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Are you worried that potential customers are going to competitors because they can't find your business when they are on the move? With a strong mobile website you can stop worrying as they can always find you.Many people believe that a regular website is sufficient for smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry. True, but only if you want your customers to zoom and squint to find the information they need.QR Codes are the hottest topic in marketing. You need to find out how effectively they lead people to your business, and you can only do this if there is a useful mobile page for users to land on when they scan your QR Code.Why bother with a mobile site? Ask the 45.5 million smartphone subscribers in the US how often they search for small businesses on their phones.Do you enjoy hosting web servers and building complex web pages? Or do you simply prefer concentrating on satisfying your customers' needs for information about the products and services you offer.Most websites look terrible on mobile devices such as smart phones, which is bad for businesses that must appeal to customers who are on the move and looking for local restaurants, retailers, car dealers, houses for sale and beauty salons. 

Got Flash? Not Where Your Customers Are!

So you can see for yourself, take a look at the regular website for a restaurant local to us, then compare it with a mobile-friendly website. 

Regular Website
(loaded in 20 seconds)

Mobile Website
(loaded in under 10 seconds)
Not only can your customers not see the fancy Flash animation that dominates this and many other websites, but the very unappealing page actually takes longer to load than our mobile page.

Publishing a mobile website for your business is not hard. Whether you have a regular website that doesn't work well on a smart-phone, or just need to make your presence known to people on the move, you can have your first mobile-friendly website online in just a few minutes. No technical skills are required, and if you can write an email, you can publish mobile web pages.

Watch this instructional video if you want to see lots of details of how this is done

Use QR Codes and Track Success

Mobile websites are often accessed when a customer sees an advertisement, a coupon or a flyer with your company's details. To make it even easier for customers with a smart phone to get more information, you can print a QR Code that points directly to your mobile web page.

QR Codes are perfect for advertising special offers or providing more details about a specific product. You don't have to reveal all the details in the small amount of print space you have available. Unlike other advertising, hits on a QR Code can be tracked, allowing you to quickly see which ads are working best for you by the number of people that scanned a specific QR Code.

We Make It Even Easier to Get Started

As a complementary service to get you started, we will set up your company's private Instant Mobile Site creator online, upload your logo, add any other editor usernames you need and create your first mobile web page. If you have a Constant Contact email marketing account, we'll even set up a mobile sign-up page to let people subscribe to your newsletters on their smart phones.

With your new mobile presence up and running, we can answer any questions you have and point you to extra resources to make it easy to add more pages, publish QR Codes for your products and capture customer email addresses for newsletters.

The Stats

These are the important stats:
Fully hosted and supported: We handle all the hard technical stuff, while you concentrate on writing great mobile web pages100 pages or more: Even the basic package allows for 100 pages, but you can create the number of mobile pages that suit your needsPictures and images: As many as you need - and we automatically shrink them for mobile devicesLogo: Yours, on every page - our name does not appear anywhereFooter: Edit a standard footer to appear on every page and provide contact details, a menu of links, or whateverURLs: Short URLs automatically created to help users enter your web addressQR Codes: Automatically generated for each page so you can copy and paste them to your printable advertising, business card, etcHit Tracking: At a glance view of the number of times a specific page has been accessedWant More? There are many add-ons we can discuss when you get started. Sign up now and you will be up and running almost immediately.


Get the convenience of publishing mobile web pages as easily as you can write an email, all at an incredibly low cost.

We charge just $14.95 when you sign up, then $14.95 for each month you continue to use the service. There are no other fees or hidden charges. By signing up you agree to[ the full terms of service [click to open in a new window].](https://consected.net/docs/websitehosting_tos_clickbank_20110407.html)

When you sign up, we will provide you with login information within 24 hours by email (it is usually less, although we have to do a little customization of your site to get started). 

[Sign Up Now!](http://mobilesite.consected.pay.clickbank.net)

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