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Real Life Body Transformation: From Skinny to Muscular and Powerful!          

Revealed: My EXACT techniques that I used to gain 30 lbs. of muscle in less than 6 months.  


Do Any of the Following Apply to You?

I am a male that is skinnier than I want to be.                     

I am tired of girls weighing more than me,      
and calling me skinny.

I want to gain weight, mass,  and be more    

It is naturally difficult for me to get bigger,    
and stronger.

I am ready to transform my body, so that I  
am bigger, stronger, more attractive, and
feel better about myself.

Three Hours a Week, three times the results, three times as quickly. In this program, I will reveal to you my EXACT weight lifting routine and diet that led me to gain 30 pounds of muscle in six months in my sophomore year of college. My results were so much greater and so much quicker than my fraternity brothers that I was asked by many of them if I was taking steroids. The answer was NO, and still is NO. Steroids, and weight gain formula are not necessary for you to gain significant muscle mass.  If you want to get more muscle mass, and to no longer be a “skinny,” then I can definitely say that this is the book for you. Throughout this book I will teach you how to work-out smarter, NOT harder. All it takes is three one hour work-outs a week to gain the muscle mass you desire, and following a relatively easy diet. Unlike many personal trainers who recommend spending hours a day for each work-out, my work-out is designed for the person that does not want to live in the gym to gain muscle mass. More importantly, this book cuts through all the bullshit, and eliminates unnecessary time-consuming exercises that are not in alignment with your goal of gaining muscle mass. I am confident that if you follow my instructions, you will gain more muscle mass, more quickly, than following the advice of most personal trainers. 

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      "I have tried several personal trainers who weren't bad at getting me in good physical shape. They were also good at making a large dent in my wallet by charging $100/hr.  However, as a skinny guy, my personal trainers did not meet my goals of getting me noticeably bigger and stronger. I was in good physical shape, but my progress was not physically visible. This program is written by a guy who was once skinny, and understands the process it takes to successfully transform your body. At my last family get together, members of my family commented that I looked healthier, stronger, and more robust. I never heard this before, and was never able to achieve this high level of results by using personal trainers. If you are serious about becoming more muscular and looking better, then I highly recommend this book. Reading this book, and following his training routines was far superior than any personal trainer that I ever had. Not to mention far cheaper as well!         Jason S.

      "I used to work out every day only to stay skinny. This program has helped me gain signficiant size by doing full body workouts using compound exercises just a couple times a week. The exercises and weight lifting routines that he recommends are excelllent for hardgainers that have a desire to build muscle."                 Adam R. 

    "I have been going to the gym for years, and previously did not see the same type of dramatic results. I used to think that I had to do a ton of repetitions to gain muscle mass, but now realize this is not the case. The program was easy to follow, and produced excellent results within a short period of time." I would recommend this book for anyone trying to gain more muscle mass, and that has a desire to get bigger and stronger without living at the gym."       Steven F.

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