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The best tool for creating and managing Ebay ads now released!!!




Introducing Ebay Ad Maker Pro





Created by ebayers for ebayers!




Includes free templates
Free attractive templates are provided to spice up your ads. Some templates are customizable. You can customize properties such as background image, back color, border color, border style, border thickness, and padding. Customizing the templates makes your ad unique and stand out of the crowd. With Ebay Ad Maker Pro you can reveal your creativity. More and more templates will be added soon.
Insert videos to your ads
With Ebay Ad Maker Pro, you can easily add videos to your ads. You can insert videos from websites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Google, etc.
Insert your uploaded product image to your ad
You can reuse your uploaded image at Ebay to enhance your salespage. Ebay Ad Maker Pro can extract your uploaded images. You don't need a webhost to include your product image to your ads. The image above is the exact image of the product that I uploaded at eBay.
Includes "eBay Store Promotion Inserts"
You can include "Add to Favorites List" and "Seller's Other Items" to your ads. The good thing is, you can also edit these inserts to suit your preferences.
Create and use your own custom Inserts
You can create unlimited number of Custom Inserts. No character count limits.
With powerful What You See Is What You Get HTML Editor
If you know how to use MS Word or any text editing software, then you won't have any problem using this software. Editing your ad is so easy.
No HTML knowledge is required
You don't need to know HTML scripting to use this software. This software is for technical and non-technical people alike.
With built-in HTML cleaner
"Ebay Ad Maker Pro", has a built-in "html tidy". This ensures that the output HTML code is free from errors. It corrects the code so that it matches where possible the observed rendering in popular browsers.
Works with your existing html templates
If you have existing Ebay HTML Templates, this software makes editing a lot easier for you. You can import all your templates to Ebay Ad Maker and use them when you need.
Can be used to create any auction ads
You are not limited to Ebay ads. You can as well create any auction ads using this software.

Can be used to build web-pages
Ebay Ad Maker Pro is a wonderful HTML Editor and can be used to create/edit sales-pages, One-Time Offer pages (OTO's), and any html web-pages.

Lifetime free software updates
The price of the software may go up when new features are added. If you buy today, you will get lifetime free updates. You'll never pay again for additional features. You will be given a "Username" and "Password" to access our website so you can download software updates as they arise.

Sytem Requirements:


1) Microsoft Windows

2) Dot Net Framework 2.0 or Higher

File Size: 3.34 MB


Look at the ads below as they are created inside Ebay Ad Maker Pro.          


Would you like to place your images inside a marquee? This can be achieved using Ebay Ad Maker Pro. You can place unlimited text and images inside a marquee and add hyperlinks as well if desired.



This ad itself was created using Ebay Ad Maker Pro.



With Ebay Ad Maker Pro, producing nice looking ads has never been easier!

Improve your ads now and boost your sales!

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Special Notes:
After completion of the payment process, you will be redirected immediately to a webpage where you can download the software product.

If you have questions or need support please [contact us](http://www.hiddentools.com/isupport/index.php?include_file=ticket_submit.php).



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