning the inside tips for getting thousands of links in a day!  Stop spending  your precious time looking for places to create links. Avoid needlessly spending money to outsource your link building. Double the power of your backlinking by knowing the ins and outs of the automation behind Article Demon.
I've been using article marketing for backlinks and traffic for a couple of years now.  I have done it all: hand submissions, subscriptions, automation.  Now that Edwin has created Article Demon, there is nothing holding you back from dominating the article marketing world.  With Article Demon and Article Coach, you have one powerful combination! 


Increase the quantity of inbound links

Increase the overall page rank of your website

Increase your ranking position for multiple keywords

Increase your website's traffic


Here's what customers say about Article Coach:

Great job on the Article Coach. Very helpful and time saving. Thanks.  – Nikita B. [www.ArriesgadoClothing.com](http://www.arriesgadoclothing.com/)

"The information is presented in an easy to read way, that personally had me up and running within an hour."  – Sam L.  [Minneapolis SEO](http://webcontempo.com/)


 Don't Wait – Become an Expert Today!

12 Chapters – $37 – pdf format


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Welcome to Article Demon 
Chapter 2: Get an Article Submitted
Chapter 3: Creating Accounts in Article Demon
Chapter 4: All About Pen Names
Chapter 5: Adding Additional Article Directories
Chapter 6: Article Demon Optimal Settings
Chapter 7: All About Visual Aid
Chapter 8: The Secrets to Successful Article Marketing
Chapter 9: Duplicate Content Penalty – Fact or Fiction?
Chapter 10: How to Use the Scheduler
Chapter 11: Upgrading Article Demon to Newest Version
Chapter 12: Resources for Article Marketing

Get the most from your Article Demon!

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