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'Essentials' collection of 10 eBooks

(plus FREE Religion and Belief 20 Minute Workplace Audit eBook)

1. Essentials of Islam
2. Essentials of Hinduism
3. Essentials of the Bah' Faith
4. Essentials of Christianity
5. Essentials of Sikhism
6. Essentials of Judaism
7. Essentials of Buddhism
8. Essentials of Jainism
9. Essentials of 18 more Religions and Beliefs
10. Some thoughts on Prayer




Essentials of Islam

Summary - There are over a thousand million Muslims (people who
follow Islam) in the world today. The word "Islam" literally means
"submission" (to God).

This monotheistic religion was founded by the Prophet Muhammad over
1300 years ago.

Contents include:
* History
* Traditions
* Beliefs
* A few of the major Qur'anic teachings
* Worship
* Holy Days, Festivals and Rituals
* Time line

Format - Digital eBook - 7 pages


Essentials of Hinduism

Summary - Hinduism, one of the world's oldest living religions, has
approximately 800 million followers, most of them in India. Hinduism
is an amalgamation of several faith traditions.

The word "Hindu" is originally a geographic designation (those who
live east of the Indus River) and is not found in any Hindu

Contents include:
* Scripture
* Teachings
* Reincarnation and karma
* Knowledge (jnana-yoga)
* Devotion (bhakti-yoga)
* God margin-bottom:

Essentials of The Bah' Faith

Summary - There are approximately 5 million members of the Bah' Faith
worldwide. It is the second most widespread of all world religions -
currently found in 253 countries. Central to the Bah' Faith is the
conviction that all people are equal and share a common destiny. It
recognizes the validity of all the world's great religions.

The religion was founded approximately 160 years ago, making it the
world's youngest monotheistic faith. There are approximately 6,000
Bah's in the UK today.

Contents include:
* History
* Bah'u'llh
* Abdu'l-Bah
* Traditions margin-bottom:

Essentials of Christianity

Summary - There are over 1 billion Christians in the world today,
making it the world's largest religion. Christians believe that a man
born about 2,000 years ago called Jesus Christ was the son of God.

Christians follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as well as the
teaching of the various churches within Christianity.

Contents include:
* History
* Roman Catholic
* Anglican Church
* Protestantism
* Eastern Orthodoxy
* Traditions/Beliefs
* Worship
* Holy Days
* Festivals margin-bottom:

Essentials of Sikhism

Summary - There are approximately 25 million Sikhs in the world
today. Sikhism was founded in the fifteenth century by Guru Nanak in
the region of Panjab, northwest India. It is recognised as the
youngest of world religions.

Among its many teachings Sikhism promotes the unity of God,
universal love, equality and brotherhood of man, strict moral conduct
and the rejection of the caste system, idol worship, superstitious
belief and inferiority of women.

Contents include:
* History
* 5 K's
* Traditions/Beliefs
* Worship
* Ceremonies, Celebrations and Festivals
* Time line

Format - Digital eBook - 10 Pages


Essentials of Judaism

Summary - There are approximately 12 million Jews in the world today.
Judaism began in the Middle Eastover 3,500 years ago.

Jews believe that there is only one God and they are His chosen
people. It is sometimes referred to as the "parent faith" of
Christianity. Christianity and Judaism both recognise the Old
Testament as Holy Scripture.

Contents include:

* History
* Traditions/Beliefs
* Three main movements
* Worship
* Dietary laws
* Holy Days, festivals and rituals
* Celebrations
* Time line

Format - Digital eBook - 10 pages


Essentials of Buddhism

Summary - There are 350 million Buddhists worldwide. Buddhists do not
worship gods or deities. Buddhists believe that the pathway to
enlightenment is found by personal spiritual development.

Buddhism developed from Hinduism, and while there are some
fundamental differences between the two there are also some core
beliefs which they both share.

Contents include:
* History
* Traditions/Beliefs
* The Four Nobel Truths
* Worship
* Celebrations
* Time line

Format - Digital eBook - 8 Pages


Essentials of Jainism

Summary - There are approximately 3.5 million Jains in the world
today. It is one of the world's oldest living religions and originated
in India.

Jainism does not believe in a creator God, but it does believe in
many Gods who are the self-realised individuals who have attained
enlightenment. Jainism believes that the universe and all its
substance or entities are eternal. Jains believe that all living
things have souls and are of equal value. All Jains are compelled to
be vegetarians.

Contents include:
* Traditions/Beliefs
* Worships
* Holy Days, Festivals & Rituals
* Holy Days margin-bottom:

Essentials of 18 more religions & beliefs

Summary - This book is a really useful guide to 18 religions and
beliefs. Although we come across these we may not be quite sure
exactly what their followers believe, how they live and what is
important to them.

The following are included:
Agnosticism, Atheism, Freethinkers, Secularism, Rationalism,
Postmodernism, Confucianism, Paganism, The Religious Society of
Friends (Quakers), Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons - The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Satanism, Scientology, Humanism,
Universal Unitarians, Shinto, Taoism margin-bottom:

Some thoughts on Prayer

Summary - This book is a really useful guide to Prayer. Human beings
have always prayed to the supreme powers they believed in.

The following are included:
* Islam
* Buddhism
* Christianity
* Hinduism
* Bah'
* Judaism
* Sikhism
* Interfaith prayer
* Zoroastrianism
* Four Immeasurables
* The Breastplate of St Patrick
* A Bah' prayer
* Mool Mantra
* People on prayer

Format - Digital eBook - 7 pages


Religion and Belief 20 Minute Workplace Audit


A practical question based audit of religion and belief in the

- Rate your organisation's performance today and create an action

- 30 questions designed to allow you a quick 'tick-box' review of
your current situation

Contents include:

- Diversity Policy

- Communication methods

- EU Regulations

- Prayer room

- Religious practice in the workplace

- Dress code

- Managing Diversity etc

Format - Digital eBook - 9 pages



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