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"You're About to Discover a Hidden Method I Used to Pull In $20,346.43 in 7 Days..."

Dear friend,
I was a retired police officer that was barely making the ends meet. My retirement pension was barely enough to get by and things only got worse when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I knew my low pension wasn't going to be enough to make it. I no longer had any options as my bills were piling up and I just couldn't come up with the money to cover the medical bills alone. So I turned to my family, my son was running a small business in town and I had my hopes set on him giving me a job for extra income. However in the state of the economy his restaurant was going out of business. Now my family was facing another crisis.

We did not know where else to turn, banks refused to give us loans and no one was willing to help us. We felt abandoned by our friends, who had their own problems to deal with. We were completely helpless and alone. I urge you to keep reading to find out how I got out of this situation.

Thomas Robinson
Retired Police Offier, Father of 3 Beautiful Kids

Little did we know our problems
were only beginning.

In our desperate need to save money for chemotherapy we had to eat at soup kitchens and collect food at various food drives. And at that moment of desperation and the greatest need for money we've ever faced, something changed...

We dropped our traditional way of thinking; we changed our minds to think in a different method. Only in that great need that we were forced to try a few simple things that changed our lives in just a single week. I was once again able to provide food for my family, cover my wife's medical bills and prevent my son's restaurant from going out of business.

And it's all thanks to a few simple changes in my life that let me pull $11,085.73 in 7 days.

I'm a retired police officer and I'm not interested in making money from this information. I just want to share this amazing system with you, so you can use to make over $11,085.73 in just 7 days. If I could do it, anyone can. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme; this isn't some kind of "secret guide" or "miracle program".

Assembling this program was very time consuming not to mention expensive, but I figured if I could do it then anyone can. And if this system helps at least 1 struggling person out there then it would all be worth it. See, I want to still serve the community. It's in my nature. Retirement isn't going to stop me. Before you go on I want you to get a free copy of my special report.

In fact, the only reason there is a charge on this product is so I can cover the expenses that I had to make in order to let the information be available to you. There are no steps to follow or guides to master. As someone once said; "desperate times call for desperate measures". When I was at the lowest of the low, at the bottom of the pit, I had to do something to survive and help my family, and I found that way. I guarantee you will not regret this purchase because you will realize how simple the steps are, and yet effective almost instantly.

Here's a snapshot of my secondary bank account. Not all of my cash sources get deposited, this is only a portion of it.
Click on the image to enlarge

I know it's not a lot but for a simple man like me it's more than enough to sustain myself.

We've all experienced some form of struggle, and it seems that at our worst times no one is willing to help. In fact, people try to take advantage of people in financial trouble.

There are so many programs and businesses out there that exist simply on the exploitation of people in need.

And don't get me wrong, it's not like I was ever poor or homeless. I've always had everything I ever needed and more. But for some reason, due to a few unforeseen misfortunes and some bad luck, all my money went down the drain.

All my plans and dreams got destroyed in just a matter of weeks! Luckily though, even if everything can change so quickly for the worst, it can change just as quickly for the better. I have found a way to make real money in just one week, and the ability to keep making money week after week, lot more money than I ever had before, or dreamed to have, let alone make past the age of 60.

This comprehensive, easy-to-read guide is designed for anyone from college students trying to generate extra cash to retired folks like me deal with daily unexpected life issues. Of course, if you're not struggling right now, let me ask you something, could an extra couple thousand dollars hurt? I've seen so many things in my life and my line of duty, and if there's one thing I've learned it's that you can never, ever be too careful, or too safe.

Don't Deny Yourself True Happiness

Don't put yourself in the situation where you need money and don't know where to find it. Don't allow your loved ones to go through what my family had gone through. It wasn't about luxury at first, it was about basic survival. Now I live better than ever, and so does my family. Don't deny yourself what you could have, because you're the only one that has the power to make that difference.

The 7-day Cash Bullet System was designed for everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone. In just a few short days you can see yourself make real money, as well as have peace of mind, that you and your loved ones are not struggling, or denying yourself vacations, higher education or just some time home from work.

I wanted to share this information with the world, so I went to the local newspaper and offered to share my story and my methods. However, I was denied! Can you believe it? It didn't make any sense to me, until a reporter had explained to me that by exposing my methods and my story, the big businesses and banks that want to keep you enslaved, will lose business.

I was shocked to say the least. I was advised to sell this system for no less than a $1,000, and even then, only to certain groups of people that could make money from this information and prevent others from using it. I said I would have none of it. That goes against everything I stand for and my oath of honor. I stormed out of the building, went home and fell into a deep depression. What has this world come to?

My depression lasted for nearly a month. One day my nephew came to me, he asked me how I managed to make a complete 180 with my finances. I told him my story, and about my denial at the newspaper. He was astonished. He wanted to help me share my story with the world, and he figured that the best way to do that would be through a book. But, a hard copy is limited to advertising, countries, languages, and would end up being too expensive to the average person. I wanted it to be affordable and accessible to everyone in the world.

There were no other options, the 7-Day Cash Bullet System eBook was born. I wanted to give this book away for free, but I quickly learned that the internet and the creation of this eBook had it's own expenses. I had a team of professionals assemble the book, and put together this great website. The only reason there is a charge on this book is to cover the expenses it took to create it, as well as the constant maintenance and customer support.

When my neighbor noticed me at home all the time, and the drastic change from a 1994 Buick Roadmaster to a brand new Lexus, he offered me $5,000 for my "secret". I laughed out loud, I of course didn't charge him a penny, and simply explained what I had done and what he had to do. Now he's my number one supporter!

I was advised to sell my proven methods for no less than $1,000 but I'm here to help you get your financial freedom so I decided not to charge $500, $400, or even $200. In fact, it's not even half of that! You get the 7 Day Cash Bullet system for a one-time low price of $99.99 $49.00 which is barely enough to cover all the expenses.
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"Tom - Your system is unbelievable! I gotta be honest I was a little skeptical at first but after I bought your system my eyes were opened! I can't thank you enough - I was falling behind on my bill payments and you truly saved my life!"

Wendell Bower, Syracuse, NY

"My overdue bills were piling. I got to the point that I wouldn't even open my mail because I was afraid of more bills. Credit card companies harassed me every day so I had to unplug my phone.

I was in a terrible situation and thanks to your guide I'm finally recovering from 8 years of terrifying debt experience. You are my lifesaver!!"

Rebbecca Grant, Clinton, IN

"Things were bad. Real bad. My on again off again boyfriend decided to get himself incarcerated for possession of heroin. That left me and little Joey to fend for ourselves. I asked my parents and friends for help, but they all abandoned me, saying that I made this bed and now I have to sleep in it.

I didn't know where to turn. One day when Joey was at school, I went to the library to use their computer and find out how to get out of my situation. I came across 7 Day Cash Bullet but I didn't buy into the hype. A woman passing by noticed my screen and informed me that she uses this system and it actually works! I decided to give it a try; I didn't have anything left to lose.

Within days, I made several thousand dollars which I used to pay for rent, bought myself a used car, and now Joey and I don't have to go hungry another night! Thanks Cash Bullet!"

Chrissy Wong, Grand Rapids, MI

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