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Finding Younger Men

By nationally recognized relationship expert
Sandra Reishus, M.H.S. AC.S.

Get all the younger men you want or just simply “The One” younger
man with all the mouthwatering secrets you need!

I have found this information so useful to myself, friends and
clients that I want to share it with you so you have the same luck we
have all had. Enjoying the attention of the younger man and everything
he brings into an experience has changed our lives forever! Now I want
to help you have the same things happen for you.


The one good thing about younger men is……..there are SO MANY

I would have added that are not married or carrying a lot of baggage!
The numbers are phenomenal when you think that not so many years ago
it was believed all younger men were all after the cute, petite
younger women we all see in the media. The good news is not all of
them are, but instead are turning to the older woman for many of the
qualities that the younger woman doesn’t have yet.

To that end, I’m going to get you on track to take advantage of
this trend that isn’t going to go away. You get to choose who you
want because as the card said, “there are so many of them around”.


Do younger men really want older women?

You have no idea what the numbers are of these wonderful (well, most
of them are wonderful) younger men who absolutely love and adore older
women. There are thousands of them. They are all tired of the drama of
the younger women and like that someone older has their act together
and is intelligent.

Age of the older woman doesn’t matter for most of them. They are
very flattered to begin with that you are even remotely interested in
them. All you have to do is be open, state your mind and let them fall
all over you.

A survey of this interest was conducted by Foster and what was
interesting was 1/3 of younger men 18-30 would be open to dating women
60+. This isn’t a surprise to me, but may be to those of you who
haven’t checked out the abundance of younger men looking for older
women. It certainly increases the numbers of men you have to choose

Are you frustrated with not finding the perfect younger man for you?

Let me tell you there are so many younger men out there for the
taking! You may have to put many of them through your own personal
sifter letting the ones you don’t want fall through and being
patient waiting for the one who does stay on top. But, it is so worth
it and there for the taking!

It might feel like looking for that needle in the haystack, but since
it’s all a numbers game, with patience and the knowledge you will
gain from reading my book it will ensure that sooner or later you will
succeed! You will be grateful this book was here for you to read if
you study and follow all the guidelines I’ve laid out for you. They
are really quite simple and easy to understand and follow. All you
need to do is put my information to work.

Are you having difficulties finding a younger man who wants the same
type of relationship you do?

I have broken down the four most common relationship goals you will
find out in the cougar/cub world. There are four different types of
experiences you will find in this coupling and you will be ahead of
the pack knowing specifically what you want and not wasting time
talking to the younger men who want something entirely different.

The majority of women looking for, or contemplating trying, an
encounter with a younger man have no idea about the different types
and no one has ever shared this information with them until now.

Maybe the problem is the age group you are looking at or engaging
with. Each age decade has certain qualities that most women don’t
stop and think about before pursuing a younger man but are imperative
to know so you don’t waste your time or get hurt by his behavior.

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You must know the differences such as:

* You will learn what the early 20’s to the mid 20’s guy is like
and what the potential is to having any kind of ongoing relationship
with him.
* The 30’s is like a new chapter in his life while the 40’s make
him choose his course if life. It’s all here in this book ready for
you to read and get an excellent picture of what his age says about
* Having this understanding coupled with how to identify his
potential as a boyfriend or sex buddy allows you to sift through the
lot! The one/or ones you want is/are there and the ways to find
him/them are outlined in this book - all you for!


In these chapters you will find all the information you need to
succeed at your goal:

Is Age Just a Number?
Learning the differences and knowing what that means

Sex for the Asking
How to approach younger men for sex only relationships

Sex Plus
What to do and say for more involved relationships with younger men

Online Hunting
How to make the most of your time and not waste it

The Sexual Fantasy of the Older Woman
Exploring every young man's dream

On Your Mark, Get Set…
Pulling all the pieces together with a warning

Do you know exactly what you want from a younger man?

There are many options in the cougar/cub relationship and it will
behoove you to know exactly what type of experience you want with a
younger man. It could be casual sex or it could be you want to be
marriage bound. It could be an on-going sexual relationship with no
strings or an exclusive one with no expectation that it will last
forever more.

You can see then why exactly you need the information in this book so
you can sort through, think about and determine exactly what it is you
want. Many people don’t know exactly. They may think they do and if
asked give you an answer from the top of their heads without giving it
much deep though.

You have to be savvy here because you will be offered every type of
relationship there is to be had. Being able to identify who you are in
regards to what you are looking for gives you the fast track in
attracting the perfect one/ones for you! You have to know or you have
to take what comes along. You knowing puts you at an advantage to
people who don’t have this information.

Now you can be honest, self-confident and verbal about what you are
looking for to all the younger men who contact you. You can be as
upfront as you want because that’s one of the reasons the younger
men like you. Give it some humor and they will think you are the
greatest! You don’t play games like the younger women do. Your age
is defiantly in your favor and these men love it!

Do you not know how to approach him because you are shy or
embarrassed or afraid of being rejected?

Get rid of all of those fears….Knowing how to approach him without
yelling, “I’m interested in you sexually” is a piece of cake
once you know the formula. You can talk to any younger man without
giving yourself away and being embarrassed and/or rejected.

One study found that a fourth of their male respondents thought older
women were “hot” and being a grandmother upped that even more. You
never again have to be hesitant in being friendly with any younger man
out there. Actually, it’s exactly the opposite! And even if they
wouldn’t ask you out for one reason or another they will still be
flattered with your attention. Learn how to give that to them in a
non-threatening way and make their day and boost your own confidence!


Here is what you are going to discover in this book…

* Is Age Just a Number? Learning the differences and knowing what
that means.
* Sex Anyone? How to approach younger men for sex only
* Sex Plus! What to do and say for more involved experiences with
with younger men.
* How to approach him to get exactly what you want when you want it.
You’re in the driver’s seat.
* Online Hunting Know how to make the most out of your time and not
waste it.
* All the yummiest details of cougar/cub sex.His fantasy about older
women and playing that out in the bedroom.
* On your Mark, Get Set….Pulling the pieces together with a 


* You will find out all the wonderful reasons why younger men are
attracted to older women and never have to wonder or question again.
* You will receive secret information about why they are the way
they are at each age. This has more to do with the reality of how and
why they are than what they want to acknowledge.
* You will find out if you are looking for just a one time sexual
encounter or a loosely defined on-going one or a fully committed one.
The answers to this may surprise you and may change over time.
* You will learn how to approach him to get exactly what you want
when you want it. The younger men are there for the taking and it’s
up to you to decide what you want!
* You will learn how to approach him to get exactly what you want
when you want it. The younger men are there for the taking and it’s
up to you to decide what you want!
* Give you the skinny about cougar/cub online dating. You must be
prepared for just about anything on the cougar sites. It’s entirely
different than meeting outside of the internet. Some of what you will
encounter is humorous, some entertaining, some sad and some very
* You will get all the yummiest details of cougar/cub sex. Sex with
an older woman is most men’s fantasy and you will get information on
how to make their dreams come true along with getting your own

Instant download - Start reading in seconds!
Only $37!

Imagine being with a younger man enjoying all your time together. Are
you out walking hand-in-hand or sitting at a movie theatre or in bed
together having mind-blowing sex?

Now you can make that happen. All the ways of doing this are right at
your fingertips once you have this book. I want to show you exactly
what to do to get what you want.

Over the past 25 years I have helped literally thousands of men and
women just like you discover the beauty of this age-different
relationship. While I cannot promise you will find the man of your
dreams (to do so would be impossible and unethical), I can promise you
information that has worked for many others in the past.

I love helping people with relationships. I find it very satisfying
and over the years this information has only been available by having
a one-on-one session with me in which I charge $140/hour. Now you can
have it a the low price of $37

When you receive this book you will have a clear understanding of
what the younger man is all about and how to deal with him. I’ll
show you exactly what you need to know, say and do in order to be a
successful older woman getting her younger man.


My name is Sandra Reishus and I am a Clinical Sexologist and
relationship coach with my masters in Human Sexuality. In the 90’s I
had many younger men coming on to me wanting a relationship. I found
it was a wonderful coupling unlike anything I had experienced in same
age relationships and decided that other men and women must also like
the younger man older woman dynamic.

I started a matchmaking service dealing exclusively with this type of
relationship which was extremely successful. I had marriages that
happened, people who became best friends and even one couple who went
into business together.

The media discovered what I was doing and I then became a national
expert on younger men/older women relationships and appeared on almost
every national talk show. Newspapers across the country picked up a
nationally syndicated column about my service and the Wall Street
Journal did a story.

I was also the expert on a local TV station and took call-ins and had
a radio show doing the same.

I’ve never stopped being attracted to younger men and have watched
as this relationship has become almost, but not quite, acceptable.  I
have had a lot of experience talking with and counseling younger men
and older women about this relationship. I want to share with you all
the information I have so you too can be successful in finding the
younger man you desire. You might even be interested in exploring the
idea to see if it is something you might like to pursue at some future

I urge you to take me up on my offer now so you can join me in this
fun, exciting, confidence building type of dating. My No-Risk,
Iron-Clad, “You’d Better Love it” 100% Guarantee

I am so confident that you will be thrilled with “How to Find the
Younger Man of Your Dreams” that you will want to read it over and
over. Don’t just take my word for it. Get your hands on my e-book
today and put it to the test for 60 days. Read every page and try out
the tips, tactics and strategies on for size. If you are not 100%
satisfied, I'll refund your entire purchase price. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

ONLY $37!


p.s. for articles about the Younger Men Older Women relationship

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