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You can write enthusiastically, efficiently, and effectively when you learn the secrets to writing excellent essays, reports and research papers.

If you are in high school, college, university, a home schooling parent, or an up-and-coming author, you can easily learn and apply the systems, structures and style you will receive in "How to Write Excellent Essays in 7 Easy Steps"

The Seven Steps are revealed in the acronym A+.D.V.A.N.C.E.

A. Analyze the Assignment

One key to a successful essay is to understand and answer the assignment as it was given to you. Picking out the key words and converting those into topics will keep you on track and help you avoid the plague of a brilliant and eloquent essay on the wrong topic. Essay length and focus are examined along with sample essay questions.

A+. Analyze the Audience

Likely you would not write an essay unless you had to, for a teacher or professor. You need to understand who is going to read your essay, what they are like, what they are thinking, when they are reading your essay, where they are reading your essay, after reading how many other essays just like yours.

Your challenge is to wake them up and take notice of YOUR essay in the stack. This chapter will give you techniques for making that marker's job easier, resulting in a much better grade on your paper.

D. Determine the Structure

After Analyzing the Assignment and understanding your audience, you will need to determine the appropriate Structure and Style that will effectively hit the target you are aiming for. Understanding structure will take you a long way towards convincingly communicating your thesis.

Sometimes it not as important "what you say" but "how you say it."

V. Validate Your Viewpoint

Supporting evidence and facts are far more important to the reader of an essay than your rambling unsubstantiated opinions. Your viewpoint may be interesting, but without the validation of information you have gathered from multiple sources, your essay will be weak and boring.

This chapter will stress the information gathering process from a variety of sources in an extremely efficient manner that can literally save you hundreds of hours of research time over your academic career.

A. Assemble the Structure and Add Style

Once you have gathered your information, assembling it into a convincing structure organizes your thoughts and enables you to communicate clearly and effectively.

Adding style will engage the reader to continue reading the end of your paper without the fear of putting them to sleep. Stylistic techniques that you can implement immediately will dramatically improve your writing.

N. Notation & Citation

Avoid the plague of "plagiarism."

If in doubt, always cite your sources. It will make you sound intelligent and sophisticated, as well as giving credibility to your arguments.

In an age where scanning software has enabled universities to detect any hint of the "copy-paste" disease, the consequences of improper referencing can be dire.

This chapter will demonstrate tools for referencing, footnoting and bibliography building that will make your academic career so much easier.

C. Conclusions and Introductions

In this session you will learn where the "money" is in the essay - the one place markers look first to establish the grade in their minds, where they go to confirm that opinion and which parts of the essay carry that impression throughout the paper.

Most students spend 80% of their time on the 20% that influences their marks, and often neglect or do not understand the importance of the 20% found in the Conclusion and the Introduction which gives the marker the first "feeling" of what the grade should be..

E. Edit & Enunciate

"That didn't sound right!"

If that's what you have said after reading your paper out loud, be thankful. Your ear is a wonderful editing tool.

Editing is a necessary part of the writing process and one that can be easily achieved if you follow the four steps presented in this chapter.

Never suffer again from "delayed intelligence."

"How to Write Excellent Essays

in 7 Easy Steps"

The videos you have just seen are the chapter introductions for the first seven video chapters in this "Flagship Course" presented by "Webster's Academy for Excellence in Writing" in partnership with Excellent Resources.


The video chapters following the ADVANCE Formula include titles such as:

Stuctures of Basic, Extended, Literary and Expository Essays

This chapter introduces students to the specific models of various types of essays starting with the Basic 5 Paragraph Essay, extending the Basic to include more than 3 topics, and discussing the unique characteristics of the Expository or Literary essays found in most English courses.

As an added bonus, the Literary Critique Essay Model plus a handy Vocabulary Guide make it possible for the Critique Essay to almost write itself when you follow the formula presented in this chapter.

The Persuasive and Argumentative Essay Models

These two types of essays are often required by instructors, however they are often confused and confusing. Two different Persuasive and two different Argumentative Essay Models will demonstrate their unique characteristics.

The strategy for persuasion is very different than that of argument and the lessons learned here can applied to real life situations where you need to persuade someone to your point of view.

The Super Essay

What happens when you are assigned that 15 - 20 - 30 page term paper?

You will discover a building block approach to creating Super Essays which are in essence a compilation of smaller Basic and Extended Essays glued together with Super Introductions and Super Conclusions, with Super Transitional paragraphs holding them together.

Documenting and Extending the Basic Essay Model

This session is a practical demonstration of the Basic Essay Model in all its components. Over this and the next video you will see the expansion of the essay with the inclusion of quotes, footnotes, citations and a bibliography which give it added substance and integrity.

Dressing the Bare Bones Structure with Style

Dress to Impress. You Dress-Up to for special events where first impressions are important. In this session we take the basic structure and add style to dress up your writing and make it sound more sophisticated and intelligent. We'll also add kickers to your clinchers to smooth out the transitions between the points you want to make.

In addition, you will learn to extend your essay by adding more topics and techniques to make your essay truly outstanding.

Model Introductions and Conclusions

This chapter explores the Sample Introductions and Conclusions for various types of essays, and graphically shows the similarities and differences between them. You will see side by side comparisons you can use to model from in your own writing.

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What would it be worth to you to save hundreds of hours of research time, have a grade point average to be proud of, and enter the schools of your choice? What would it cost you if you didn't?

"How to Write Excellent Essays

in 7 Easy Steps"

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How to

Write Excellent Essays

with Structure and Style

in 7 Easy  Steps

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