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From: Alexis Kenne

Dear fellow internet marketer

You already know the powerful concept that places like You Tube, Google Ad-words and Rapid Share are using.

I’m taking about the way they entice visitors in with a something they want and then making them wait (Maybe for only 30 seconds) before they can download it.

Its a powerful technique that is used by nearly all big online companies in one way or another, Hey they even use this at the movies.

But the important thing is While you are waiting they are using the time to show you more offers and getting you warmed up to there latest up or upcoming product (or those of there sponsors).

Think about it Virtually every site uses this way in some form or another. On sign up or login.

Even Pay Pal do it!


Most People don't have the time or inclination or Knowledge to play around with things like Javascript, PHP and other technical things to achieve this result. But now you don't have to I have done it all for you with this simple web script.

In Fact I have made it so simple you don't even have to install ANY databases. You just copy the files on to you site. And then fill in Very simple options.

Here is how it works, you send a user to your page and then your offer page appears in a iframe around a nice border, were they will see a timer. An amount of time that you control.

When the timer finishes their download link appears.

How useful would this script be right after someone has signed up to you mailing list?

How Many more sales would you get KNOWING that users are on your page for a set amount of time?

This reduces your bounce rate by increasing the amount of time people spend on your page.

Run incentivised surveys on your website by simply asking people to look at you site then answer some questions, simple set the download link to you survey page.

Increase your affiliate earnings by using this new method to get more click throughs on your affiliate links.

PERFECT to run in conjunction with One time offers

Install this on as many different sites as you want for maximum IMPACT

The only question is – How much MORE can you earn with this web script while slashing your work hours in half?

Alright – I’m convinced I need this! But How Much Will it Cost Me?

This is the best part. Because not only can you maximise the amount of people seeing your website, potentially send your sales and affiliate commissions through the roof but it only costs $37!

That’s a drop in the bucket – pure pocket change – considering all the benefits one simple script can bring you!

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For Only $37

ANY WEBSITE – You want to Automatically get more views to you can with This Web script. It’s EASY!

It’s so simple – and yet so incredibly easy to use – you’ll wonder how you ever did without it! Here’s how to get started

Step 1 Simply login using your favourite FTP program copy and paste the files and folder into your chosen directory, use cPanel to protect you admin area.

Step 2 Then change your settings like target link display link and background colour.

Step 3 Relax! You’re done! Now just sit back and watch as the web script goes to work. With script now showing all your visitors your selected web page.

Here is a Short list of some way you can make money with this script:


Dime Sales


Limited-time offers

Split Testing

Testing Conversions

Click Bank

Amazon Affiliates

…. even Promoting your WSO's (or affiliates)

The possibilities are endless

Download it Right Now with Instant Access and Complete Step-by-Step Instructions!

[Click Here to Order Right Now and Claim Your Copy](http://1.ALEXBLAKEN.pay.clickbank.net)
For Only $37


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We think you will love our script so much were even willing to offer you a full 60 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason in the next 60 day you dont like this script then we will give you you money back in full.

P.S: You're covered by my 100% money back guarantee. So if you're still unsure, try this out now and if you don't get results, I'll pay you back...

P.P.S: Remember, I am shouldering ALL risks, so you have absolutely no reason not to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to maximize your income, instantly!


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